Hermione Granger gets her memory wiped by Draco Malfoy ans she sees herself going through time when she was at hogwarts. from her first year to her last. will she realise what happened and will she get her memory back?


9. Hermione's Story

Hermione was sitting on her bed just staring at her wall. She felt she didn't belong at Hogwarts or be a witch. She started crying. She thought about people calling her a memory liar or other rude names. Someone told her last week to go back to her muggle parents! She quickly wiped her tears and washed her face. She heard Draco enter through the door.

"Hermione? Hello Hermione are you here?" He walked out after saying her name a couple of times. She layed down on her bed. She then started to smile. She kind of had an old memory come into her mind. It was when Harry,Ron and Draco were all teaching Hermione how to play quidditch. She grasped it real quick and then it faded away and her smile faded with it. She groaned in frustration. She got off her bed and went outside. "Hermione!" Harry and Ron ran up to her with their brooms. "Oh. Hello Harry,Ron!" she replied with a smile. "Quidditch?" Yea. Game between Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff today." Well good luck to both of you!" Thanks Hermione!" Yea Mione! Thanks!" they ran off and Hermione went to go find Draco. "Draco!" Hey!" Lets go down to watch the game!" She grabbed his hand and ran to the quidditch field. She didn't even hear the nasty comments and glares she got from anyone today. She was really happy for her friends that were playing. Harry is seeker and Ron keeper. She was so happy and in the end Ravenclaw won the match. "Both of you did great!" Draco told his two friends. "Thanks!" They said at the same time. "It's Summer holidays soon.. No contact with any non-muggles." Harry said sadly. "Don't worry about that! I've got that under control!" Ron practically screamed in his face. "Hermione..Can I talk to you real quick..alone?" Yea sure Ron. Draco i'll be right back. Okay?" Okay." He was talking about quidditch with Harry. 

" sorry about this!" Wha-" She fell to the floor. "He ran away quickly back to his room. "HERMIONE!!" Harry ran towards her. "Draco quickly! Grab Dumbledore!"

Ron was standing in an empty Hufflepuff common room. "Ronald Weasley.." Hello." The mysterious man emereged from a curtain. "Weasley.. Did you do what i have asked?" Yes..Sir." Good. Your family is now safe. Until next time Weasley." The myserious man apperated away. Ron sank to the floor crying. "Why did I do this? Why?" He sobbed.

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