The Mistakes We've Made

Savannah and Jake were best friends since they were just babies. Until one night... Jake was no longer with them.... put it that way. Serena and Jason were out to get them and... well I guess you'll have to find out!


2. Jason Stonefield

Thursday morning after French, we have a locker break. Finally, a quiet morning, Serena Free... oh wait. NEVERMIND.

"You know, I might actually feel sorry for you. After all, he was your best friend. " Serena slams my locker shut. "Sweet Savannah, you really need to start telling people the TRUTH of what happened. " and there she goes... walking away like the queen of England!

At lunch, when I'm about to take a bite from my burger, Emma rushes up to us with shocking news.

"Char! Savannah!! You would not believe who's back!!" I hope its not...

"Jason Stone--"

"JASON STONEFIELD IS BACK?!?!" nononononononoo!!!! I look over across the cafeteria.

"Savannah! Char! You haven't changed a bit!" Jason has this like, evil smirk on his face.

"Why are you back?!" Char asks.

"Are you forgetting? My dad is rich!" He's so selfish it makes me sick.:/

I grab my stuff and walk out of the cafeteria. I can't take him! I call my mum...

"Hey mum.... yeah...... not really...... Jason...... yup. he's back........ tell me about it.......... can you pick me up?......... i can't even bare to stand in the same building as him.......... yeah i'll be out in 10........ ok fine 15......... geez make up your mind! just text me when you're here.......... k bye. love u" so she's picking me up! thank g-d!!

On the way home, I ask if I can stay home on Friday and luckily, I'm staying home :D

When I get home, I text Char,

"Hey. mum picked me up frm skool. not coming 2moro. talk l8er.

XO Savannah"


"no prob ill tell Mr. D ur not coming. ill drop off hw l8r.

luv ya XO Char"

I jog upstairs, shower, change into my Mickey Mouse onesie, and watch Tom and Jerry until I fall asleep.

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