Upon Arrival

Megan and Katie go out to have an epic birthday for Katie, when things turn horrible. Megan leaves Katie alone for a moment, and in that moment Katie ends up getting stuck in the elevator with a guy alone. Will Katie get out safe? Does Megan find love in waiting for her beloved sister?


1. Chapter One - (Megan) - Split Up

Chapter One - Split Up

'I'm Megan and I am always leaving my belongs behind.' That is how I should greet people, just so they are warned. At Cafe's, school, people's houses; everywhere. But what I didn't know was that one day I would leave behind an useless item that would turn into the scariest day of my life.  

Katie and I have just landing after a long flight.  

"Goodbye North Dakota, hello Florida!" I said to my sister as we stepped out of the airport.  

"Can you feel that sun?" She asked.

"Don't get to use to it, sadly we're only here for five days."  

"Five amazing sun filled days." Even thought she had sunglasses on I knew she winked at me.  

We both could use some fun. We have been through a lot in our lives.  

She flagged down a cab like a pro. Katie is good at countless of stuff. Most people believe most of it is just useless, but I believe other wise. Flagging down a cab, to opening almost any door without a key. So it makes it easy being a proud big sister.  

"Where to ladies?" The cab driver asked.

"The hotel on 8th street, please." I said.

Florida's amazing; filled with bright colors, people and every single person looks like their having fun. Katie poked me then pointed to a group of guys doing skateboard tricks down the sidewalk.  

We came to a stop in front of a huge Hotel.  

"Wow!" I said.  

"May we help you with your lugged?" Ask a young guy.  

"We've got it but thank you." I said.  

Katie was still looking at the building and around the street.  

"Thank you, this is the best birthday gift ever."  

"Well, this is just the start!"  

We walked in and it was beautiful. Walking up to the front desk I sat my glasses down.  

"How may I help you?" Asked the lady with a name tag that read, Emma. With blonde hair that stopped at her shoulders.  

"Miller's five day stay." I said  

"Here you are." She said handed me two key cards.  

"Thank you." Katie and I said as she took her key card. We headed to the elevator.  

"Wait, I forgot my sunglasses." I said.

"I'll hold the elevator." Katie said.

"Thanks." I took back off to the desk.  

When I seen a young guy walk pass me. "Please say you're taking the stairs." I think to myself because I knew Katie wouldn't hold the elevator just for me when she could ride up with a cute guy; I mean come on, who would?

"Forgot my sunglasses." I said to Emma as I grabbed them.  

Walking back I see that the elevator's door closed. I waiting for a bit.

I hit the arrow but still nothing. I wasn't sure why it hasn't been back yet.  

I pull my bagged with me and set the by the front desk.

"Hey, um, I wasn't sure, does that elevator usually take a long time to come back?" I asked Emma.  

"How long has it been?"  

"Almost five minutes."  

"It should be back by now." She said.

"Oh." I wasn't sure what to do; I mean it was the last place I seen my sister, was she still inside or in our room?

"Let me make a call." She said.

She dialed some numbers.  

I listened as she explained what was going on.  

"Yes... okay."

"No power?"  

"Thank you."  

I was looking at her wanting to know what was going on.  

"It's showing that there is no power to the elevator."  

"Oh, thank you." I said.  

I took off to the stairs. Walking up as fast as I could to the fourth floor. I slide the key card and pushing open the door when I cloud hear talking from the hallway.  

"Katie!" I yell but there was no answer. Her bags weren't in the room either. Where is she?  

"Hello, Miss, we're asking everyone to gather there belongs and exit the building." Said a young man with black hair.

"Okay." I said realizing I have left my bags the front desk. I headed back down to the front desk.

"Pardon, I was wanting to know if you've seen my sister?" I asked Emma.  

"No, and everyone is checked out through me so we know if anyone's inside the elevator."  

My heart skipped a beat. The thought was always there but now the thought seems more likely as time goes by.

"Please wait over there," she pointed to a little waiting area. "While, I try to find someone to help you." I walked over and sat; but couldn't stay settled. So I decided to stand in one place. I pulled my phone out, found her number and hit talk. Right away I could hear a cell phone ringing my heart skipped a beat. Thinking it was hers but looking around I realized it wasn't hers, but some old guy. I was watching people leave while a group of people talked in front of the elevator. About what, I have no clue I couldn't hear what they were saying.  

"What's going on?" a voice Asked. Not looking keeping my eyes one the elevator I said.

"The elevator broke."  

"Do they know of anyone's inside?"  

"I'm waiting to find out."  

"I dropped my friend off not to long ago." He said sounding like he was talking more to himself them anyone. "When did it brake?"  

"I'm not for sure, but I think about twenty, plus minutes ago." For the first time I looked at him. I blinked a few time as I know I have seen him somewhere. He looks like he's think before he looks over at me.

Looking away quickly, because I know I must be blushing. I mean who doesn't when they get caught for looking at someone.  

"Who would I asked to find anything out?"  

"Good luck." I said. "I have been waiting for five minutes, to fine out about my sister."  

"Oh, sorry."  

"Thanks." I said quickly as I start tapping my hands on my sides.  

"Hello, are you Miss. Miller?" I young man with brown hair and eyes asked.  


"Can you come with me?"  

Fear hit me in the guts.  

"We want you to view the cameras, to see if you see your sister."  

"Excuse me." Said the guy from behind me.

"I'm looking for a friend; Josh Hutcherson." I couldn't believe what he just said. Josh Hutcherson, thee Josh Hutcherson? The one that every girl is going crazy for at this moment?  

The young man looked over a list.

"I don't see him but may come with us and view the taps, Mr.?"  

"No, Mr. just Keegan."

The young guy nodded his head.

"Thank you." Said Keegan.  

I looked at him again. I now knew I wasn't the only one who had fear filling up inside them. I did my best not to burst with anger, fear and tried to keep hope over all of it.  

As we walked down a little hall Keegan moved closer to me as the hall way was smaller then the others in the building.  

Walking into a little room on the right, I started to find it harder to breath with out shaking.  

It was one of those small camera rooms you see on T.V. It was dark with about twenty screens all in one.  

"So we figured about the time it broke."  

Keegan and I shook our heads yes.  

"So watch the screen in the upper cover."  

"There!" I said as we, Katie and I, walk in.  

"We checked in but I went back..."

"There's Josh!" He said cutting me off. I looked at the screen closer, it was the guy I had walked pass. It didn't even hit me that it was 'him'.  

"I was heading back to the counter because I had for gotten my sunglasses." It showed me grabbing them then walking off.  

"I waited but nothing happened so I went back to the desk to find out why."  

"So, we are going to rewind it and try and watch the other screen for them."  

"Okay." We said at the same time.  

We watched it three different times. They never gotten off, no where.  

"Don't you guys have camera inside the elevator?" Keegan asked.

Good question, I thought to myself.  

"Yes, we do but they stopped working yesterday."  

"Did you guys even get someone to look at the elevator?" I asked.  

"We made an appointment for today."  

There was a knock on the door. Keegan moved closer to me, so they could open the door, which caused ours hands to bump. I bushed a little a sent him the best smile I could at a time like this.

"We do believe that there are two people inside. It shows them getting on but never getting off." I hear the people at the door saying. I can feel the tears building up. My little sister is stuck in an elevator. They lead us out the room and back to the waiting area. It's been an hour from the time they found out that it had broke.  

"Here's your bags, Ms. Miller." Emma handed them to me.

"I need your guys numbers so I can call when we find anything out."  

She handed Keegan a notepad and he wrote his number then, handed it to me. I went to write when a read over his handwriting 'Keegan Allen' then this number. That's when I knew where I have seen him; on T.V. I have even seen several of the episodes. I wrote my number down and handed then the notepad back. I took a quick sneak peak at him and now I all I feel is stupid that I didn't recognize him before. 'Well, your sister is stuck in a elevator after all.' I said to myself. After we gave them our numbers we waited for a bit but they never came back.

'What the hell I'm I to do now.' I think to myself.

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