The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

(My offical nano for 2013: started, Nov 13, 2013 nano finished Nov 30 2013 (w/chapter titles)
start rebuild dec 3 2013 and did the 100 day challange by TheFuzz: completed it Jan3,2014! (w/o CT)


16. ch 16

I can feel myself open my eyes to a familiar place in a familiar room. I can see the cabinets that lined the room and my sack was by me on the floor. I tried to sit up but I decided against it since I didn’t know how bad my cut was. I can see a man come from the kitchen and I knew it was Orin by the way he walked. He smiled at me calmly as he stroked my hair a little that made me giggle.
“Nice to see that you are still here since I practically found you in a pool of blood.” He stated with concern back in his tone and body language. I can feel the warm of a blanket that was tossed on top of me.
“Thanks.” I said and then I quickly forgot the book that I had to kill for and the book that almost took my life. “Here I found it with one of the enemies that I had to fight to get this information and Orin you are right we are being hunted and this they are targeting me since I am new.” I sighed sadly and Orin grabbed the book from my hands and scanned through the contents
“This has something about your brother since this isn’t a book. This, Silva, is what we call a journey log and it can hold everything from codenames to signs to kill lists or anything else. I am glad that you don’t have one since this can kill a person or people since this contains everything usually.” He explained and I sunk down on the couch since I did almost start on in my rugged journal that I have in my sack but I am glad that I didn’t start one in the very beginning since I almost expired right there in front of my own front lawn to where anyone could learn the secrets and anything about The Creed  right then and there.
“I almost kept a log I’m glad I didn’t.” I said and I wanted to see the book since Orin was hogging it for information. “I had to kill for that book.” I finally gotten Orin’s attention as Evel entered the room. I felt that I was getting more attention then I needed and  I started to think that I should lay off the talking a little.
“You did now, that explains a lot.” Orin said and slammed the book shut and I feel like I had missed something in the memo.  Since his reaction was that he understood me for the first time since I started into the creed.
“She has made her first kill and she has saved your life Orin. Do you think and had earned her spot among us?” Evel asked and I glanced at both of them quickly. I thought that they had to be thinking of someone else when they said this and that I am just a humble captive learning their ways instead I am about to join them and I knew that was my goal but it had yet to be a year that I had joined them and these two are already thinking about me becoming a permanent member of their group. I wanted to scream that this would be my greatest achievement ever and was deeply honored and humbled by their request of having me join. I sat up and was immediately pushed back down forcefully into the couch. I didn’t know why in till I looked down to see a pile of nicely wrapped gauze around my torso. I can see my own blood trickle onto the surface slowly saying to absolutely stay laying on the couch.
“Excited are we?” Evel sassed and I quickly nodded. I heard a scuffle of a cane come from the kitchen aria. The Old Elder came in and started down the steps vary slowly and cautiously while he scratched his chin as if he was think about want was being disguised.
“I am very excited and looking forward to being a part of The Creed.” I tried to calm myself but it didn’t work since I was bouncing off the walls like a little jackrabbit.
“I will be the judging that Evel.” He said and Evel rose from his seat and started to move to where The Old Elder can take his seat. He stared at me with those old eyes that still had life in them but the youngness that lays beneath the old worn out looks he was full of stories and long life that was full of stories and adventure. I wished that we could have time to chat but for now this wasn’t the right moment for stories since I just reminded myself that I have only done half of the work that I need to do and the other half I might not ever see again.  “What have you done to come into the world of The Creed .” He said. I smiled and then thought about it and then I started to look away.
“I am a witness to The Creed  and I have killed.” I said and The Old Elder sat back in his chair.  His eyes were full of wonder and I smiled at the fact that I wasn’t at all on the disgraceful side of me joining but instead he was quite in the welcoming mood.
“Have you now, tell me how was the experience of your first kill exhilarating to let a life leave in your command and to see the body later with a feeling of what have I done?” He laughed as if he knew what I was thinking.
“Delightful.” was my answer and The Old Elder reared back at my response and I felt a comfortable feeling run through my body that I had over achieved his expatiations with one word.  The widened eyed and wide open jaw of the three of them around me as The Old Elder cleared his voice while he slowly chose the next words that he was going to say.
“No regrets without a high?” He asked as he was acting like he thought I would be a crying fool to kill a man and then look at him and weep. It might had been sort of a true tale if I think about it later and I find Camren dead because I would have killed for nothing. I looked at all of the anticipating faces that I might be a woman that will brake right now but I am sure that I have my bearings and what I need strait to finish the job.
“None!” I said sternly and with a bright smile on my face. “Now I have information to look over.” I reached for the book only to get whacked by The Old Elder’s cane as I thought I would be ok to do so. I glanced up slowly to see that my hand had been flattened by the butt of the can while one of his hands was on the edging of the chair while the other hand was used to whack my hand in a gesture of punishment.
“You have regret of the kill which means you cannot withhold the power of The Creed .” He sneered. His eyes looked harsh and Orin was close to coming out of the chair he was in. I could see that The Old Elder had started to lift his cane but instead he reached into his sleeve of his own bright green shirt that had white ruffles and pulled out his own shinny knife and put it at my throat. “You have yet to prove yourself and you have not.” He said and put the dagger away into his sleeve.  Orin just shook his head like he had failed me when it was the opposite while The Old Elder was right... I did have one kill that I do regret.
“What do I have to do?” I yelled thinking that I am going to be dead and he just left without a word. “What have I done wrong?” I asked and was meet by saddened faces that looked like they had seen something fall into a realm that they couldn’t get back
“Nothing Silva, sometimes my husband acts like that since he got the scar of the leader he is scared about letting anyone else in the family other than his sons and  Evel into The Creed . And the doing part is impressing him trust me I had been married to that assassin for a long time to where I should know when he just needs some time to eat and rest like you.” She said and then handed me my meal of just some bread and tavernriers. It was not much but it was a meal.
I looked over and then I reached into my bag and grabbed the template. I can feel the pencil edged in as the words of The Creed  being carefully marked on paper to then be transferred onto the finest piece of fabric I could find which was a red cloth that was the correct size that I needed out of the patchwork kit that The Old Elder’s Wife had on the table shelf underneath the book.
“What are you doing?” Orin asked while standing on the steps where everyone else was settling in for dinner in the kitchen. I knew exactly what to do since I saw the cloth peeking out of the basket and holding its silky texture in my hands.
‘I am getting into The Creed , by being a lady.” I sneakered knowing that I am right that sometimes bring a softie and a woman might just get me what I need as I grabbed the cloth and started to stich the creed into it.


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