Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


3. The Seducing


- Harrys p.o.v - The adrenaline rush was amazing i turned to look at the boys " I swear if i get that girl im fucking her forever " i said my heart skipping beats just of the thought of her " Over my dead body " Growled Louis i shot him a glare " You know i can arrange that " i scoffed back Louis's eyes rolled the bell rang strong and loud " Cya mates " said Zayn patting us on the back before he left i mumbled under my breath " Please Please oh god let her be in my class " i quickly took my books and went to class i got there and sat down... its been 5 minutes i guess she's not in my class i sighed then suddenly the class door swinged open she stumbled in " SORRY IM LATE I COULDN'T FIND THE DAMN CLASS " she yelled almost tripping everyone's head turned  the teacher shot her a dirty look " Your late mrs Allison Park " her head moved so quick ud think she had no bones " The name is Ally not Allison " she scoffed " Dont give me the attitude ur late on the first day dont push ur luck mrs park " she glared " now go sit next to harry " my eyes lit up, My heart skipped a beat , there wasn't even enough air in my body to say a word she mumbled something " What did u say mrs park " the teacher scoffed at her " I said i wouldn't have been late if this school wasn't so big and i would be god damn grateful my step -father is signing ur pay check! " she half yelled half whispered the whole class that was whispering and was chatting fell silent " Now i have a chair to sit on " she said and swiftly sat next to me the teacher still staring turned to the board and began to teach i whispered " You know i would really love to see what is under those shorts " i said putting my hand on her thighs slowly moving upward " are u trying to seduce me? " she said staring at my hand that was still moving upward " Maybe i am, you dont seem to mind darling " he whispered into my ear my blood was pumping faster than my heart could keep up the adrenaline rush getting higher she whispered into ear " You know i have a boy friend so if you think im going to leave him to play your sick little game your damn wrong " her hot breath running threw me like water my body was trembling " Not every relationship is forever " i said she giggled " You seduce me then honey i will seduce the living daylight out of you " she said with a smirk plastered on her face before i could even push words out of my mouth the bell had rang and she was already out of my reach i though i was seducing her but no she was the she was the one..... Seducing me


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