You (A Calum Hood Fan Fiction )

Everyday for me is another 24 hours, another 1440 minutes and another 86400 second reminding me of YOU.

Clarissa had never got what she wanted, where on the other hand he best friend Ella received it all; the grades, the looks and the guy she was in love with. But the worst thing that she regretted, was falling for the wrong guy. However, when jealousy arises, what would Clarissa do? Will she still have her best friend or the guy she love or will things be completely turned up side down?

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4. YOU and the mystery

He wrapped me in his muscular arms and felt a sense of warmth that I haven't felt since summer. As the water from my eyes transferred onto his shirt and I stared into his hazel eyes and knew he had felt the pain I was in, there was something that we had shared that no words were needed. It was unfamiliar but was comforting. I could see the weakness as his eyes as his too were beginning to water, like a dripping tap that hasn't been properly shut, with each moment, a drip ran down his cheek as I felt it finally land onto my shoulder. With the little time I had knew Luke, I could sense that his heart had been shattered and the vulnerability shone through that guys were eager to escape and hide from. But him showed it like a true gentlemen in grief, grief of being heartbroken. He allowed a gap between us and began to spoke.


"What did he do?" His accusation was firm and I realised he guess the 'who' but not the 'what'. His tone was mutual as he try to hide that he was eventually punch the shit out of him. But something just didn't add to the equation, they were best friends but why did he by the looks of it, tear him to pieces. But did I properly knew who Luke was?


I couldn't hold my confusion as I had only knew him for a day. "But why?" and from the reaction, he knew I was on to him. I watched as his tan faced become completely pale and stale as those words came from my mouth. I didn't intentionally wanted to hurt or embarrass him but all  I wanted or needed truth.


"Let's just say I seen how he treats girls and I just didn't want the same thing happening to you"


Yet, again I was wrapped in confusion, I had only knew him for what was like a day but he had this protection over me that could only be used if known at birth. You were a complete mystery, I pushed my curiosity as I need a strong distraction from what was turning out one of the best days until a cyclone drifted and lifted everything with it. Leaving a mass of wreck behind and it felt as those I was the cause of the destruction and it was my fault as when the storm was coming everyone packed their bags and ran out of town like animals when the food source was gone. Being the completely idiot I stayed, to only see the entire event and feel the horrors of aftermath.


 There was only one thing I was certain about, something that kept me wondering for days was his invitation on Friday was in fact out of friendship context and purely that, but what was the cupcakes for? I was starting to hate the way this was or even what it was, how easily manipulate my mind and use it for some pathetic game, a game which torn a naive girl into pieces of the aftermath of the cyclone. His atrocity  was overwhelming  I wasn't not even physically or emotionally yet to handle.


"Lets gets some coffee" he interrupted the unbearable silence and my focus


"Sure" I finally answered. I could see that he knew I needed a distraction


"Do you like to read?" he said out of nowhere


"What's with the twenty questions" I snapped


"It was one... and I just want to know you a bit better"


I hadn't realise to what extend of what my crush for Calum has influenced me, I had became impulsive and I could feel the blood in my body quickly boiling. I took a deep breath and clutched my palms into a tight fits. He grabs my fits and notices that my emotions were in a wreck, he looks directly into my eyes and says.


"Everything will be okay. Time will heal" he said in the calmness tone. 


"Time sure likes to take it's sweet time" After I had said it I had notice that my tone was strong as his almond eye shape become more visible as he squinted and prominently showed his dimples.


"Sorry, I just..."


"I'm the one should be apologizing"


Him? Apolgising? I knew I should, but if I did we would end up in an endless amount of return apologising and I was not up for that. I gave him a faint smile to suggest that I appreciated his kindness. Besides, Luke's intention was yet again out of pure kindness. From the treatment from Calum, I guess along the way I had forgotten what that was until you.


"I'm Sorry" I said as I felt I had too and if he said it in return I would ignore it. 


"It's fine..." as he removes the annoying strand of hair that was dangling about my forehead. Then, he hands me my chai latte that was on the counter. I was glad that we were going to go into an exchange of 'sorry' but he ended with 'I'm fine' 


"... so back to my question" he attempts to lighten the mood as I lower my latte from my lips and allow the steaming heat fill through my body. It was bliss unlike the gloomy wintery weather.


I let out a sight giggle "I do, I love reading, as it allows me to escape the dreadful pains of this world and enter and another world of the book. I guess you could say it is my safe haven another than the warmth of my bed" he snorted at the last sentence.


"What about you?" he became shy once I had asked, I had never imagined a guy reading, you could say I was every stereotypical with things. His cheek bones began to twitch and brighten bright red as if he was caught with something he was afraid to get into trouble of.


"Actually I do," he said confidently




"What's that suppose to mean?" he barked


Now it was my turn to shot red, I could feel the boiling heat race up into my cheeks and I fail to come up with something


"I didn't mean it that way..." I paused to give time for my brain to process "... I meant you don't look the type who would read, sorry"


"I don't read your typically stories which is filled with predictions and unthoughtful dramas, I read stories of perplexing and mind blowing twist which send thrills down my spin, stories which don't have in print the word adventure but  explores it through experiences and hardship memories, not the stories which you wouldn't have heard of, I guess you are in the type of romance where guy means girl, they both fall in love, but wait, there is a twist, she is in love with someone else" he mocks with extreme sarcasm


"Who is being stereotypical now?" I raise my eyebrow and lift my bottom lip into my mouth. It was in that moment what I had just done. It was happening all over again.



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