Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


7. chapter 6

Serena's POV

"Ashton please please please!!!!!" At the moment I was begging ashton to take me to this new club on Sunset Blvd. that my friends dad happens to own. it's not that I can't take myself it's just that I want ashton to come with me

"No I'm not in the mood"


I walk over to the door and tell out


"WHATTTT?" He tells back

"COME HEREEEEEEE!" I yell. Then I hear someone skipping down the hall

"Comiiiiing" he says and enters my room.

"What would u like?" He asks me.

"Ashton's on his man period do u have any man pads or tampons for him. He also needs his man pills" I say and we both start laughing.

"I AM NOT!" Ashton yells which makes us laugh even more.

"Okay okay kidding I wanted to ask if u and the gang want to come with US" I emphasis the "us" and look at Ashton who just rolls his eyes " to the club."

"Oh fuck yea!" He says and high fives me. "Okay well be leaving at 8 so be ready!" I shout to him as he leaves the room.

"I told u I wasn't going" is the first thing ashton says as Michael closes the door

"I don't give fuck"

He just groans and gets outta my bed.

"What time is it" he asks me.

"Ummm it's 6:25!! Oh shit my games on!!!!"

I say while running out my room. I hear ashton coming along with me.

"What game?" He asks as we reach the movie screening room.

"The raiders game duhhhh!!" I turn on the projector and connect it to the tv and soon the game is on the big screen.

"Okay it's in commercials ima go get my gear on!"

I run upstairs and put all my raiders gear on. My jersey, beanie, I even have raider sports bra and underwear. But my favorite are my tights that say "I Heart Raiders" on the back in silver and my converse with the raiders symbol on them.

I grab my make up and paint my whole face black and silver. I look at the time. Fuck. I took hella long.

I walk ... No ran down stairs. When I got there everyone was there. Even Harry. Who happened to be sitting right next to my seat. Damn it. I sat down.

"Damn u take your football serious" Ashton said.

"You should see me at the base ball games"

He just laughs


Later in the game it's a tied game and the raiders only need one touch down to win the game. They are currently at the 25 yard line.

Raiders are at the 25 yard line.

"And here they go 20 .... 15...... 10" the announcer said

I jump up



I jumped up and started dancing. Shaking my but showing off my pants.

"WHOAHHHHHH FUCK YEA FUCK YEA WHOAHH MY TEAM BAD MY TEAM GOOD MY TEAM DO STUFF THAT YOUR TEAM WISH THEY COULD!!" I shouted. Then I trip on an empty cup and fall into Harry's lap. He looks at me then smiles and whispers

"Those pants look hot on you. Didn't know imu could move it like that."I roll my eyes push his chest really hard and jump of him with a scoff

"Asshole" I tell him and flick him off. I turn around and feel him staring at me. Sooooo I said

"U can look but u can't touch" I say and slap my butt with my hand. Then I sit back down.

"What was that? I thought harry hated u and u hated him" Ashton whispers to me

"Oh yea I hate him but he just u know is strange on minute he's talking shit about me now he's telling me I'm hot" I whisper back. He just shrugs.

"Okay ima go upstairs to get ready." I tell ashton

Oh wait I forgot

I turn back around to the crowd if our people.

"Who wants to go clubbing to the hottest club in LA tonight?"

"OH ME ME ME" they all say like children.

"How we going to get in?" Luke asks

"Duhh were one direction how are they going to turn us down!" Louis says with sass

"Aha don't get too full of yourself. I will make sure they don't let you in cause you're one direction. It we are getting in cause my friend Lily's dad is the owner." I say

"Oh that's cool " Liam says.

"Okay be ready by 8"

"Okay" they all say.

I walk up to my room. Tomorrow I'm going to be moving back to my old house. Ashton will be living there with me while he's in LA. When he isn't here Lily will be with me.

I walk into my bathroom to get my makeup off and when I'm done I hear someone walk into the room. I take of my pants and walk out.

"Ashton so u think I shoul-" I look up to see Niall standing there.

"WHOAH WHAT THE HELL NIALL!!!" I shout and he covers his eyes

"OhMyGodImSoSorryIDidntKnowYouWereChanging" he says really fast. I slip my pants back on.

"It's okay. I thought u were ashton."

"Why would u walk out in your underwear around Ashton"

"Well he's my brother. My TWIN brother so he's going to have to get use to it." I shrug.

"Oh I see"

"Yea... Well u should get out now cause I'm going to change."

"Umm oh ... Okay. See u in a bit" he walks out and closes the door.

I look at my phone. 7:30. Fuck I have to hurry.

I take all my clothes off. Put on a black laced bra and underwear. Then the door opens again.

"Fuck Niall!!" I turn around thinking it's him but it's harry!!! EVEN WORSE!!!


He just stands there smirking.

"Why leave when the view from here is killer". He says bitting his lip now.

I pull a sheet over my body.

"Get the fuck out" I say pointing to the door

"Oh did u say close the door?" He asks then closes the door and locks it.

He comes towards me.

"I'm sorry." He says. I would think he is lying but I look in his eyes and see that he isn't.

"Harry don't do this" I say as his hand tugs at the sheet covering my body. He starts to trail kisses on my neck.

"I'm so sorry Serena. I'm an ass hole. I just had a big ass ego too big for me to even see anything else but myself. That's why I was an ass to you for the last couple of days." He says and looks me in the eyes.

"H-harry I believe and forgive u but please don't try this" I say as I move my hands to his chest. But making a bad decision cause I dropped the sheet on the floor. I quickly try to. Pick it up but harry stops me. And I look in his eyes. Shit don't fall for it serenading do it don't don't don't. Shit too late.

He starts kissing my neck and pushes his finger on that spot on my right hip that he knows drives me crazy

"H-harry .... Oh ... Please ... S-please... Stop.."

He shuts me up by kissing my mouth. He pulls away

"Please take me back Serena." He grabs my hands and


I look him inthe eye. I see sadness.

"I'll think about it" I say he kissed my lips and leaves.

I do my make up in less that 15 minutes and put on a turquoise dress that goes a bit below my butt ,So about mid thigh maybe a bit shorter, with a opening in the back shaped like a heart. I grab my black pumps and I saw a bag on my bed. Wtf....

There's a note on it

"Serena. I still love u. I never stopped

that night I ditched u

I felt like poo

I really missed TheWay we maneuver

So do me the favor... Let's start over

XoxoxO Harry XxxOoOxX"

I opened the bag and there was a small necklace with an infinity sign and it said Emily in cursive. I put it on.

I walked down stair and realized how late I am. Fuck.

"Let's go!" I shout and walk out side stepping into Niall's Mustang just cause I love it so much and soon everyone's in their car. And we were out.


Shit I'm sorry it's been heaka long since an update ugh sorry!!! >~< but here it is!!! Love y'all hope u like it!! :)

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