My Little girls

One Incident changed Niall Horan's life forever. His once happy family of 3, including Niall, Mary and Leo had a fine life, but One Direction needed a break to give their kids an education. During the break Mary becomes pregnant with twins, 34 weeks into the pregnancy one incident changes Niall's life forever.


1. Life Happens

~~Niall’s POV-

I look through the glass in the small room they use for premature infants, their small chests moving up and down slowly. The other mimicking the other, you could tell they were twins, they looked and were acting the same, one life connected to the other. They are both lying in different beds, their tiny bodies connected to cords. I sit here and think of how it all was, before they came along, I will never get rid of them. The crash was all my fault though, and I’m not the only one to face the consequences.

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