You (A Calum Hood Fan Fiction )

Everyday for me is another 24 hours, another 1440 minutes and another 86400 second reminding me of YOU.

Clarissa had never got what she wanted, where on the other hand he best friend Ella received it all; the grades, the looks and the guy she was in love with. But the worst thing that she regretted, was falling for the wrong guy. However, when jealousy arises, what would Clarissa do? Will she still have her best friend or the guy she love or will things be completely turned up side down?

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1. seeing YOU.

I wake up to the blaring light sweeping through the cracks of the blinds. Immediately I hide like a vampire and tuck myself back into a cocoon. Here, I am hidden and perfectly unharmed of the world’s secrets. This is my 'safe haven' as they call it. I could stay here forever, all I practically need is a mini refrigerator and I am all set. Here, in my cocoon darkness is embraced and insecurities are not heard of. Apparently my mum didn't get the memo as she shouts my name in attempt to wake me up. The shouting echoes slowly becoming louder as her footsteps companies her voice.


"Clarisa!" she repeats but her mission of waking me up faces its end.


As I thought it was over and the only sound is complete silence. But, boy was I oblivious. I slowly remove my body from my cocoon and stretch out. To only see the bright rays of sunlight breaks through as she opens the blinds. There was only one way to wake me up and she found it.


"Rise and Shine. The sun is up and so should you."


There was something in her voice in the morning which was optimistic but at the same time sarcastic. My ears adjust as she towers me with a smile and ensuring I would get up. I stretched out and stare out at complete mid air. She leaves my door open and to my amuse I notice a little creature my terrible two year old brother who's cheeky smile concludes mischievous. Groaning at the sight of him. He bolts directly in and endeavors as he pulls me out of my comfort zone. For a two year old, his strength or shall I mention brain is amazing as his is successful. I grab my brush and slide it down as I ravel my hair. From my body length mirror wardrobe, Tyler stares as though he never since a brush before. I just at that age everything is amusing and new. Until about one minute where it simply becomes boring.


"Morning sunshine" as my day enters my bedroom and grabs Tyler and prepares him for daycare.


"Morning dad" I reply


 I too prepare for the day, as usually I tie my hair back into a mid ponytail and button my top and zip up my skirt and made my way downstairs and sat at the table. Across me was my brother repetitive kicking me and giggling away. I try my best to ignore but the kicking is becoming harder and I simply had enough.


"... please" I add

In the corner of his eyes where beginning to water. It was watching despicable me when Agnes eyes when her unicorn was disintegrate. Anyways, it was hard to resist. I roll my eyes as avoiding his contact, but it cost me a giant scream. I let out a sigh and tried to keep my head up with my hand in a grip supporting my head as I was my next actions was trying to comprehend on the decision.

"Fine!" I let out and his smile creeps back as he continues in bruising my leg.

"Stop it you two" mum comes with my cereal and Tyler's toast.


"... behave and look after your brother" dad interrupts me

All I wanted was a sister but instead I got him. I look at the clock, it was 7:30 in the morning. It had took a while to sink in that bus leaves in approximately five minutes. But my mind was trying to figure that out while my body shoved spoon fills of cereal into my mouth. I grab my things and headed out.

"Bye bye, Clarrr" as he fails to pronounce my name.

I smile in his efforts. I walk back and give him a kiss and a hug. No matter how much he annoys me I simply love him to death. I close the door behind me as I shout bye to my parents. Placing my headphones in each ear and be completely engulfed into music world of Little Mix. It was something about there music that just want to make me break out and dance in the middle of no where.

"ay, get your back off the wall, don't you get comfortable. Looking so hot I think that I might fall" 

The music played, I began walking quicker as I watch my clock on my phone carefully. With each minute depended on whether I make the bus or not. A sudden wind blew and I could feel the pollen racing up my nostrils and preparing to sneeze. I hate the season of spring for one main purpose, and that was hay fever. I mean I love the weather, the atmosphere but the beautiful and perceiving flowers and their pollen gave spring another name called the 'sneezing season'. Recovering from the pollen I saw the bus waiting as I speed walk and made my way onto the bus. Showing my bus pass and walking down to find a seat. I feel as though everyone on the bus is watching and anticipating for someone or me to fall or do something completely stupid. I guess this is what high school is all about. It is the time of judgmental, where everything you could be judged. No wonder why girls and boys these days are so insure about themselves. 

As the trees disappear and the gates of Riverbanks High appear. The gates where and held all drama occurs. The school which held the guy I was completely in love for the past two years and my best friend, who too had fall for his impeccable smile and athletic body. The only detail was that Rowella or Ella was absolutely oblivious in my feelings. But he wasn't. He had knew clearly what I felt for him and he acted on it, but little did I knew it was how it acted with every single girl in the school. He would hold your hand in the dark but as soon as the lights turn on he slips away like a ghost.

I keep my headphones in to find his arms wrapped around Ella, but she was perfect. She had the perfect body and not to mention her straight A's since year seven. Once she had wanted something, nothing had stood in her way. The way his arm had wrapped around her waist was just perfect. It was only a matter of time when she finds out the truth. Trying to keep my attention or eyes from there direction. By the time I come, he slips away, just what I assume.

"Hey" I say as Ella makes he stare at him but he just give a look back as if they were communicating telepathically.

"Hey" they both reply in tune.

The bell had rung indicating first period. I make my way to Chemistry as I feel a something fly across me. It was a big black ferocious magpie.

"are you okay?" he comes and places his arm around me. I push aside

"I'm fine Calum"

"Okay, just checking. I see you at Chem" he said as he kisses me on the cheek. Out of all the people it had to be YOU.





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