This can't be happening

A young girls experience during the rebellion and the Hunger Games.


1. Prologue

Many people in District 4 didn’t want to rebel. We have it good compared to some of the other districts. My sister always wanted to rebel, even before everyone started doing it.

So did I.

She would always speak about how much she hated the Capital. It’s shocking she never got caught and killed for the thing she said. I used to say things sometimes but then I started reading.

Human rights. Ethics. We had none of that.

But I also read about people who spoke up and were killed. I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want anyone to die.

Then the rebellion started. I think it was one of the poorer districts who started it. 12 or 13, maybe 11.

I tried to stop my sister from fighting, I tried to make her hide with me but she refused. She told me she had to fight for what she believed in. I guess it’s partly my fault. I shouldn’t have told her what I had read. It made her believe even more that the districts were not being treated fairly by the Capital.

I believed it to. I still do but now I don’t care. I would have joined the fighting eventually but now…… all I want to do is curl up in a ball and wish for it to change.

I would take that Capital controlling us and treating us unjustly any day if this could just change.

Even if we win, I won’t be happy. I doubt I can ever be happy again. Not now, not ever.

The reason for my sadness is because the light in the darkness has been switched off. The voice of justice in an unfair world is no longer speaking. The one who fought for freedom is dead.

Never again shall I see my sisters’ smile or her hair or her eyes. Never again shall I hug my sister. Never again shall I speak to my sister.

She isn’t the first victim of the war and I doubt she will be the last but she is my sister.

I already miss the way she laughed when she heard a joke, the way her eyes lit up when she spoke and the determined, happy way she faced any problem.

The world seems empty now, I am alone. It was just us. We had no family. Now I am completely alone.

Goodbye my dearest sister. I hope this ends soon, I hope you will be remembered, I hope nobody else must experience this feeling of being trapped in a dark bottle, alone, scared and with no way of escaping.

Most importantly, I hope you are now free and happy where ever you are.

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