Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


5. Mind Fuck...


- Valerie's P.o.v - I walked to my locker with a smirk on my face thinking about what happened in the janitor's closet when i felt a strong arm pulling me towards them the first thought in my mind was { Harry back for more i see } but as the person spined me around i saw the figure it was Liam's he crashed his lips into mine he was hard yet soft so sweet and yet sour i kissed back knowing what i was doing if these Idiots want to seduce me well Fuck it the Tables are turned bitches i pushed him to a wall nearby still kissing him he tilted his head asking for an entrance and i accepted without hesitation he was grinding him self on me i rushed my hands threw his hair he pulled away starting to kiss my jaw line trying to find my weak spot he lowered his lips to the side of my neck bitting and sucking a slight moan escaped my lips i pulled him away looking at him his eyes filled with lust and adrenaline i shaked my head and whispered " Did you enjoy that? Cause its going to be the last time babe " i said twirling his hair with my finger " Your so hot and so Sexy and Fuck i want you " he said rushing his hands down my waist and going up again a smirked grew on my face " Well come and get it " i said pulling away from his grasp and walked to my locker to meet Joanna " Hey " she turned her head and waved at me " So how are u keeping up with the games? " she asked a smirk grew on my face " Better than i thought " i turned to see Harry his eyes still full with passion and desire and i could see Liam from far i looked down at his pants to see a HUGE boner sticking out i smirked and turned back to Joanna oh I'm so loving this 

- Harry's p.o.v - I came to my locker to see her there walking with Joanna i Looked at the boys Liam slowly jogging to us " So you guys going to Amanda's party? " Niall asked  " Fuck yea theres going to be some new freshman's i wanna get the easy ones out " Zayn said giving Niall a High five a Warm yet sweet but still forceful voice spoke "If all you perverts want to do is get laid then go to a fucking strip club " we turned around to see Ally looking at us her hands on her hips and Joanna a smirk on her face  " At least strippers know how to do it better than any of the chicks in this school " Niall said looking at Ally " Correction Little Leprechaun, You've only got a blow job by the seniors and freshman's that were stupid enough to fall for your fucked up tricks before you start judging the whole damn school try something new u little prick and..." Ally spat glaring at him " Instead of being a general and sexist bitch grow some balls and learn some manners " we looked at Niall a huge smirk on his face " I know this is the wrong time to say this especially after what u just said but can i say thats was pretty fucking hot " he said grinning at Ally " Bastard " she said glaring at Niall Joanna coughed " So Ally you coming to that party? " she asked trying to change the subject a little smile grew on her face " If theres a party count m e in " she said looking at me with a wink my heart melted i hope none of the boys saw that she's so fucking hot and when she's mad!? UGHHH damn " Its Tonight my place starts at 9:00 " Liam said looking at her biting his lips Ally looked at him a smirk on his face What have those 2 been up to? " Great " she said turning to her locker " Oh and your wearing a dress " Joanna told her Ally's head jerked pushing Joanna to a locker " Fuck wearing a damn dress you even try to do an i will split your throat open You know i don't like dresses don't push your fucking luck " she said letting go of Joanna , Joanna coughing " OK OK OK christ your stronger than you look " she said holding her neck. Me and the boys had our mouths opened " Fuck that is boner worthy " Zayn said quickly covering his mouth " Tsk tsk Bad boy's on an adrenaline rush? " she said looking at Zayn, He's cheeks flushed red " I can't take this I'm going to the bathroom " he mumbled but he knew she heard him " Your not going to Masturbate huh lov? she asking looking at him with her blue piercing eyes i swear if i was Zayn and we were the only two around i would already be sucking her fucking face.... suddenly out of no were the bell rang " Oh well time for Chem " she said taking her books and walking away with Joanna I looked at the boys " That girl is fucking with our minds " We said in unison we sighed and walked to class That Party is going to be Amazing....

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