The Creed A Generations Before

{I walk through the valley and the shadow of death but fear nothing in the darkness. That is what I will go through every day in this black world of mine of the hunt. I hunt for neither side of what a person proclaims but for the one that gets me farther on in life and teach the generations after me to fallow The Creed and obey its laws and regulations like I have done. I will learn through the past generations mistakes and kill swiftly and cleanly for my marking will be pasted on forever. ]
This is the promise i had made to my new family but i want to please them forever. I know it will be tough since my brother dosn't think i should do it but it is my own bloodline i have sealed the fate of, not his. I want to take the forever pledge, I know it won't be easy espesily in the life of the creed.

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11. ch 11

I climbed up into the buggy as Jasmin our wonderful workhorse whinnied in welcoming me aboard. I smiled at the welcome but my older brother is staring at me coldly like I just set our whole mini farm on fire although some days I would love to do just that.
“You can’t join that assassin group Silva.” He started as I fiddled with my bonnet.  He made a click with his mouth to signal Jasmin that we are ready to go. The buggy shifted while Jasmin pulled us without a struggle while we went down the dusty road.
“It is not your decedents that will get this future. It is only mine. You have to understand that aspect and our circumstance that we are in. Our family had been either dead or doesn’t want us!” I shot back after I fixed my bonnet since I had to choose my words carefully with him. 
“This is not what our family wanted! They wanted at least one of us to get it together and make something out of ourselves.” Camren yelled and glanced at me with harsh eyes.
"I haven't made it official yet; just there is something about this group that intrigues me. I can't help but feel curious about their peculiar behavior." I explained but Cam still had that awful look about him that I haven't seen since the fire that brought the house down and my parents along with it.
The fire started in the kitchen after ma stoked the fire. The flames quickly grew around us. Camren woke me and I remember feeling quite panicked that the flamed already started their dance with smoke in my room. He grabbed me right out of my bed and kept me covered in his arms while we went to our parent's room across the hall. Carmen tried to wake mom and dad but they didn’t stir even when he hit them both in the shoulder as hard as he could we both knew that we had to get going in order to survive leaving them behind.
“You are just like dad, one he had a plan in his head he went on with it. I am just trying to protect you Silva.” He said and I understood

Camren still looked angry at me after the conversation but then Camren instructed Jasmin to turn to a different direction than we normally do to go home which drew suspicion to me that we are going somewhere else though I rather stay as close to the town or my house as possible because of the want of learning the creed as much as I can.
I knew I couldn’t tell him about that night because of the fear of the family of the creed thinking that Camren might be the enemy and put me as the traitor which either one I did not want on our heads. A lot has happened a lot after the last few years that I know that had taken a toll on us already.
I can see the path in front of us bank off into smaller walking only paths and I knew exactly where we were at. The lonely headstones were withered and broken to where the place gave me a chill and the want to just leave the place since I knew exactly what we were going to do.
“Come on Siva you know the routine.” He said and I obeyed as I slowly slid down from my seat that was in the buggy to the ground.  I didn’t like where this was going as I froze in place and did not want to go any further since I figured out that Camren was forcing me to see our parents to remind me that I have done and about to do something foolish again in his eyes.
“I think you know what you want to see out of this picture my sister.” Camren walked away and I stood there frozen and fearful that he is not going to make me walk to the vary back and look at our parents’ charcoal grave stone and brown dirt that was supposed to grow grass but never did for some odd way.  I could tell that Camren was mad at me for not fallowing as he stopped and huffed a soft sigh for only me to hear  and to say that he was done with my refusal already as he turned to me and I spot a black crow behind him that made him look like a sinister mastermind that was going to take me deeper in the graveyard to just leave me in the same graveyard to have my body found like my own parents was, charred, burnt to a crisp and dead with the smell of burning and rotting flesh coming off of my body waiting for someone to find me and put me in the ground for my final resting place.
I can feel Camren snatch my hand and start to pull me harshly across the rows and rows of lonely headstones that possibly had been forgotten. I looked at each one wondering which one is or going to be the one of the sailor that I have seen been slathered and the murderer walk way and my mind changed forever to become part of his lifestyle and to except the dark with death but this I can never except because I am going to see that I love’s final deathbed.
I dug my feet into the cut out and worn path and stayed there in refusal. “I do not want to go in cam!” I yelped as I made my body limp. He tried to pull me as I stood my ground and try as his did I did not move an inch to where he wanted me to come.
“It is for you own good sister you might learn something about what are you getting into because I know something about this family that you should see for yourself.” He negotiated and I did not take his bluff as I still refused to go and the pulling game continued.
Camren finally let go and looked like he had accepted defeat  and is making his way back into the buggy but instead he was moving behind me to swoop me off my own feet and started to carry me across the graveyard.
“What is the meaning of this Camren? Let me go!” I commanded as I started to bash my hands between the shoulder blades and flung my arms about as quickly as I could to get someone’s attention that was hopefully walking around here on the way to a family member to talk to them and say their memories but right now I want someone to help me out and save me from this moment that I am going to have with my brother that all honesty I do not want. I can see the warn headstones that we passed tend a whistle sounded In the air that made the hairs on my neck stand on end as Camren kept a good grip on me as we walked.
“Nope not yet little sis, it is time you finally looked at what you are going into.” he said as we went to a section that I recognized. The headstones were all broken and most had either mutable people that were unknown to unclaimed that have passed to a known other world or multiple dates for the multiple people that the messenger got news that the exact date is claimed for the forgotten or worse nothing at all and left to rot as we were walking passed them and seen that mist had been a victim in this plot to that plot was destroyed by weather or the boys that like to cause trouble everywhere.
“Please put me down! I know what you are doing!” I called and he paused a moment and I thought for a second that he might just put me down to where I can run to the buggy and just stay there to start this whole thing over again but that did not happen and he kept carrying me and I stayed on his shoulders.
“No.” He said and I can tell that we are nearby our parents’ grave the darkest but yet one of the nicer parts of the poppers’ region of the cemetery. I looked up for just a moment and saw the birds fly over us and I wished I could be like them at this moment as I managed to calm myself down to enjoy the ride for now other than of course bugging him with questions.
“But why exactly are we here?” I said and rested my elbow in his back where I knew he would hate it with every step and I could tell that he was hatting it a lot with every grunt and grown coming out of his mouth was music to my ears.
“We are almost there. Just please quit ramming your elbow into my back!” he said that made me grin from ear to ear thinking that this was quite a turnaround from where we were.
“No.” I gleefully chimed to tease him because I was enjoying the torcher that I was bringing him as we went to the final few strides to our parents’ grave. While Camren carried me I was trying my hardest to get him to drop me with even a hit to the gut or the front of his somewhat sturdy legs.
Once we got there was basically silence from everywhere. The earth seemed to have stood still as Camren finally let me down but I refused to look at what had become of our mom and dad and focus what we have each other and I am learning about the creed.
“Look at the grave Silva.” Camren said and I was still looking away in the distance while the sounds were still silent but I needed sound now if it could happen since quietness scares me in the graveyard since it was silent when they were put into the ground for the final time.
“I rather not.” I mumbled as I was scared to see something that I know happens but still I didn’t want to see it now. I rather not see it but I tried to slide away as Camren held me tightly in my place and I secured my eyes to the bottom of the stone that stood in front of me.
“Well you are going to look at it weather you want to or not.”  Camren commanded and put his cold hands internet my neck and pulled my head and my eyes to look at the grave. The site looked just like I remembered it from long ago, cold and nothing grown on top in the sense of flowers or grass to become like everything else in the world empty and soon, forgotten.
I reared back into the side and hopefully away from Camren’s grasp but he pulled me back and held me still and tight as his hands pierced my shoulder blades and I saw the lonely graves that lay side by side from each other in front of me. One was my father’s headstone that got rained on several times and the words had mostly faded and that night that we found kids playing with his headstone was the same night that Mekin took us in.
“This is where you are going to be if you are going to be where you are not careful.”  Camren said but I mostly tuned him out since I knew the rest of the speech so this time I decided to tease him a bit.
“By mom and dad?” I asked and he glared at me as if I understood him but he was clearly mistaken. I was completely confused on what his teaching was trying to show me. While I hung onto my brother ‘s clothing for dear life as if he was going to place
“Yes and no you are going to be in here in the cemetery but you are going to be with the forgotten, where you are stating is on a bomb with everything with this cred that you are thinking of running to. That thing will destroy you Silva and away from something else that I am planning you to learn to do that is something that our parents would be proud of.” Camren said as he placed his hand and showed me the land of the broken and forgotten where the people don’t have any head markers and the bodies are piled as much as the grave could take like a reserve for a plague but this time it wasn’t sickness it was just the mini war of people knowing people and something else that was going on that I am clearly not sure what was going on.
“I would be with mom and dad in the end anyway so it would be ok if I am with the forgotten but I know I won’t because there is more to the creed to what meets the eye Cam.”  I said and I turned to him again just to dodge the sight. I can feel Camren’s finger’s claw me as I stayed in place while he went after me over and over again to make me turn in till he got his grip firmly on me.
“There is a lot more than meets the eye about the world.” Camren said as he tried again to turn me to see my parent’s grave and once again he is much stronger than me and made me look but this time I saw a symbol on my mother’s grave that was way to faded for me to see so I ignores it and went back into annoying my brother.
“I know there is much more than what you know about me and what I can do. “ I sassed and this time Camren was much calmer than I thought he would as he placed his hand on my head and started to ruffle my hair a little.
“And I am looking forward to see you do all of the stuff you were destined to do at a later on in life but right now you wouldn’t understand to much of what is going on.” Camren said and I was curious about what was being said.
“What do you mean I would understand when I am older?”  I said and came closer to him with a confused look and acted like I wanted to learn which I did now about both worlds. I can feel my flight symptoms boil up inside me to where I can feel myself wanting to run away but I am reminded to stay by my brothers wording and once again my brother pinching me in spots to say for me to stay with him.
“We are part of another society that we all have been in and the resin that are parents are killed.” Camren said and it only brought up way more questions to me as the silence started to part with a few birds starting to sing their songs.
 “What society?” I asked and Camren started to walk away from me as we went a complete one eighty and now he is the one that wants to slip away to another world that he knows and I don’t. A world to where I am not questioned on what side I am going to become to where the darkness dwells.
“That is in this war that we are both entering into.” He said over his shoulder as he walked on the wet and laid down grass. I stopped and wondered what he meant about the war that we were getting into as I can see a war between just Camren refusing to let me join the creed and now I wonder if there is much more as I raced to ketch up with him.
“What war are you talking about Camren?” I asked and Camren’s face turned cold and the want to just let me to stay here and think about what is being said. I knew that confusion and curiosity was colliding as Cam let me go and shuttered himself like he said way too much for my ears to handle.
“The one that is not being fought in bright daylight because it is between two worlds that fall in the same lines and I know only one side will settle down the other in silence forever.” He explained in riddles to me which was quite confusing to where I was even more confused than earlier. I can feel the want of answers pull on me with full force to where I ran up to him and started to demand answers for what he was talking about.
“What do you mean? Is it a secret war that is fought at night and the creed is in it?” I shuddered thinking that Orin might be in more danger as I thought. Panic rushed over me that he might just be in complete danger soon to where I might just find his body limp and full of blood while being ready to go to the graves of the unknown.
“Yes Silva and if you join the Creed you are going to be marked forever with this war and to poison our family into something horrible.” Camren turned and stared right at me placing daggers into my soul that I know would leave a mark forever as we managed to get most of the way though the creepy grave yard to the safety of our horse and buggy to take us home.
I thought about what had been said and if there was a night war.  I know that there is now with Camren’s help although he is hiding something that I am not sure of and I want to know everything about now but I am a witness to the creed and I have saw death by Orin’s work which left me with absolutely no choice but to possibly join the war.
What do you mean something horrible?" I said and I can tell that my brother is now short fused with my questions. I was that way as well and was quite tired of what we were doing here and I prefer to go home to either stay or find my newfound friend.
"You are becoming an assassin that in itself is the unthinkable." Camren said as he started to hurry a little and I still wasn't satisfied with the answers that he gave me.
I looked away to hide that I was angry at him to think that me joining something that can change my future for possibly the better to be horrible.
"But it is my choice." I said sternly hopping that he would leave it at that but he didn't.
"But I made a promise to protect you." Camren whispered as he patted Jasmin and started to stroke her mussel gently like he was in a trance.
"That is still going on Camren But you have to let me go sometime." I sighed and started to hug him but he made me bounce off of him and made me a little mad.
"But this is different Silva, you do not understand." Camren said and I could feel the rage and the want to understand what he was saying burn into me. I let it show by crossing my arms and scowling at him.
"Then explain it to me!" I demanded trying to be as much as a little kid that I could be.
"I cannot" Camren shuttered and looked like he had lost.
"Why?" I wined trying to get anything out of my brother but his mouth was lock under key.
" You can't understand what we have said so far why should I start now and keep going in this circle?" Camren hissed looking like he was going to just climb up to the family buggy and leave me.
Because I am willing to learn now." I sassed and he gave me a surprised look that gave me the feeling of I can't think that she is willing to learn what this war is when all honesty I am just wanting to get clarity to what he is talking about.
"Well then, um, the first thing is to know is that there is the creed side and another side that is around and they had been fighting for years."
"then I will go help Orin!" I exclaimed worried that I will lose my new friend. I start to run to find him but my brother, once again, scooped me up to place me quickly in the buggy before I even let out a little peep of refusal to him.
"He is dangerous and backstab you at any moment because of his job is to be a killer."
"You don't know him!" I yelled as Camren started to click his teeth but then stopped to glare off in the distance.
"I don't need to know him to figure out that he is no good for you, me and for your life." Camren explained.
"And?" I asked trying to get more info.
"And that I do know is that you are going to get hurt anyway that they will get you." He said.
"Then I will join the creed then." I said cementing my choice into my mind. As Camren shook his head and I figured it was about understanding but his next sentence was making me wonder what was supposed to be in the near future that I am apparently running head first into without a whim or care in the world what happens to me.

“Then Silver I have done something grand for you to get out but do not worry for I am going to put in a loop hole but please do not get the marking.” Camren said with a sincere tone that I knew that I should give up completely while I can see only clouds that were not in the sky but in my own mind and I mentally prepared myself for a storm that will last.

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