Downtown crossing

Hi my names Josie, I live with my aunt cause my parents died when I was 2, I have 4 best friends lily,serenity,Sophie and rea we live in London and the two things I love the most in this world is singing and one direction oh and if I didn't say me and my best friends have a band called downtown crossing so here's my story


4. packing

2 days later


We were all packing I took out a big limegreen suitcase that had a square design and i put all my tops sweaters and jackets in it it was almost not able to close.I took out another big suitcase that was blue it had the same design and put all my pants and leggings all my bottoms and then I took out the medium size suit case that attached to the lime green one it too was the same and I put my dresses and skirts in.

I un zippered the other one for the blue and put my shoes in the I took the small blue one and put all my hair stuff in.

I walked to my bathroom and put all my makeup in the small green suitcase, I attached them together then I found a duffle bag and put my sleeping stuff in and attached it to the bags the I found my purse and put stuff in it for the plane such as my phone,my sketch book ,pencil,iPad,laptop,wallet,earbuds and magazines I forgot to say my purse is a large brown leather cross body bag.i made sure I had every thing then I packed them in my car and drove to my friends houses one by one and picked them up we decided to take I plane to go half way there spend the night at a hotel then get on a plane to America x-factor. I picked up serenity first cause she lived across the street i honked the horn I saw serenity straight away she hooped in the front seet and said "I'm so EXCITED"

Me:I am two who next

I said referring to who to pick up next

Serenity:rea she lives a block away

Me: I know we're she lives


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