My life ;)

This book is about a girl named madeline aka maddy and she has o move schools and make new friends but she fined the CUTEST boy and things change maddys life ;)


1. chapter 1

Hey, My name is madeline im from texas this were my life starts...

I wake up 'i look at my alarm the sun blines me' i put my hand over my face 'its soo bright' i finally get up and grab a cute outfit and run to the bathroom before my brother kirk gets there he takes about an hour in there so i try to get in the before him i set my clothes on the counter and get a towel and gets in the shower all of a sudden kirk

*knock knock*

"Kirk im in the shower"

"hurry up you take forever"

"I just got in so shut up and wait"

I hear kirk walking away from the door "finally i can have a shower in peace

I get out and wrap my towel around me

As soon as i walk out he door i hear kirk comming up to the bathroom.

Kirk- your finally done

Madeline- i was 15minutes shorter time then u take, now move out of my way i need to get ready.

Kirk- man i have a hot sister 'kirk whispers to himself'

I just ignore him and walk into my room i Plug in my iphone and play counting stars by one republic i love that song.

I put in my blue jean minishorts and my black tank top did i mention that its summer i slip on my black toms and straighten my long blonde hair and put on my makeup 'i look good' i thought to myself.

I grabed my phone and walk to the kitchen were i seen mom cookin.

Madeline- hey mom

Mom-Good morning sweet heart'

Mom-Did you wake up your brother'

Madeline-Yup hes taking forever in the shower'

Madeline-'I pour a bowl of cereal and eat it quick cuz my first day of hight school ' oh joy'

Quickly eat then i hear kirk comming into the kitchen

Kirk- hey mom

Mom- kirk your gonna be late hurry and eat.

I say i love u to mom and off to my new school joy.

Sorry the chapters but the book gets more exciting love u all :)

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