Adopted By My Sister's Bullies?!

This is Claire, her sister had committed suicide a few years back. And her sister was Claire's guardian, so with her gone, Claire is put up for adoption. She cant believe who adopts her though...



3. chapter Three

"Okay! Let's eat!" Zayn said, carrying me to the kitchen.

"Okay?" I said, being put into a chair next to Niall.

"Are you scared or something?"

Oh no! Not at all!

"Nope!" I lead easily.

"Well, good, we can't have a daughter that won't even look us in the eye." Harry said sitting down I from of me.

I cringed at the word, "daughter" because that is NOT what I am.

Then Louis placed a place Infront of me, and looking at me even made me sick.

It was probably the best, most biggest, meal ever.

There were three chicken legs, a PB&J sandwich, a few chips, and a large soda.

What do these kids eat?

I looked around seeing Eleanor was gone. Whoopie!




"I am full!" I whined, to Harry who was sitting Infront of me.

"No! You have to eat ALL of that food!"

I let out a groan, and banged my head against the table.

"Claire! Come on eat" he yelled.

"No! Let me be!" I shouted.

"Fine! sTARVE if you want to! I don't care! Just GO!" He screamed at me, and I flinched.

I felt my bottom lip quiver, and I slowly backed away from him.

I didn't know the other boys were watching until I tripped into Liam's lap.

They all looked mad, but I could tell if it was at me or at Harry.

I quickly jumbled out random words, something i do when I'm worried or upset.

They really didn't pay attention to my ramble, and I took that chance to run up to my room.

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