Downtown crossing

Hi my names Josie, I live with my aunt cause my parents died when I was 2, I have 4 best friends lily,serenity,Sophie and rea we live in London and the two things I love the most in this world is singing and one direction oh and if I didn't say me and my best friends have a band called downtown crossing so here's my story


1. surprise

I woke up and the sun shined through my curtains I sighed in relief I didn't have school it was summer I decided I might as well make an afort to get up I walked over to my bathroom and looked in the mirror damn I was ugly I brushed my hair and my teeth and decided not to have a shower today cause I had one last night.i walked out to my closet and picked out an outfit I finally decided on a pair of ombré denim jean shorts and a tye die muscle shirt that had a cutout on the back and a white bando I put them on and walked over to my phone and called my band mates I called lily first


Lily:what up

Me:nothin much u


Me:hey call serenity and Sophie and I will call rea tell them to come to my place I have I surprise

Lily:ok what time

Me:in 10 ok bye

Lily:bye see u in ten

I forgot I had a surprise I put up a video of us singing on YouTube to addition for x-factor and we got in

I texted rea

"Come to my house in ten I have a surprise"

I walked into my bathroom and braided my hair and applied some mascara and eyeliner and a tad bit of Chapstick. I heard my phone go off so I ran to get it rea texted back

-ok see ya soon

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