Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


9. The fight


- Harry's p.o.v - " IM GOING TO SLIT THAT LITTLE JACK ASS THROAT " i yelled punching my locker leaving a dent Joanna and the Boys looked at me " What!? " i growled " Dude calm down how do you even know if their dating, You know the games will be over tomorrow so maybe its just part of Niall's trick " Louis said with disappointment in his voice " And i think she thought you and Emily are dating " he said looking at me and Emz " WHAT!? I WOULDN'T DAT THIS PRICK EVEN IF HE WAS THE LAST MAN ON EARTH AND WE HAV TO FUCKING REPOPULATE" Emily yelled " Ouch! " Zayn said, i glared at him "well since their class is already over i have a leprechaun to go and kill " i said clutching my fits, my face tensed as i saw them walking hand in hand giggling, Kissing FUCK! that should be doing that! Not Niall! " Hey Ma- " i cut him off by punching him in the face " WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!? " Niall yelled his grip still on Ally " Let go of her you bastard " i growled at him " In your dream you little prick! " he scoffed punching me in the stomach i fell he continued punching me he kicked me in the stomach punched me in the face, i saw her from far her eyes red and tears streaming down her face " Niall.... " she whispered looking down at me, my face was bruised my mouth bloody " Princess... " he said trying to take her hand but she jerked it back " Leave me alone you jerk " she scoffed and pushed Niall off me she walked to me and bent to my side she gave me a unstable smile like she was going to break down and cry, she played with my curls " You ok hazza? "she whispered her blue eyes filled with worry i couldn't help myself i was lost in her gaze and i didn't want to leave it she was so beautiful she sighed " Louis Liam can you help me get him to the nurse? " she said looking at them tears flowing , The boys came and carried me away i closed my eyes as the pain rushed threw me and quickly blacked out....

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