The Mistakes We've Made

Savannah and Jake were best friends since they were just babies. Until one night... Jake was no longer with them.... put it that way. Serena and Jason were out to get them and... well I guess you'll have to find out!


5. Jeremy's back!

It's already Sunday afternoon? Wow. Turns out I slept at Char's last night. We just finished having lunch and we hear the doorbell. Who could it be?

"SAVANNAH!!!" OMG ITS JEREMY!!! He squeezes me until my face turns red.

"JEREMY!!! I MISSED YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!" I let go of him, "how was Israel? Did anything exciting happen?" gosh I was full of questions. I mean, hey! He's been gone for 9 months, you never know!

"Woah, calm down sis, I'm really tired, we can talk at home!" he says, "CHARLOTTE!!!!" he notices Char. She gives him an annoyed stare.

"Don't call me that Jer!" she whines in a baby-ish voice. She hugs him until he's purple and we all laugh.

"Well, guess we're headed home now! See you tomorrow?" I walk to the door grabbing my stuff. Char nods in agreement.

The car ride home was quiet until Jeremy broke the silence, "So how are Char and Daniel doing?" he obviously doesn't know.

"Yeah, they broke up," I let out a sigh.

We get home and I decide to sleep on the couch. Jeremy can take my bed for the night. I should probably text Char...

hey Char im going 2 sleep. night! <3

XO Savannah

no prob g-night sweeet dreams dont let the head bugs bight! XD luvs

XO Char


I hear my phone ring. This late? It's 10:00PM!! I pick up...



"Yeah. Jakey?"


"What's up? Everything okay?"

"Not really. My parents are fighting again."

"Aww. You can sleep here if you want!"

"Thanks a lot Savannah! You're the best!"

We hang up and he sleeps at my place. His parents have been fighting for the past 3 weeks already.


I wake up. ANOTHER flashback or memory or whatever you want to call them. Ever since that night I've been having flashbacks from the past. It's horrible! I try falling asleep and Jake is all I can think about.

*A/N* Sorry this Chapter is so short I didn't have much time to write it. since this Movella isn't so popular, do you think you can get other people to read? I would so appreciate it! Love you all!!

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