Upon Arrival

Megan and Katie go out to have an epic birthday for Katie, when things turn horrible. Megan leaves Katie alone for a moment, and in that moment Katie ends up getting stuck in the elevator with a guy alone. Will Katie get out safe? Does Megan find love in waiting for her beloved sister?


10. Chapter Ten: "What?" (Megan)

I woke up feeling alright; first time in days. Yesterday's little spat wasn't how I wanted to have things but as I've learned you never really have control over your life.

Rolling over in the bed I began to wake up. I seen a sleeping face; it was Keegan!

My heart started to race as I slowly lifted the blankets. I was afraid of what I would find.

Relief fell over me when I see that both of us are still fully clothed; as I'm not that kind of a girl. 'I'm the older one, the responsible one.' I tell myself.

"Are you ever going to put the blanket back down? Your letting the cold air in." Said a sleepy Keegan.

"Yea, sorry." I said.

"It's fine you'll just have to warm me up." He wrapped his arms around me.

"Oh, really?" I said.

"Uh huh." He was almost asleep.

I let myself relax and started to fall back asleep.

"Megan!" Said a voice.

It was Katie. She was far away. I could hardly make out her voice.

"Megan?" Said a voice louder but it wasn't hers.

'Katie' I tried to call but I had no voice. I tried again but still no sound.

So I began to run. My breathing became hard and sweat was now pouring off of me.

"Megan!" A male's voice yelled.

I jumped awake.

I was breathing hard as my mind unraveled my thoughts.

"Katie?" I said.

"Huh?" Keegan asked.

"Katie." I said.

"She and Josh are still in elevator." Keegan said.

"I know that." I said.

Keegan then lead in and kissed me.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah, just a dream."

"We'll go to the hotel soon." Keegan said.

He kissed my forehead. I have dated before but none of the guys felt right; he made me feel different. Not that we're dating... at least I don't think we are.

He started the shower. Heading to the kitchen, I grab my cell. I hit Katie's name; it went strait to voice mail.

"It's me, I had a dream about you. I just need you back; I can't lose you. Please, please Katie. I'll do anything." I said.

I laid on the couch. I was going to cook but I thought I'd wait and asked Keegan.

I started to fall back to sleep but not quite. I jumped when someone sat on my feet.

"What the..." I started to say. "Keegan your on my feet."

"Oh, I can see that." he said. Placing them on his lap.

"What are you thinking about?"

"Right before you sat on my feel, my sister."

"Oh... Listen, I know your sister and Josh will be fine; I have a feeling." He reached over and took hold of my hand.

"Kay." I wasn't going to believe they were fine until I see them myself.

He turned the t.v on flipping over the channels. I see a quick glimpse of the hotel.

"Wait! Go back." As he did he stopped on the news.

"Today the hotel will be removing parts of the wall that clasped under the hotel and around a elevator that fell. We aren't sure if there's people inside they say that info is classified."

"What?" I yelled.

"Come on." Keegan pulled me up by my hand.

We pulled up to the hotel and at first the cops weren't going to let us by. Thank god Emma seen us and got us though.

"What's going on?" Keegan and I said.

"I guess you heard on the news?" She asked.

"Yea, why didn't you call me?" I asked.

"I know your not happy..." Emma began to say.

"Happy? My sister and Josh is stuck in there and I find out from the news that you guys are trying to get them out today?"

"Madam, did I hear you right? Your sisters stuck in there?" I turn to see a young women in a suit.

"Yes, what'a it to you?" I asked.

"I'm Kelly West a news reporter." She said.

"We aren't answering questions." Keegan said.

"Wait, your..."

"Now, if you don't ,we are in the middle of a family only problem." Said Keegan.

"Yes, sorry." She walked away.

"So?" I said.

"We are still waiting to find out what they are going to be doing. We have the best of the best." Emma said.

The best of the best? Well, took them long enough for them to get them.

"As soon as I find out, I'll let you know."

"You better." Keegan Said.

He then took me by the hand. We walked off to a corner.

"Hey, she'll be okay." He said.

"They'll, they'll be okay." I corrected him.

He smiled then pulled me into a hug. I happened to look out the window the place was crawling with press and reporters.

Looking over I can see a TV; it was on a news channel.

"Mystery girl with superstar Keegan Allen says her sister along with a guy name Josh are stuck in an elevator. At this time we are unsure if this it's Josh Hutcherson who hasn't been seen for days." Said Kelly West.

All she wanted was a scoop; looks like she got good one.

Emma came over and told us that they were going to start cutting thought the walls.

She then went on explaining what the workers had told her. The walls are unstable but if they cut in the right areas and the right ways they shouldn't collapse. They are also unsure of how steady the elevator is.

I was scared for many reasons. The walls could fall in smashing the elevator or this could be one step closer to getter her back.

I could hear the tools start up. All I could think was please let her, no, please let them be fine.

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