Hermione Granger gets her memory wiped by Draco Malfoy ans she sees herself going through time when she was at hogwarts. from her first year to her last. will she realise what happened and will she get her memory back?


11. Memories


 "Draco, my memories are back." Hermione smiled brightly. The older Hermione who has been watching all this couldnt believe what she was seeing. Draco picked up hermione and swung her around in his arms while she giggled. "Its good to have you back!" It's good to be back!" Stay here! Im going to find Harry and Ron." Alright!"

   "Harry! Hermione is awake! She's got her memories back!" They ran to the hospital wing and found Hermione levitating a blanket from the hospital bed. "Hermione." Harry!" she ran and hugged him tightly. "Thank goodness your ok!" Yeah! It's really weird i can remeber stuff that happened when I lost my memory though." 

 "Draco? What happened? I cant get into the Slytherin Common Room? They must have changed the password!" Well.. follow me!" He led her to the shared rooms they had. "Dumbledore did all this just for us?" Yes, we can move back to our commom rooms now!" Great!" 

  "Ron..? You in here?" Harry asked into the Hufflepuff common room. "Y-Yes!" Hermione's awake, she's got her memory back!" That's Great!" Yea."

 "Hermione!" Hermione entered her Slytherin common room and all her friends ran towards her. "You've got your memory back!" I've missed you!" It's great to have you back!" She laughed and hugged all her friends. "I've missed you guys too!" Dinner is almost here! Shall we walk down together?" YES! Let me get some stuff and i'll be down to meet you girls there!" She ran to her bed and got her Slytherin robes and ran down to the Great Hall. 

"Hermione.." Draco!" Can you come here for a moment?" Yes!" she excused herself from the table and followed draco. "I-I know who made you l-lose your memory.." who?" M-my F-f-father.." It's not your fault!" 

 School ended quiker than expected for the four friends at Hogwarts. They were soon about to board the train. "Until next year then.." Yea." They took one last glance before boarding the train back to Kings Cross Station. 

 "Im gooing to miss you guys! Im sorry I wont be able to write very much, but i'll try when I can." It's fine." Bye.." Bye.." Bye Harry!" Hermione hugged him before he ran off. "Bye Hermione! I'll write soon!" Bye Ron!" She hugged ron while he walked to Fred and George. "Mione.." Draco..Im going to miss you!" Me too!" she kissed his cheek. "Draco, Granger." Father. Sorry Hermione, bye." He hugged her quickly before getting dragged home by his father. He glanced behind his shoulder and saw hermione looking at him. 

 "Dear Ron, It's been a week and im already missing you! I hope your doing well and keeping out of trouble. I hope to meet you at the Burrow soon! Love, Hermione" 

"RON! LETTER FROM HERMIONE!" Mrs. Weasley yelled from the staircase. "Coming mum!" He snatched the letter out of her hand and ran to his room reading the letter. "Hermione, I hope you doing fine, I miss you too! Yes, im keeping oit of trouble! Hopefully dad will pick up you and Draco and Harry and you can come stay here with us! Missing you! -Ron Weasley" he quickly sent the letter and grabbed himself a snack. 

"NO MAGIC!" Mr. Dursley yelled at harry. "NO MAGIC? HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN DUDLEYS BLUE HAIR?" Blueberry juice?" he answered. He knew he didn't do this and that Dudley did this so Harry got into trouble. Harry wished that this Summer would end sooner. 

 "YOU THINK YOU CAN GET INTO GRYFFINDOR? DATE A MUDBLOOD AND GET AWAY WITH IT? I dont think so.. CRUCIO!" Draco whithered around in pain screaming. "Im sorry father.." YOU SHOULD BE! CRUCIO!" again, Draco whithered around in pain, screaming. 

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