Love Spiral || h.s HIATUS

" You walked into my life like a tornado destroying everything on your path... Including me. "


4. 2 words.. Kiss Me


- Harry's p.o.v - I rushed threw the people to find her walking backwards facing me her index finger pointing at me and telling me to follow.. She was hypnotizing me and fuck i loved it, i followed her finger the adrenaline rushing threw me i quickly picked up the pace she disappeared into a room i looked up to see " Janitor Closet ". My lips curved forming a smile i slowly twisted the knob and walked in making sure nobody saw me and closed it then a lovely yet sexy voice rushed threw the room " Couldn't resist following me? I thought Your supposed to Seduce me Not me Seducing you " i turned to see her a smirk on her face fuck i couldn't help it she was so gorgeous its killing me " W--Why are u doing this to me? " i pleaded my knees are weak like jelly she's the first girl to make me feel like this she walked up close to me and whispered " 2 words. Kiss. Me " without hesitation i crashed my lips into hers, her lips were sweet like strawberries but soft like a pillow her lips were Angelic she wrapped her hands around my neck and i slid my hands down her waist i was grinding my self on her soon she gave me entrance making this no longer kissing but making out and fuck i wanted more. She pulled away with a evil grin on her face and whispered " I won't give it to you but i will make you want it so damn bad " she said her hands on my chest " And your boyfriend? " i whispered in her ear " I broke up with him after class but keep that between you and me.. Cause if your friends know I'm on the market then this " she said pointing to both of us " Can't always happen " she said before opening the door and sliding from my reach and walked to her locker... Leaving me in the closet mouth opened and the biggest boner ever.

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