The Mortal Instruments: City Of Gold

What if it was all a dream? What if 'The Mortal Instruments' never happened? What if Shadowhunters never existed? Or did they? What if everything had happened at different points in time? Clary, a normal teenage girl has been dreaming of things.. strange things. So what will she do when those dreams become reality? A different take on The Mortal Instruments. Book One; City Of Gold.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4. Demon

Clary once again settled down in her bed, but this time with Luke lying beside her. Though her real father died when she was a small girl, Luke at become like a father to her. She loved him as if he were really her dad. He would read stories to her when she was younger to help her sleep and had been picking her up from school for years.

'Please help me understand, Luke.' Clary whispered. 'These dreams, that boy, the cup, what is it all? What does it all mean?'

'Clary, I can't explain it all to you. Not yet. It is not my place to tell you. That place belongs to your mother. All I can say is that not everything is as you believe it to be.'

Clary sighed, 'But I have thought of literally every possibility, and absolutely nothing explains any of it.'

'I know. But trust me, it will be explained soon. I will talk to Jocelyn.' Luke assured her.

He sat up, 'Alright, you go to sleep. We have a big clean up tomorrow.'

Clary groaned, remembering the exhibition still had to be cleaned up after the second showing tomorrow afternoon.

Luke laughed, 'You are lucky Clary. Jocelyn loves you. I don't think you really know what she has done for you.'

Clary smiled at Luke, noticing the admiration in his eyes. 'She loves you Luke.' Clary said.

He smiled at her and nodded before turning and leaving her alone in her room. She rested her head back on the pillow and closed her eyes, allowing the darkness to surround her and loose herself in her dreams.

The man they called evil raised his hand to Clary.

'Give me the cup.' He said, almost laughing.

Clary shook all over. 'Never.' She hissed.

His face hardened, 'Give me the cup, now.'

Clary shook her head. His hand clenched and swung straight for her cheek. She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the blow, but something, or someone prevented it. She opened her eyes to see Jace had been knocked to the ground.

'Silly boy, sacrificing yourself for her.' The man growled as Jace lifted his trembling body from the ground. A bruise was already appearing across is left cheek, but he didn't even notice. He stood tall and looked the man right in his eyes.

'Say's the man who would hit a woman.' He sneered.

The man's dark skin tightened over his face and she could see beads of sweat appearing on his forehead. He beared his teeth and growled at Jace.

Jace just laughed; laughed straight in the face of evil. Clary couldn't help but admire the brave boy that stood, blocking her from harm's way.

'You see, Valentine, you will never win.'

Valentine stepped forward, the anger in his face slowly disappearing.

'Oh really?' He asked, and looked over to his left. Clary followed his gaze. Then she saw it. The limp body of a young boy. Someone she knew. She screeched, 'No!'

It was Simon.

Clary woke from her dream and sat straight up in her bed. She looked around. The light of the morning sun streamed through the window that she had left open the night before and her clock read 6.30am. She wiped her sweaty forehead with her sleeve and slumped in her bed. It was only a dream, wasn't it?

She reached for her phone and dialled the familiar number of her closest friend.

'Clary?' Simon croaked into the other end of the phone.

'Simon! You're alright!' she sighed with relief.

'Clary it is too early, go back to sleep.' Simon groaned and she could hear him roll over in his bed.

'I just needed to check something. I will see you later.' She said happily.

'Okay, goodnight... or morning. I don't really know.'

Clary laughed and hung up the phone.

She got up out of bed and headed over to the window. She was almost expecting to see someone there, but was sadly disappointed when she was faced with an empty street.

She sighed and went to take a shower. She was too wide awake to want to go back to sleep. She dressed and headed downstairs for a walk in the fresh morning air.

The park was empty apart from the few morning joggers and odd dog with its owner. She crossed the grass to the children's swing set and sat down on one of them. She remembered spending hours in this park with Luke pushing her on the swing, or being at the end of the slide to catch her when she came down. She remembered when he would chase her through the trees while Jocelyn watched and laughed. She smiled at the thought.

Suddenly Clary felt she wasn't alone. She looked to her left and almost fell backwards off the swing.

'Alec?! What the hell?' She half yelled as she gained her balance and stared at him. He was sitting on the swing beside her

'Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.' He said, not seeming sorry at all.

'What are you doing here?' She asked.

'I'm here to tell you to forget about us. Forget about all this. And stay away from Jace.' He said, anger clear in his voice. He rose from the swing and walked off, leaving her shocked. Before she could say anything, he was gone.

Clary walked straight home. That was it. Jocelyn was going to tell her everything.

'Mum?' She called as she came into her apartment. 'Mum?' she weaved her way through the hall and into the kitchen. Jocelyn was standing at the stove, with her back to Clary.

'Mum I think you have something to tell me.' She said, placing her hand on Jocelyn's shoulder.

Her mother turned and smiled. Clary knew instantly that it was not Jocelyn. Her eyes were glowing gold. Suddenly the iris and pupil rolled back into her head and her eyes were completely white. Her teeth sharpened and her face began to change in to something more horrifying then Clary could ever imagine.

'Mum?' She whispered, stepping backwards.

Her body shivered all over as she edged backwards towards the door. The figure that stood before her had now become something Clary couldn't explain. One gold glowing eye the size of a small frying pan stared at her. Below the eye was a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth and out of that mouth came the most deafening loud screeches Clary had ever heard. The body was human, the body of her mother, but had a sticky black goo that dripped from every inch of the body.

'What did you do to my mother?!'

'Clary!' Jocelyn suddenly appeared behind her, pushing her back from the door. She stepped in front of her daughter, holding something in her hands.

'Mum what is this?!' Clary yelled.

'A demon.' Her mother replied not taking her eyes from the creature that stood before them.

Clary's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she realised that in each hand was a sword.

'Clary run!' Her mother yelled to her.

At that moment the creature lunged for Clary.

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