The Mortal Instruments: City Of Gold

What if it was all a dream? What if 'The Mortal Instruments' never happened? What if Shadowhunters never existed? Or did they? What if everything had happened at different points in time? Clary, a normal teenage girl has been dreaming of things.. strange things. So what will she do when those dreams become reality? A different take on The Mortal Instruments. Book One; City Of Gold.


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7. Alaric

'Luke, who is Valentine?' Clary begged, but Luke was again unconscious. Valentine. She had heard that name before, but where?

Clary stared down at Luke's face. Her mother had been taken. She wasn't quite sure what to do. She took a deep breath. Help. Luke needed help. She would get him to the hospital and then go to the police and report all of this. Surely they could do something about it. Then when Luke was awake again she would find out what exactly happened to her mother and the police could start searching.

She nodded to herself, as If to say that she agreed with the plan.

Clary bent down and put Luke's arm around her neck. She would have to get him to a hospital.

A million thoughts were spinning around in her mind, thoughts of her mother, of what she was going to do now, of who this Valentine was. She kept wracking her brain trying to remember where she had heard the name Valentine before, when suddenly it came to her. Jace and Alec had been talking about some person named Valentine the other night.

Luke grumbled as Clary got him to his feet. He slowly opened his eyes.

'Clary what are you doing?' He asked.

'I'm getting you to a hospital, then I'm going to the police.' She answered as she heaved Luke over to the door.

Luke managed to use Clary's strength to move his legs across the ground himself.

'No, Clary you need to take me to the pack.'

Clary opened the door and they worked their way down the hall.

'You're hurt. You're taking nonsense-'

'No Clary, you need to listen to me. Call Gretel, ok her number is in the phon-' Luke winced in pain as Clary set him down on the couch in the lounge room. '-phone book. Call her and get her to come pick us up.' Luke finished.

Clary did as he said. She found Gretel's number and diled it. It rang three times before anyone picked up.

'Gretel's phone, Alaric speaking.' Came a deep voice on the other end.

'Hello, Luke is hurt. He said to call this number and you would come to get him. Please hurry. We are at his house.' Clary said quickly.

'We are on our way.'

The phone hung up and Clary set it down in the cradle.

She looked over at Luke. He was again unconscious. Then the worry for her mother set in. It was like there were a million snakes in her stomach, making her feel sick to the bone. What was this person doing to her? Clary suddenly needed to throw up, but for Luke's sake she held it in.

So much had happened in the past two days that she was struggling to take even a fourth of it in. This new world she has only just come to realise exists. There was so much she wanted to ask and so much she needed to know to help her understand everything, but now that her mother was gone who was she meant to go to?

She felt the sick feeling coming on again and sat down on the couch where Luke lay. She put her head between her legs and breathed. She stayed like that for at least ten minutes. Then she heard voices as Alaric barged into the house. She jumped up as he entered the room, closely followed by a girl who had tanned skin and dark hair.

'Are you the girl who called us? Clary?'

Clary nodded. This man looked familiar. 'Have we met before?'

The man smiled, 'when you were a young child, yes we did.'

'Oh, and you are a friend of Lukes?' Clary asked.

He laughed a low grumbling laugh, 'He is not only our leader but a mate to us all.'

Clary frowned, 'Leader?' she asked.

'Of course. He is our pack leader. Best one we have had in a long while.'

Clary shook her head, 'What are you talking about?'

Alaric realised at that moment that Clary didn't know of their true identities.

'Lest get Luke back to the rest of the pack and when he wakes he can tell you himself.' He said.

'Why does everyone do that? Tell me to wait and someone else can tell me?'

'Because it isn't my place to tell you. I assume Luke didn't tell you for a reason so I will respect whatever that reason was. Alright Maia help me get Luke out to the truck.'

The dizziness took over Clary's mind again as she stood to help the two.

'Hey there, you alright?' Alaric asked as Clary steadied herself.

Clary tried to nod but suddenly the world started to turn, then everything went black.

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