The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


24. ch 24

We walked out of the woods and the sunlight poured on top of me as the grass wisped in the cool autumn wind. I can feel the tension build between all three of us. I spun around in the grass and laughed happy to get everyone there but then I spotted Mekin’s house and the sadness rushed over me since he was the first kill I have ever done.  The empty house was a shell that is now blackened like a fire was just put out there as smoke silently poured out of its resting place.

I felt bad for killing Mikin but he attacked me so there was nothing I could do about it but I still feel ashamed by killing someone that had helped my family so much. I looked away as I hid the tears that was starting to strain the sides of my cheeks.

I moved on but my eyes were glued to the house as I passed it looking at the fond memories as I passed but soon I spotted the shadowing of what looked like to be my house that came through the distance.  I race to meet it but the cheer ended when I saw the empty structure of what I called hoe.

It felt odd that I was home but I have changed so much that now it feels so foreign that I don’t recognize it. I walked across the grass slowly and taking it all in as I thought that I am quite foreign to this land now.  I went directly to the door and Cam put an arm around me as my hand seemed to have a mind of its own and place itself on the frame and started to feel the wooden surface that had splattered very slightly. “Go on in I will fallow you soon Cam.” I hear my voice say without me thinking what to say and Camren obeyed.

I looked up to Orin. He is a lot stronger than me  in physicality and emotionally as I can be at times but right now everything is just now hitting me at once as I put my hand over my scar. I remembered that Cam is by blood family but Orin and I are bounded by sprit.  I started to lose all bravery in me as I ran right up to him with tears in my eyes with a hug ready to go. I land into him making him stumble backward a smidge but he was a lot more excepting of the hug then the first time as the embrace felt wonderful to me. The hug felt worming to me since I had been on edge with what my brother might had done before I saw him again.

“I will see you for training correct Orin?” I asked and I was scared that this might be the last time I would see each other again.  I looked at his face but he wasn’t looking at me but he was looking in the distance in the direction of my house.

“The Creed will find you soon Silva.”  Orin whispered in my ear and I could not figure out if he was saying it like he was never going to see me again or he was just saying it because it had been the truth since the begging that I had the curiosity of the dark road that I have traveled thus far.

We held the embrace in till I heard a sound of a riffle click behind me. I can feel my heart skip a beat as I tried to make myself look but I couldn’t as I was scared and just clenched tighter to Orin as I can feel him shake a little as he put one of his hands on my back to make me feel safer than the words that rang through the air.

“Silva step away from him.”  I hear Camren call behind me. I break away from the hug but still stay close to Orin in case Camren fires the rifle. I can see the emptiness in Camren’s eyes matched the blackness of the barrel of the gun. I feel my mark to remind me which side I am on if he is doing what I am thinking he is about to do.

“No.” I say sternly and keeping my ground. “He is my mentor and I am the apprentice.” I stood in front of my mentor as it was the perfect picture of a small girl becoming a hero.

“Silver I think I should handle this.” Orin whispered into my ear but I ignored him knowing that I had to do this alone. While I tried my hardest to hold my ground. My heart was pounding in my chest while the adrenaline surged through my body as quickly as my mind was going.

“Then why are you so obsessed with this?” Camren said and the comment lit a flame with me as I started to grasp my pen dagger. I can feel the want to make him pay for what he is doing and what he has done to the creed.

“I am not obsessed!” I cried and then Camren fired a shot that just missed Orin and the remark that I am obsessed with something that I chosen filled me with more anger then I ever felt before.

“Yes you are Silva. Leave this obsession and come back where you belong and forget him or I will for you.” Cam said and I was starting to think that I might die since I heard Cam get his gun reloaded quickly.

“He is a Mentor by fate, a promise besides what about you?” I asked with my dagger out and ready to go and Orin started to get his sword but I held my hand out to him knowing that this is my fight and my fight only.  I can see him smile a little as I turned my attention back to Camren.

“What you mean?” Cam asked and I was happy that we both have each other’s full attention since Orin was off out of the way and making sure if I slip he is right there to help me... I hope.

“I meant about when Evel called you headmaster.” I snarled and Camren had a shocked look on his face that I was that observant. We stared off at each other for a while. Each one on either side of mercenary or assassin staring into each other’s hatred eyes.

“Because it what father was and now me.” Cam yelled and I was stunned that I was a part of the mercenaries. ”I was going to tell you when you were older but…” Cam shuddered and I cut him off and was ready to strike.

“I became a part of the creed.” I said in a quiet tone realizing that I was supposed to be with them but I like the creed as I touched my mark that reminded me that I had already had chosen a side and Camren’s cards were stacked against him.

“He turned you into an assassin instead of what you were supposed to be with me.” Camren said and I had enough of his mouth with the empty threats that had no true exclamations. I started to part with Orin to get the attention away from him but a shotgun blast made me go back to Orin whom stumbled with his hand over his arm.

His face was with agony and pain but still quite calm as I can see his clothing gather blood. I started to worry for him as he started to back away to dress his wound. I was at with my whit’s end with Camren because he heard a comrade of mine.  I can feel hot tears come into my eyes

“Cam why did you hurt him?”  I asked and I can see cam smile a sly smile that told me that that was just a warning shot that if I don’t go with him that we both can cease to exist right now.

“He took you away from me because he wanted you to be part of the world of assassins and he trained you to turn away from me.” Camren said as he started to reload the gun.

“I chose to be a part of the creed!” I yelled and started to attack my own brother I can feel the mettle on mettle as they screeched in disagreement.  I realized that I had gave my brother the upper hand as I had hit the direct center of his riffle to where the rifle was balanced perfectly to where he can knock me down.  I put my strength into my dagger and I knew that it would possibly not hold on but my friend was starting to shift in its holster to where I started to doubt it. But I managed to get my stance and felt the want to live ignite inside me without care that it is my brother that I am going to kill.

I used the rest of my straight and got him off balance and then I got on top of him. “Why are you doing this Silva? Why do you want to end my life?” he asked and I just looked at the coldness in his eyes and I know I am showing the same towards him.

“I am the creed. I am the darkness that wants death since he is here.”  I said as he pushed me to the ground as we still fought over the gun.  The coldness verses the cold honor were fighting each other once again as I felt my blade slide along the barrel of his gun and hearing the screech of the particular sound in till it was interrupted by the barrel again with this time no bullet inside but soon afterword the two weapons were back to their squeaky tune.

“Then I am sorry that the creed had taken you away from me.” Camren said as I grabbed the gun from his hands and tossed it aside as it landed by us but out of Camren’s reach as I didn’t waste any time as I placed my dagger deep into Camren’s chest and then I did it over and over again going faster and faster as the blood started to get all over me and on the grass I didn’t want to feel my brother’s life fade as I just wanted him gone as I paced my dagger into his already ripped apart chest.

I can still see the emptiness of his eyes and I wanted them to close as I kept going as the blood  scattered and the hate build to drive me on and on in till I looked at what I had done with each stab of my dagger. I started to just stare at it thinking that I had done this out of madness and my own will to kill that I had gardened instead of the rightful kill that I have learned.

Then I just started again what I was doing in disgrace when I thought I was done but this time it was out of sheer horror of what I had done.  The next thing I know I am being pulled away from Camren’s body by Orin by holding my shoulders tightly to where I can feel his nails dig into my own skin. I started to resist by thrashing myself about in hopes that Orin would let me go but as soon as I opened my eyes after the tantrum and saw what I have done.

Camren’s body lied motionless and full of holes blood was covering the grass that was once green. Fear rushed through me as I didn’t want to see any more than what I have already have seen of what anger can do to a person. “Remember the creed.” Orin said and I started crying over what I have done. I felt I was morning for the loss of what I have done letting go of myself for my evilest self-come out and show a bloody scene.

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