Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


2. Not on the market


- Ally's p.o.v - Me and Joanna walked the halls of the school all eyes staring at us like we were walking in there naked 5 boys stopped in front of us i looked over at Joanna her face was as perplexed as mine i rubbed the back of my hand awkwardly looking down " Hey im Harry " i heard Joanna's raspy voice say " What an unpleasant surprise " she said shooting him a glare i guess she must know him she is one grade older " Dont have to be such a bitch Joanna just cause u lost " snapped back a blonde hair boy with blue eyes with a smirk plastered on his face i coughed quietly but not quiet enough cause the boy named Harry had heard his hand moves slowly to my face " What a nice creature you are " he whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine, Joanna's voice echoed the hall way " STOP BEING A PERVERTED BITCH THAT WANTS TO HAVE SEX WITH EVERY DAMN FRESHMAN " my heart stopped i slapped the boys hand away i might be a traumatized person but nobody is going to take the only purity i still have left in me " If u think im going to be some little doll you can play with ur wrong i dont have time for this bull shit i have a life to leave " i said with anger in my tone and pushed the boys of me walking down the hallway i could feel the stares on me and decided to take advantage i made my hips move and the beautiful breeze slowly tossed my hair i turned my head slightly with a smirk on my face and yelled " GOOD DAY BOYS " and walked to the principals office.

-Harry's p.o.v -" So i see your friend is feisty" i said to Joanna a smirk on her face " i taught that idiot well " she said pushing threw us but Liam grabbed her arm pulling him back to her he whispered something to quiet that anyone who wasn't close to him couldn't even think his lips moved and let her go he turned around and said something " That Ally girl is a tough cookie " he said with a smile on his face " If i get her i swear im going to strip every single purity out of her " Louis said with a sort of dirty grin on his face Zayn rolled his eyes there was a huge slam we turned to see Ally coming out of the principals office her Blue eyes shinning in the light her hair effortlessly fell to her shoulders her hips moving back and forth and her legs those long beautiful legs i felt a wave of adrenaline rush over me she walked past us and stopped at the 6th locker the one next to mine and opened it i looked at the boys with a grin on my face " So i guess were locker mates then babe? " i said resting on my locker without even a glance at me " Before you start calling a girl babe might want to ask if she has a boyfriend first " i could see a vicious smirk on her face the boys mouth were opened with shock " Well do you have a boy friend? " i said with a cool tone she brought a picture out of her bag and flipped it so we could see what was in it. A boy black hair and blue eyes broad shoulders tanned skin quite tall and we could see Ally in a bathing suit so petit its like her boobs were literally popping out ,the boy's arm was around her and he kissed her cheek while the picture was taken she smiled " That is my boyfriend Jason " she said sticking the picture on her locker " So before you think any of you -" she said pointing at all of us before she continued " Can get into these pants just remember im not on the market " she said slamming her locker shut and walked away. 

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