My Little girls

One Incident changed Niall Horan's life forever. His once happy family of 3, including Niall, Mary and Leo had a fine life, but One Direction needed a break to give their kids an education. During the break Mary becomes pregnant with twins, 34 weeks into the pregnancy one incident changes Niall's life forever.


2. School

~~Niall’s POV-

“Daddy!” I turn around and see April running towards me, I pick her up, swinging her around “Hello princess.” I say, pinching her nose. “How was your first day of pre-school?” “It was fun!” She exclaims, throwing her hands in the air, almost causing me to drop her “Whoa, calm down princess!” I hear another scream “Daddy!” I look towards where the noise was coming from “Hey, now I have both of my princesses!” I pick Paris up and spin both girls around in my arms “Now, who wants Ice-cream?” I say, eyeing both girls “Me!” they both scream in unison “Ok, we better get going then!” I put both girls down and hold their tiny hands. “Daddy, where’s Leo?” “I don’t know, let’s go looking for him!” I look around the small school that the kids go to, holding the girls hands. Leo is nowhere in sight “Daddy, where’s Leo?” April asks me “I don’t know…” My mind drifting off “I don’t know…” “Leo!” I look towards where the girls had sprinted of to, the two girls wrapping themselves around their big brother “How’s my two little munchicans going today?” he says, holding both of their hands “We had fun!” they yelled, running with him “Hey dad” he comes up to me, giving me a hug “Wow…” “What dad?” “I never would have guessed that you would still hugged me when you are now a high school kid” “Well, I take every opportunity I get, you never know when I’ll see you next. I know…” “Well the girls and I are going to get ice-cream. Want to come with us?” “Ok, sure!” he says, adjusting the straps of his school bag “Here, give me the bag.” I say, quickly grabbing the bag, I almost immediately drop it “Wow, this is heavy!” “All my books are still in there dad!" "Daddy let me try! Let me try!" the girls chorused "Sorry, but we have to hurry and get some Ice-cream!" I yell and start sprinting, the kids following behind me.

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