What if..?

This is Paris, the "freak". She's the one that everyone makes fun of. The one you pushed down today in the hallway. The one you called ugly. The one you called fat. That's her. Paris Marie Grand. Pretty name, hmm? She's so shy everyone doesn't even know her name. They call her Annie. What if one day, she will be the most popular girl in school?


4. Hello..?

Paris's POV **

"Hello......? Hello.........? Hel-looo? Paris? Paris Marie Grand? Are you-" 

"Yes." I say and open my eyes. Where am I? I look down. I'm in this white baggy-gown thingy. What the heck? 

"Paris, do you know who I am?" A pretty girl with a sundress asks me. 
"No..who are you? Bt dubbs you're really beautiful." I say and smile. 

"Hi.. Okay I'm you're sister, Allie." 

"Wow I have a really pretty sister.." I say. 

She laughs. "Haha, You're cute, too." :) She says.

"Okay can you tell me what happened? I have no idea where I am and why." I ask. "Shureee!! Oh well um I don't want to lie and change everything.. But -she sighs- here goes. You are bullied all the time at school.. This new kid named Justin hurt you when you ran into him and he ended up beating you until you passed out.." Allie starts to tear up. I hug her tightly. "Oh.." I say. 

"Yeah, well people say he's a total jerk. And the nurses were about to put you into a coma." She says. "How long was I... out?" I ask. "One week...." She says. Wow. 

"No wonder.." I trail off. 


Allie's POV**

I receive a text message. It's from Justin. Yeah.. I didn't want to tell her he's my new boyfriend. That's why I kind of freaked out.. 

J- Oh hey Allie... D: Sorry bout everything..

A- Hi. 

J- Are you mad at me..?

I don't reply. 

J- Hello? 

A- What.

J- Okay you're mad. 

A- Bye.




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