Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


11. chapter 9

Niall's POV

"Serena!" I tell as I see a girl dressed in head to toe. I remember her black timbs the most.

BANG! Was the sound of her body hitting the floor. I run over to her and so does harry. What? Whatever.

"Serena you'll be fine don't close your eyes" harry tells her

I am at her side holding her hand.

"Shhh Serena youll be fine. The ambulance is on their way" i say

"W-what happened?" She asks and sits up a bit. I put some pressure on the wound.

"Serena you got stabbed. But we don't know who did it. They ran off." She looks down at her dress and falls back. Her eyes close


"Mate the ambulance is here" Ashton tells me.

The medics pic her up and put her on a gurney (idk how to spell it) I stay on one side of her. And ashton on the other as we run through the club. Once we get to the ambulance they stop us

"Are u her family?" The medic named Daniel (as it says on his tag) asks. He looks about my age.

"Yes yes I'm her brother" Ashton says.

"How about u sir?"

"I umm ..."

"He's her brother too" Ashton says. He nods and lets us in the car. And we are rushing to the nearest hospital

"Oh my gosh" I say looking at all the machines connected to her and she just in an ambulance. I sit next to her. (a/n I've been in an ambulance before and yes there is places for u to sit. It fits about 5-6 people.) I grab her hand and begin to cry.

"Niall she's going to be okay I won't let her go. Not when I just got her" Ashton says willing his tears away.

We soon arrive at the hospital but a doctor stops us from going any further at one point.

"Sir I'm sorry but Ms. Irwin needs to be rushed into emergency surgery. The stab she revived was very deep inside her. I'm sorry to say she may not make it." He says and walks away. I fall to the floor. I hit my head. Crying. I can't stop until my vision blurs. Ashton is shouting for some one to come help.

"Tell Serena I will miss her" I whisper to ashton "and I... I love her"

I see lots of nurses and doctors around me. Soon my vision goes black.

Ashton's POV

"I'm sorry to say she might not make it"the doctor says and walks away. My eyes fill up with tears.

Then Niall falls to the floor and hit his head. He started crying and his eyes start to close

"No Niall not you too don't go Niall stay up." His eyes close more.

"DOCTOR HELP!! Please someone come and help me!!"

"Tell Serena I will miss her" Niall whispers to me "and I love her." I nod my head. And the tears come down even harder. The doctor push me out of the way and take Niall away. I am now sitting on the floor. Crying. I feel arms around me.

Acacia. I grab my phone and start voice recording

"Get away you bitch!" I tell her.

"What's wrong ashton" she says as I get up.

"Don't think i didn't see that u stabbed her!" I spit at her.

"Aha and what's your proof that I did?" She says smirking.

"Did you?" I ask


"TELL ME!" I say.

"Yes but u don't have any proof to give to the police" I say.

"Ahaha well now I do" I say and pull out my phone and stop the recording.

"Fuck." She says and tried to run out the door.

"STOP HER" I yell.

Someone pulls her by her arm back inside. Harry.

"Thank you harry. I'm sorry this happened today. Happy Birthday" I said. It was already 1:25. Harry's birthday. The security guard takes Acacia away.

"It's okay. Where's Niall?" He asks. I tell them to follow me into the waiting room.

"I'm sorry guys. I couldn't help him" I say crying.

Everyone has a worried look on their face.

"W-what's going on?" Eleanor asks

"Niall and Serena might not make it" I sobbed out.

Eleanor let out a huge gasps and had trouble catching her other breaths. Harry started full out sobbing. Liam as well. Heak they all started sobbing.

"No no no she can't. He can't.. This is all my fault." Harry said.


"Harry it's not your fault."

"Yes it is! " he shouted

"Harry mate calm down" Luke said getting up and patting his back.

"I CANT CALM DOWN CAUSE ITS ALL MY FAULT!!!" He shouted. Shoving Luke's arm off him.

"Harry you have to calm down before they will kick you out" zayn says.

Harry sighs.

"I am just as devastated at you If not more! That was my sister!!" I say.

He just sighs.

"Mr.Irwin?" The doctor asks. I stand up

"That's me. What's wrong are they okay?"

"Can I speak to you out here" he says gesturing outside

I followed him out

"Serena is fine but I'm not too sure about Niall. I'm not his doctor but from what I've heard he isn't doing so well "

I sighed and cried a bit more.

"Can we see Serena now?" I ask

"Umm yea only 3 at a time though"

I nod and he tells me her room number and gives me three visitor passes.

I walked back into the room.

"Who wants to come visit Serena?" I ask

"How about me and El go first" Louis says. I nod and give them the passes and we walk into the room.

I run to her

"Oh my gosh Serena!" I say "I'm so glad you're okay" I say hugging her. She chuckled.

"Careful ash my stomach is hurting" I back off "where's Niall?" I look at el and Louis.

"Umm he's in the intensive care unit" el says

"What?" She says sitting up and wincing.

"The doctor had told us that you might not make it and he sorta fainted and hit his head in the floor." I said.

"I... No ..... Can you guys leave please I just need to be alone" she says and we nod and start to leave "Ashton not you"

I nod and walk towards her and grab her hand.

"We caught who did it" I say

"Who was it? I bet it was that bitch acacia" she says

"It was"

"I knew it" she says and lays her head on the pillow an closes her eyes.

"Get some rest I'll be back with some good for you. I bet you're starving.

"Yes I am my tell harry I said happy birthday" she says. I kiss her forehead and walk out.


Ugh I've been working on this for three days ughhhh okay but it's here. Hope u like it


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