The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


7. ch7

I couldn’t sleep almost at all that night since all my mind could think about was that Orin might come to find me in my bed and then I would taste the blood enter my mouth as I feel my life run quickly in till the everlasting sleep arrives and then I will meet my maker forever. That was what I didn’t want to happen and that means that sleep was my enemy but that wasn’t much of a problem while my mind was racing with thoughts of him but then I lost the fight and sleep took over but it didn’t seem to last long for me as I woke up to a hand over my mouth and Orin staring directly into my eyes.
I started to scream but no sound came out as I struggled in my bed since Camren is sometimes a light sleeper but it the rocking noise scared me. “SHHH! Don’t scream, don’t bite, GOT IT!” He whispered directly into my ear and I knew I had to obey since I really didn’t have a choice since the glimmer of Orin’s sword from the moonlight reminded me that Orin is good at doing things quick and clean. I decided to nod a yes since I knew I couldn’t speak at the moment and I can feel tears welt up in my eyes that I quickly blinked back since this was not the time for me to show weakness to an assassin. “Good.” He said and then he lifted his hand from his mouth. “Did you decide to fallow me?”
“I did but I wanted to see if…” I rambled before Orin put his hand over my mouth again. I started to think those would become my last words as I can already hear his sword come out of the holster but to my surprise the sound was from my mind instead of the sword itself.
“Save your breath since you want to see the creed to where you are now a witness you have to come with me.” He huffed and pulled me out of bed and shoved me towards my wardrobe that was in the corner opposite of my door. “Get dressed I’ll see you outside and make it quick learning is a waiting.”
I was scared out of my wits as I lit a candle and Orin was out of my room by the time I looked up again. I slowly crept to my wardrobe and opened it. All my dresses were hanging neatly on the right as I chose the shortest hemmed skirt I could find since I have no clue where we were going or what in the world we were doing.
We were quietly emerged in the darkness of the woods again and I can feel the wind mixing with the outside wonders calling my name of a mortal to come with it and leave this behind.
"Where exactly are we going?" I asked once I got the courage to ask. Orin turned to me with sad eyes like he was going to say something tariffing to me.
"I have to fallow the creed. This means no witnesses." Orin said and it sent a chill up my spine knowing that this might be my final moments alive on this earth just walking into the woods and putting my head over a rock or to just kneel on the ground to have my head roll with a small trail of blood behind it.
My mind tried to come up with some way for me to save myself and to keep it off of what was might to come. The quietness scared me as we went on into the woods. I knew that it was possibly only Orin that is part of the creed or just a bunch of men making this pact but they can’t go into places that a woman can at times and they might need me at times.
I heard something off into the distance and we stopped. The high pitch whistle wasn’t a natural at all and well-practiced like it was a meeting call taught by the Indians that were a half a day’s ride away. Orin looked concerned as I wanted to run way from this all and see the sunrise of the morn to forget of this all happened. Orin whistled back in a two note tune and then went back to me with concern into his eyes. “It’s Evel, I know that whistle. Hide somewhere close and don’t come out in till I say.” Orin gave me the orders and I scurried into the closest tree nearby letting my adrenaline keep me going as the prickliness of the mini twigs felt good to me as I found a main branch that would hold my wait and just stayed there, watching as another man emerged across from where I was hiding.
The tall and skinny man came out of the bush I knew he was a white man almost an Indian kind of tan because of being breed in the sunlight instead of us outsiders of the reach whom are a brighter white, I should know since they trade in the market as part of the pact the town has with them. My mentor was dark skinned when he pulled his hood down when he moved towards Orin. His boots looked worn and so was his jacket that looked similar to his face and hairstyle like he was a runaway slave before this life of killing.
“Orin, Tis nice to see you again!” Evel said and shook hands with my mentor. They looked pleased and happy to see each other for possibly a very long time being away from the family or group for a very long time.
“Same to you my brother.” Orin said shaking hands with Evel while I focused on Orin’s eyes attentively shifting to find me but was so slight only someone with the gift of being able to find details like I can easily and frequently so I can spot rips and worn threads in fabric or whatever I am using or looking at like I am doing now to see any shifting in suspicion in both of them.
“The traitor is dead Evil, just like instructed.” Orin said brightly while our eyes met and he knew I was nearby on watch for my protection. His eyes shined in warnign that I was in a bad spot for if he can see me so can his friend.
“Very good, now we can focus on the rest of… wait,” Evel started to sniff around and glance up in the tries. “Do you smell something off in the trees?” he questioned as he scanned the trees limb to limb and bush to bush looking for me. I had forgotten that my sent from the shops and being bombarded by the perfume and soap shop again for being a woman would roam quickly through the whisk of the wind in the woods.
“It might be someone from the other town to the north they like going through these woods.” Orin stuttered knowing that there is no town to the north of us that would hold a buggy for several miles even though it is windy.
And then it happened, our eyes met while my heart dropped like a thud on the ground. I could feel my mind race as he grabbed his weapon, a small pistol that was loaded as it tavernrel was dark and I thought I saw a skull with my face in its eyes staring right back at me and I lose my balance and fall out of the tree. I knew I might had broken something if I didn’t grasp a little branch that had me turn in the wind to where I just dropped to the ground with a thud that made me fall backward onto my butt.
I could only see my rolled up skirt, not caring if they can see my bloomers since I was that frightened.  “A spy or a witness, in all my days I never would have thought I would never have the honor to blast a head of one of these options. Or, did you bring her?” Evel asked quickly turning against Orin. I prayed in my mind that he would come up with an excuse to save mine and his own life as the gun was still hungry for a life but as he turned I saw another one that glistened in the moonlight.
“She fallowed me.  She is a witness to my work and now.” Orin said with a sad but suspicious tone in his voice like he knew I was supposed to say something knows but to keep his ducks in line or that he was saying goodbye.  I didn’t understand what he meant but then I hear the click of Evel’s gun and it started the countdown in my mind this was scary enough that it would be one of the numerous times in this moonlight that I should have died but now I thought it might be my true moment and my calling.
But then the clouds parted in my mind and I know a lot of places and groups have only men as there members and no women but I can use that logic to my advantage for saving my rump in this mess that I had created. I closed my eyes and heard the slight sound of the trigger being pulled slowly as I took a quick breath to confirm myself to this plan.
I looked up but this time I looked passed the barrel of the gun and right at Orin and felt like standing but my legs wouldn’t let me so I settled in the kneeling position. I moved myself slowly to a knelt and knew I only had one shot and I knew I needed to convince them to let me have my life.

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