'Hipster' is based on a lonely girl in Dublin Ireland, and gets a text from a random stranger saying 'Hey dude, pub tonight?' she replied with 'Sorry wrong number, My names Erin, What's yours?' and that's where the story begins.


1. How It All Started

I texted my girls saying I'll be over in a few. They agreed and were waiting for me to come over. I grabbed my backpack and went towards my car, I searched my pockets for my keys, lucky as I am, I didn't have to go back inside.

I opened the car door and closed it. Buckled myself and started the car, and drove off to my friends house. That's when I got the text. A certain text I regret answering.

"Hey mate, Pub tonight?"

Of course I had to reply. The poor lad was waiting for his pal..

"Sorry love, You got the wrong number. The name's Erin,

What about you?"


"Name's Niall, Niall Horan. Nice to meet you beautiful.."


"How you know I'm beautiful?"


I decided to stop texting and watch the road, Because Ireland is a weird place. And accidents can happen easy.

Well, That's how my screwed up life happened.. Now I'm stuck with him..

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