My life ;)

This book is about a girl named madeline aka maddy and she has o move schools and make new friends but she fined the CUTEST boy and things change maddys life ;)


2. the cutest boys and my new best friend

Maddy's prov:

I get out of the car and look around and slowly make my way to fined out what my schedual is for the year and i bump into this girl on the way.

Maddy-oh im sorry i didnt see you there.

Its ok my name is jasmine.

Maddy- nice to meet your jasmine my name is madeline but you can call me maddy for short. Im also new here.

Jasmine- i can help you out if you want?

Maddy- that would be great i just need to fined out where my locker is the number is 212.

Jasmine- omg lucky your by the cutest guy in the school.

Maddy- really! Whats his name?

Jasmine- dylan :*

Maddy- cant wait to meet him.

Jasmine- speaking of dylan here he comes.

Thoughts are running throw my head he is hot!! He has dreamy blue eyes there soo perfect,and his hair is short with his bangs up with jel and a binnie.:O

dylan- Oh hey jasmine

Jasmine- hey dylan we have a new kid her names maddy.

Dylan- well hello there, he said in a husky voice while biting his lip.

Maddy- Hi :=O

Dylan- so its looks like your in all my classes and are lockers are beside eachother ;)

Jasmine- ill let u to get to know eachother ill see you later maddy.

Sorry its short but things get better like it if u want more of the story ;)

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