The Mistakes We've Made

Savannah and Jake were best friends since they were just babies. Until one night... Jake was no longer with them.... put it that way. Serena and Jason were out to get them and... well I guess you'll have to find out!


3. Day at home

I wake up the next morning, with my head off the pillow and my feet on the ground. Yeah, I guess I'm a restless sleeper... Let's see what Char is up to... ooh right on time, she just texted me!

Heyy S, i stopped by yestrday 2 drop ur hw, but u were sleepng so i left it on ur counter. 2nite aftr skoo, i'll come ovr nd tell u everything! promis! luv ya! XO Char


tnx girl. but mum said i can't have any1 over 2night. aperantly i "need sum time alone" yah it's s2pid i kno. 2moro 4sure tho girls day! luvs! <3 XO Savannah


"Hey hon, you're finally up!" mom rushes down the stairs, "I got to leave early for work, will you be fine on your own?" she puts her coat on and grabs her keys.

"Mom, I'm 15! I'll be fine" I assure her. She smiles at me and zooms out the door.



"Savannah wait up!!" Jake calls out.

"Dude, you're soooooo slooooowww!!! I'm winning haha!!!!" I turn around, letting out a little giggle.


Of course another  flashback!! I'm going to go upstairs and take a bath. I really need to get my mind off things for at least an hour or so!

When I get out, I got changed into my favorite onesie, brushed my hair, and ordered some pizza for lunch. While eating my precious pizza, I do some of my math homework.


I am... finally finished!!!! Oh thank g-d!! Guess I'm going to end my day the only way I know how...


1. Finding Nemo

2. Toy Story 1,2,3

3. Monsters inc.

4. Monsters University



Woah, it's already midnight... that's.. amazing. I probably fell asleep around Monsters University. Wait, a text from Char? This late?


Hey S, idk if ur able 2 talk @ the moment... we rly need 2 talk. r u still up? txt me when u get this. XO Char


everything ok? whats up? xo Savannah


2day daniel came back frm L.A & at first he was excited 2 c me but aftr skl he dumpd me & wudnt tell me y! he said he knew abt wut rly happend that nite but we told him evrything! help? xo Char


oh char im so sry u dont think serena or jason have anything 2 do w/ this do u? xo Savannah


After that there was no answer, so I get some water and notice a picture on the wall. It was me, Char, Jake, Daniel, Jeremy, Jason and Serena at Char's 6th birthday party: bowling.



"Yay! Go Jason! You got a strike!!!" Char applauded.

"Woohoo go Jason!!!" we all cheered. No fair! He's beating all of us!!

"Okay now Jake's turn!" Char's dad exclaimed.


Jake throws the ball, it flies in the gutter, he crawls in the gutter to get it, and tries again... funny kid!

He still didn't get it in, but he was so super confident !

"Time for lunch! Pizza!" Char's mom got us excited!



I take the picture, grab my water, and go to sleep.

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