The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


20. ch 20

I am staying outside of the tavern and I slide my sleeve down to hide my new marking of The Creed while gripping my little basket that has my dagger and a wrap in it as well as he book from Mekin’s house. “This is one of the resins being a girl helps at times.” I said with happy tone in my voice.
“Now how do you think you can convince someone for information when you just got your marking?” Orin said and I knew he was right on one part that I sadly have no negotiation stills at all or a clue at how to get information out of people. Plus I forgot to check that the sleeves completely covered my marking which  they were close to covering it but a person with keen eyes can spot it easily.
“No idea but I have a target set plus I have a weapon and I have that book that I had brought.” I said while I started to enter into the tavern. The truth is it was the noisiest place that I had ever been. There was smoke everywhere that had settled in every nook and cranny in this place while the piano was playing and a poker game next to me or was playing when I walked in nobody was talking to where all eyes were on me and the place was completely silent in till one man gave a long whistle fallowed by a bunch of laugher. I thought that I was doing wonderful to get that sort of reaction that I was looking for when I chose my undercover uniform.
“Very funny lads this girl is off the market.” I said as I flicked my dress in hopes of fiddling with the men to where some of them got slapped off their seat.  “Now time to get what I came for, information. I hope anyone can tell me what this symbol mean?” I asked and one person stood in the middle of the group of smelly, dirty and farmer people that were possibly having the time of their lives and strolled his way slowly to the front and the men around started to part the seas as he came forth.
“Why do you want to know? You are not an assassin are you?” He said and he was tall and had a bit of a barrel forming around his tummy. His long beard told me that he hasn’t shaved in a while and his cloths were dirty as if he had been on the road in a while but this town has distance between farms of several miles for some and others a few feet.
“No but my brother had been kidnaped and THIS is what I found and the only clue I have.” I said and he opened his eyes wide open like he knew what I was talking about and I am sure hoping it was and I was getting  nervous that I am the youngest girl that isn’t obviously drunk or looking for a poor excuse for the night.
We sat down in the old chair that had been here possibly from the beginning. “What can tell me about the book?”  I asked with a stern tone. And he smiled and put his shoes up on the table grabbed the book.
“Looks like you got yourself an Adventure and kill log. If you ever want to learn about an assassin this is your best bet.” He said smirking and flipping the pages which made me want to come across the table to take the book from him and slap the man out of his chair.
“I know what I got. I just need to know how to use it.” I said leaning forward and parting his boots so he can see the scowl on my face. He finally put his boots on the floor and sat up in his chair like he owned the place.
“Why you aren’t a mercenary or a pirate or even an enemy of this group?” He asked and I noticed that my marking was showing that was drawing suspicion to me.  I could feel all eyes coming towards me and I had to think of something…Quick!
“No, like I said my brother was kidnaped by this group and I want to get him back and I need info on where this hideout is.” I can hear my voice go faster and faster with every word while it also gets louder and louder in hope that the eyes will fade.
“Very well, miss. The info is already here in this log see.” He said flipping through the pages to a map and I tried my hardest to keep a straight to a stable face in order not to give away that I am a part of The Creed. I wanted to just grab the book and scurry out since I am losing my composure with this man and the rest of the tavern wondering that if I am going to be with them for a while to party afterword which I have no intention to do.
He stopped at a page of a town that was penciled in perfect to show a river dawn threw the center of the pages the land was sketched like the place outside but on papers. He put his finger on an X on the section of the page that had a group of trees parted and the river was just to the left with what looked like was a path nearby.
“This is where you need to be going miss assassin.” He said with a voice like he had just confirmed who I was. The man stood up and grabbed my arm and swings me to the wall behind him. He pressed my stinging face harshly against the wooden boards that were starting to splinter a little. He quickly turned me back around to where I was facing dark hazy brown eyes that looked like he had way too much to drink. My heart was pounding to where I swore it would leap out of my chest to fall to the floor and run out into the wild and never to return to this town again. He quickly pulled down my sleeve and there was my marking for all the world to see.
“So you are an Assassin. The creed is among us.” He said and he let me go to the floor to where I thought I would escape but then he put his arm around my neck and I started to choke on his strength that was crushing my windpipe. I could feel my head start to panic as I tried to breathe. I started to wonder where Orin was at and if there was a time where he would pop up unannounced now would be an excellent time to do so. I can feel the tavern start to congregate to the same cause to kill me in the quickest time possible.
“I might be the creed.” I managed to gasp out but then he made his grip harder for me to be quiet. I choke a bit too where I felt a little lightheaded as I could hear and feel a bit of my neck crackle reminding me that I have to be careful that he does have the power to kill me in an instant.
“Silence sweaty, even though you are among many men that will love to exterminate you. Plus what a pretty little sweetheart like you doing in a horrible job like this and crawl in here and ask around?” He sassed and kept my mouth shut but realized that my hand was free but my basket was near the chair that I was sitting in.
I wanted Orin to charge in to save my life at this moment would be excellent  in my mind but I knew he possibly wouldn’t and I have to come up with another plan that will get me to my dagger and I will be set.
“What’s wrong little girl scared?” The man said and all honesty I was more than scared I was completely terrified as the bartender started yelling at them to let me go. “Why should I? She is one of them lowlifes that have no soul.” The man questioned and I say opportunity knocking and kneed him harshly and he dropped to the floor and the rest of people around started fighting in a hedge struggle either in to get me or the man I was with but all the brawl was in the end was people that were drunk enough to fight each other blindly without care of whom they were fighting. I hear the screams of someone trying to punch me as I ducked and the person goes strait threw a table that I managed to get nearby. I was down on the floor knowing that this would be the safest place for me to be.
I started to crawl on the disgusting floor of the tavern where broken glass and he smell of vomit was quite strong as I held my nose and tried my hardest to breathe through my mouth although the taste of the air was not pleasant as well but I kept crawling on the floor while men started to stumble and pass out on the floor and women were fleeing out of the tavern.
Thankfully I got to my basket and book that I had been looking for. I stuffed the book inside and saw the scramble around me and I felt my heart skip a beat thinking that I have caused all this commotion and possibly heartache for a lot of people that are in this brawl.
I could feel my dagger in my hand and got it out and wheeled it high for everyone to see. “I have a weapon! Everyone freeze and get down on the ground!” I yelled and everyone obeyed to some degree. One person had other ideas after I passed them and charged at me and  I heard every single one of his steps behind me and I was right on my notion and stabbed the person in the chest as I felt him spit up blood all over my face. I quickly wiped it off and felt the life flee from the person’s body for only a moment as I slid my dagger  back out into the open and turned around in time to hear him drop dead on the putrid floor beneath him. “And may I say I am not afraid to kill anyone else that decides to comes to me and makes me cross so don’t make me kill even though your poor drinking make hadn’t gotten the memo in time.” I said as I started to back away to the exit as slowly and cautiously as I could. I felt all eyes becoming daggers as they were possibly debating on whom to fight me since I am a woman and I can’t clearly fight a man  but I just killed one a few minutes ago so that tells them that I shouldn’t be messed with.
“I bid you all a good day and I hope you all see the silver lining today like your buddies have to possibly change your ways.” I said to the masses. I saw people were trying to get up while the moaning and groaning started to come around me and I heard it as music that I had a job well done.
 I scurried out of the tavern to the outside where Orin was waiting for me by the stables that were several buildings down after a few hours of wondering around town for him. My dress looked dirty and I have no clue when my bonnet fell off in there but I came out with all the items that I came in with that are important and that to me is what counts.
“Finally found you. Where have you been?” I asked and Orin gave me a confused look as he popped a piece of, what I think was candy, into his mouth and started to chew it and started to hand me a peace but I refused.
“Getting these.” He said as he shook the small sack and I felt completely outraged that my skin felt like it would turn red at any moment and explode. Orin just stood there and popped another peace into his mouth and started chowing down to where he was done with that one to come back to the sack that held a bit more that was inside.
“I was in a brawl that men were close to killing each other in! I could have died but the other two paid for my life with their own lives.”  I rambled and he smiled a cold smile. I wanted to swipe the sack out of Orin’s hands and through it into the fountain that was near us.
“So that is what took you so long. Did you at least woo them with your looks to get the information that you needed?” Orin asked and I returned the smile myself by giving him a sheepish smirk.
“I did Orin and I know exactly where it is at.” I said and I thought I saw something on the roof as I got my pen dagger out of my basket and ready for another fight. I hear my heart starting to speed up in nervousness as I glanced everywhere since the person seemed to vanish in thin air.
“What’s wrong?” Orin said getting his own dagger out as well. I thought I saw another person on another rooftop but I lost the person in a clump of shingles that were placed on top of the roof that was being worked on. He was scanning the aria like I was hoping that we could find the person but instead we had found the distraction.
Several people that were holding knives, daggers and swords in their hands as they seemed to come out of thick air and surround us. I became full of fear as the thought of killing at least fifteen people were too much in my mind right now to handle at this stage of my journey but I tried my best to push the thought aside and started to fight these people.
Sounds of mettle and metal clashed with other items as Orin and I danced to save our skins.  We knew that we had to live while we sprung leaped and killed our way through the attackers but then I noticed someone up top of the rooftop that was on the other side of us but my vision was blinded before I had a chance to truly get a superb look at the person.
“Smokes!” I yelped to try to locate Orin in this mess of bodies and blood as I blocked a good try of killing me as I grinded my pen dagger with another sword. I can see the person’s eyes of hatred that everyone wanted all assassins and mercenaries to have. But I pushed him back and unbalanced and killed him by a quick slash at the throat to where I didn’t feel life fade this time but I can hear my boots step and slash into all the blood that Orin and I spilled as more and more enemies jumped down and came from everywhere. I knew we were getting overrun as I finally bumped into Orin while hearing the cling of a sword hit my dagger.
“I think I am going to have to replace the writing section of this soon if we don’t win.” I called out to Orin as a single to help as I can hear both of our weapons start to become music. Then I saw something that I thought I would never see Orin do or hear him say in the short time I’ve known him.
“Drop your weapon Silva there are way too many of them to fight.” He sighed and I was blown away that he would give up just that quickly but then I saw why as the fifteen daggers had overgrown to thirty and it was an amazement to me that this group had so many people at their disposal. I meagerly dropped my weapon down to the ground as Orin did the same. I felt pitiful doing that but an idea struck to me that made the capture not so bad. They might be taking me to Camren.

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