"I wish I could get away from here. I wish people would treat me like I'm worth something." I said aloud to myself. I looked over at my Louis Tomlinson poster hanging on the wall. "I know you would." I said to it. "I see how you treat Eleanor. You treat her like a princess. I wish I was lucky enough to be treated like that. Maybe even by you." A single tear fell down my cheek. I quickly wiped it away. I sat down in my windowsill and stared at the night sky. A glimmer of light caught my eye. I looked over and saw it. A star. It shined brighter than any star I've ever seen. "I wish I could be someone else. Someone who knew Louis." I whispered. I took a deep breath. "I wish I could be Eleanor Calder."


5. *Quick Announcement*


7 months of asking

6 weeks of hearing no

5 days of maybes

4 hours of begging

3 minutes of tears of joy

2 tickets

1 concert

I'm finally going <3


After 3 years of putting up with the bullies, the haters, the rumors, the gossip, and this crazy fandom (which I love!), my dream is finally coming true.


August 27, 2014

Edward Jones Dome

St. Louis, Missouri

Section B5

Row 29

Seats 13 & 14 (Floor Seats!)


All my hard work has paid off. Never give up on your dreams. They may not come true today or tomorrow or maybe not even next week. But if you work hard enough and believe in yourself, you can do anything. It may take a while, but once it happens, you realize it was worth the wait. Never give up hope. I never did. Everything has led up to this moment. The moment where I finally get to thank those 5 singing idiots for saving my life. It's kinda weird how 5 normal, everyday guys can make such a huge impact in your life. And I finally get to see them.


Anyone else going to a concert in the Where We Are Tour?


xx Aubrie :D


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