The Mortal Instruments: City Of Gold

What if it was all a dream? What if 'The Mortal Instruments' never happened? What if Shadowhunters never existed? Or did they? What if everything had happened at different points in time? Clary, a normal teenage girl has been dreaming of things.. strange things. So what will she do when those dreams become reality? A different take on The Mortal Instruments. Book One; City Of Gold.


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3. Jace

Clary settled into her bed that night, still wondering about the hooded boy she had met at the exhibition. How had he disappeared so quickly? Why was he so interested in this 'Mortal Cup'? And who was he?

Clary had dismissed her earlier thoughts of seeing Jace as she knew that it was impossible. He was only in her dreams. Plus Simon didn't see him so she must have either been hallucinating or saw someone who she thought was him.

She closed her eyes and rested her head on the soft pillow, thinking of Jace. The beautiful blond boy who had now became the object of her affection. Well, the imaginary object of her affection anyway. Clary could picture his face against the blackness that surrounded her. His blond hair, his golden bright eyes, his high cheekbones, the muscles under his shirt, the black marks that she assumed were tattoos that covered his body, his adorable smile that could only bring joy to anyone who he directed it at-

Suddenly she heard a loud bang. It echoed around her room breaking her out of her almost dream. She sat up bolt right and looked around wildly. The moonlight shone through her window and she could just make out the rocking of her chair in the corner of the room. Lying at the foot of the chair was something that glistened silver in the light. Sweeping her eyes across her room again, she pulled the rugs back and dangled her feet over the side of her bed. Slipping her instantly cold feet into her slippers, she made her way across the room to the object lying on the ground. She gasped as she came closer to it. It was a knife.

Clary bent down and picked it up. What was a knife doing in her room? She looked around again, hoping that the nothingness that filled her room would change and there would be something to explain what she had found, but again, nothing stared back at her.

She sighed and turned back to the window. Soft voices floated up to her window, causing her to frown. Who could possibly be outside at this time of night? She took a few steps towards the window and slightly pulled the curtain back, peering outside. Two figures stood at the bottom of her building. The moonlight shone down on one of the figures, making their facial features stand out clearly. They had jet black hair, a strong jaw line and their body was covered in the dark tattoos that had covered Jace's body in her dreams .The other person was in the shadows and she couldn't see who it was.

The voices rose and she was able to pick up on a few of the words; 'Not Mundane,' and 'Mortal Cup.' There it was again, the Mortal Cup. Who were these people? What was so good about this cup? She strained her eyes to see who the second person was. She could see they had a dark uniform on, almost like a warriors outfit, and a black hood was up shadowing their face. Suddenly they stepped out into the moonlight. The hood was still up but she could see that it was a boy and she could see they he was also covered in black tattoos. Why did these people wear these strange markings?

She continued to listen, trying to catch more of the words. All she heard was, 'Valentine,' and 'Dangerous.' She sighed, realising that she probably wasn't going to get much more from where she was. She was about to turn away when suddenly the second boy lifted their hand, removing the hood from their head. She sucked in her breath. This time she knew she wasn't hallucinating. It was Jace.

She stumbled back in shock and raced for the door. She threw it open and sprinted out to the stairwell. Thumping her way down the stairs, not even attempting to be quiet, she hurried as fast as she could until she came to the front door. Wildly, she threw it open like a tornado might uproot and throw a tree, and she battled her way through the small garden at the front of the apartment door and outside into the night.

She was gasping for breath but she did not want to miss them. She came to the street, and there, standing across from her, was Jace. She sucked in her breath and stared at him. He stopped, his mouth parted slightly. The boy with black hair had his back to her, but as soon as he saw Jace stiffen up, he turned and looked at Clary.

'She can see us.' He whispered to Jace.

'I told you she wasn't a mundane.' Jace replied.

They continued to stare at her, not moving an inch. She wanted to run forward and throw her arms around Jace, feel his tight embrace, snuggle her head into his neck, feel the soft warmth of his lips on her forehead, but those were just dreams. If she did that, he would probably freak out and she didn't want that.

'Why can I see you if no one else can?' She questioned.

'Because like we said, you are not a mundane.' Jace answered.

'What is a mundane?' Clary asked, catching her breath.

'Someone from the human world.' The beautiful blond answered.

'Well if I'm not human then what am I?' She inquired.

'You wouldn't believe us if we told you.' The dark haired boy answered taking a step towards Clary.

Clary took a step back, 'Was it you at the exhibition? And the Coffee shop?'

'It was Jace, yes.' He answered, taking another step towards her. This time she didn't move back.

'Why?' was all she could think of to ask.

'Because we needed to see if it was true.' Was the only answer she got.

'Did you throw this into my room?' She asked, raising the knife.

The boy was now inches away from her. He snatched it from her hands and turned it over.

'This is yours Jace. Did you really throw it up there?' He asked, raising an eyebrow and passing it to Jace as he came closer.

He grinned, proud of himself. 'Oh Alec, you underestimate me.' He said as his eyes rested on Clary.

The boy named Alec shook his head and sighed, 'So you either tried to kill her or you tried to get her down her.'

Jace didn't answer, just continued to smile and stare at the fiery red-head girl with the emerald eyes that stood in front of him. His gaze on her was like the weight of the world was with him, all looking at her, expecting for her to do something.

Clary wanted to ask more questions, but she chocked up and couldn't think of the words.

'Mortal Cup.' She whispered. She raised her voice louder for them to hear. 'yes, what is this about the Mortal Cup? My mother's painting. What is the Mortal Cup?'

'That, we cannot tell you.' Jace replied before Alec could.

'Why?' Clary asked, 'because I'm not a 'Mundane'?'

'No, because we don't know if we can trust you.' Jace answered, still not letting the smile leave his face.

Clary looked from one boy to the other, and shook her head. 'None of this makes sense.'

She lifted her hands and rubbed her eyes, hoping that it would help calm her rising head ach, but when she removed her hands from her eyes the dull throbbing remained. What didn't remain were the two tattooed boys. They were gone. She looked around her, searching for them, but she could see no trace of them.

'Clary, what are you doing out so late?' Asked a voice from behind her.

She turned to Luke and looked straight into his eyes. He knew of the Mortal Cup. He had to have some sort of information. 'We need to talk.'

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