Upon Arrival

Megan and Katie go out to have an epic birthday for Katie, when things turn horrible. Megan leaves Katie alone for a moment, and in that moment Katie ends up getting stuck in the elevator with a guy alone. Will Katie get out safe? Does Megan find love in waiting for her beloved sister?


3. Chapter Three - (Megan) - Cooking and Rambling!

"What the hell I'm I to do now!" Oh, didn't mean to say that aloud.  

"We aren't letting anyone stay here." said Emma.  

"Where's the closest place?" I asked. 

"It's about forty-five minute drive to the closest hotel depending on the traffic."  

"What?" I yelled.  

"I can't be that far from here, what if you need me right away. I can't take that long to get here."  

"I'm sorry that's the best I can do."  

"The best you can do?" I rolled my eyes. 

"My sister is stuck in your elevator with a some movie star and you want me to be forty-five minutes away!" I yelled. 

"Um, excuse me." Someone said from behind me.  

"What?" I yelled at them; then it turned out to be Keegan.  

"You can stay with me, I live two blocks away." He offered.  

I just blinked at him.  

"What?" I said again softer. As I wasn't sure if I heard him right the first time.  

"I have an apartment, its like a fifteen, twenty minutes away." 


He smiled a little.  

"If I were you I would want be be as close as I cloud, and right now that's my place." 

"Well, thank you." I said to him with little smile. Then turning, I glared at Emma. 

"Here, let me help you with your bags."  

I only have two bags; one which was my carry on bag.  

"Oh, thank you." I said handing him one of my bags.  

"Call me if 'any' thing happens because if you don't, I'll own this place."  

I walked of then stopped and looked at Keegan.  

"You can lead then way." I smiled at him as I have no clue where I'm going. 

"My cars right out front." He said leading the way. 

Started his car, music began to blast.  

"Sorry." He reached over and turned it down.  

"It's cool."  

It only took us a little more then ten minutes to get to his place.  

Waking up the stairs he said. 

"I have a spare bedroom but it has some of my stuff so tonight you can crash in my room..." He stopped and pulled out his keys and unlocked his door.  

"And I'll sleep on the couch." He pushed his door open. I was taken about as I wasn't expecting it to be so clean.  

"Oh, I can sleep on the couch, it's no problem."  

"No, I will, my mother raised me right; plus my place my rules."  

He showed me around and told me to 'make myself at home'.  

"Thank you." I said as I was eating Chinese food.  

"Your welcome." He smiled at me.  

There was a part of me freaking out as I was staying at and eating with the one and only, Keegan Allen. We finished eating and I must say for take out it was okay. Most of the time I make my own food but seeing as I'm not at home; this will do.  

"So tell me about yourself." Said Keegan. 

"Well, you know the whole sister stuck in an elevator." 

"Yes, I do know that." He smiles at me.  

"Uh, let's see." I tried to think but there was nothing interesting about me.  

"What you want to know?" I asked. 

"Favorite color?"  


He asked a bunch of random questions like; my favorite subject in school, if I had any pets, favorite T.V. shows, ones like that.  

I answered; Math, Maddy my cat, Hell's Kitchen. 

"What brings you to Florida?" He asked; we managed to stay off the Katie topic. 

"Tomorrow is Katie's birthday." I smiled softly.  

"Oh, I'm sorry I didn't..." 

"It's fine." I said cutting him off.  

It became oddly quiet.  

"Well, if its okay I am going to go to bed." I said.  

As I know that soon there would be a hundred percent change of tears with a fifty percent chance of a runny nose and puffy eyes.  

"Sure, just let me grab a few things." I waited outside the door.  

He came out in his pj's; gray sweatpants and a white tee. He also had a few items with him; phone charger, a pillow. 

"Goodnight." He was standing right in front of me, I was a bit shorter then him. Having him this close made me blush a little. 'I'm not good with the whole guy thing' I think to myself.  

I look back up at him to find him smiling at me. For a second I thought about just asking him what he was thinking but knowing my luck it would be, one totally cheesy or two a dumb guy comment.  

"G...goodnight." I stumbled over the words and a walked into the room.  

Shutting the door I slide down it. Then hitting my head on the door.  

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." I was saying over and over when I hear a knock on the door. I stopped right away. 

"Is everything alright?"  

At this moment I'm glad that there is a door between us; as I am redder then Snow White's lips.  

"Yea' all good here." I spat out.  

Waiting until I could hear him walk away, I changed in to my lite blue tank-top and my black sweats. I sneaked to the bathroom bushed my hair and teeth. Crawling into his bed everything smelt like him. I snuggled up in the blankets and cried myself to sleep. 


Flying up in bed covered in sweat and breathing heavily; I try to remember what I was dreaming about but I couldn't. I looked at the clock 7:15. There's no way I can go back to sleep now. I was surprised that I even slept last night but crying does take a toll on you.  

I popped my head out, it's quiet. I stopped at the bathroom softly knocked, but no one answered so I went in and brushed my teeth. Then put my hair into a mess bun.  

All I could think about was Katie and then fact that today was her birthday. She wasn't here with me but stuck in an elevator. I picked up my phone and finding her name I tapped the call button. It ringed over and over but nothing. I tried two more times before I gave up. 

Walking quickly I went in to the kitchen. Looking around his place was filled with food. I smiled to myself as I thought it would be a good idea to cook Keegan something as a way to say thank you.  

I gathered a bunch of food and started cooking. Cooking took my mind off of anything. Unsure of how long I was cooking or how much for that faced; but I found myself smiling off and on. 

"Uh, Megan?" Said a sleepy voice. 

I turned around to find a sleepy Keegan standing there.  

I didn't say anything I but sent him a guilty smile. 

"What's all this for?" 

"You, I thought I'll make you breakfast. So I made the basics, eggs, bacon, toast, but then I thought what if you wanted a southern breakfast so I made biscuits and gravy. Then I thought what if he's a sweet breakfast eater which why I made pancakes, but not everyone likes them which is why there's waffles...." I was rambling on, when out of no where he shoves a pancake in my mouth.  

I just looked at him. I could not believe he just did that.  

"Sorry you were rambling." He was nothing but smiles.  

I smiled at him before taking a bit out of the pancake.  

"You made all of this, for me?" He asked.  

"Yea'" I blushed a little.  

"Thank you but you really didn't have to."  

"I know but cooking also helps me take my mind off of... stuff." 

He gave me a little smile which looked a little sad.  

"You know, I didn't get to ask you all the questions I wanted to." Keegan stated as he filled his plate full of food.  

"Ask away then."  

"What do you want to do with your life?" 

"Cook!" I said with a smile.  

"You're good at it." He took a huge bite.  


"Let's see... You got a boyfriend?" He asked it like it was a simple question you would has anyone. 

"Uh, no." I answered the question looking down at my plate.  

I gave him a quick glance to see that he was smiling to himself. 

I was about to ask him if he had a girlfriend; put him in the hot set. But his phone when off.  

My heart literately skipped a beat. Keegan and I just started at the phone. Slowly he reached over and hit the answer key. I just stared at him while he listened to what was being said.  

"Yes, thank you." He hanged up the phone.  

"There going to try and open the doors." He said standing up and heading to his room. Few seconds later he was dressed. I just sat there. 

"Come on!" Said Keegan. 

I walk in and tossed my shoes on and grabbed my sweatshirt, so I thought. 

I was walking to the car when I realized that it wasn't mine. 


"What?" I head up the sweater which was his, not mine.  

"Go ahead you can use it."  

We ran in, find Emma waiting there.  

"They have used this heat camera and they have pick up that there are, for sure two people in there." Emma said.  

"And?" Keegan and I said at the same time. 

"They're trying to pull open the doors to see where the elevator is at and go from there." 

We were about ten feet away watching them work. I started to chew on my nail; a bad habit that I stopped years ago but looks like its back.  

Keegan reached up and grabbed my hand looping are fingers together, he squeezed my hand lightly. 

I can see that they have it a little open. Slowly they pushed the doors farther.  

Out of now where they slammed shut, few seconds later there was crashing sounds; followed by the floors shaking a bit.

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