Skater Girl

Serena was not a normal girl. She lived in Beverly Hills with her rich parents and got everything she wanted when she wanted it. She isn't a snob. All she wants to do is live a normal life and skate. She hates her life. Why? Her dad was secretly abusive. Her mom didn't know. But one day. When she goes out for a skate she gets hit by a car that belonged to none other than Eleanor Calder. Read to find out what'll happen when Eleanor takes her home to her dad...


2. Chapter 2

Serena's POV "S-serena?" I looked at who said it and it was the blonde boy who may I add was VERY VERY VERY VERY HOT! "OMFG IT IS YOU OMG IM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR WORK!" I just laughed Eleanor looked at me confused. "I showed all u guys a bunch of her videos from YouTube!!!" The room filled with ohs and omgs "S-Serena it's really u!!!" someone said hugging me. I didn't see who it was and I hugged back. But then I looked up and saw green orbs looking down at me his chocolate hair was pushed up but some of it fell by his ears. I pushed him away from me. But it didn't work. He still held me tight. "HARRY GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" "NO! I let u go once and I'm not letting u go anymore!" Tears ran down my cheek at the memory of what happened. "HARRY LET HER GO" a boy who had blue/green eyes said. While tugging harry away from me. I ran into Ashton's arms. "Shhh shhh twinie it's okay your going to be fine" he said while holding me In his arms. "Ummm can u four boys take her to Ashton's room and take care of her for a bit while me, the boys, and harry talk" Eleanor said. They nodded and took me upstairs. I had stopped crying but I was still sniffling. We went into Ashton's room and he sat me on the bed. "What happened with you and harry?" Michael asked. I let out a big sigh. "Well.... It's a long story" "We have time" CALUM said sitting down. "Well..." FLASHBACK *before one direction* Serena's POV "HHHHHHHEY HARRY!" I yelled through the house. Harry came running down the stairs. He grabbed me by the waist and twirled me around. He kissed my lips. "Guess what day it is today babe?" He asked me "Hmmm is it our anniversary?" "How'd u know?" "I don't know lucky guess"Isaid hugging him tight. " I have some thing nice prepare for u" he whispered in my ear. "Okay" I took his hand and followed him up stairs in my flat that I live with my parents but they aren't home for a week. We got to my room and there was a fancy picnic with candles and l just wow I loved it "H-harry this is perfect." I said smiling like an idiot. "I have news to tell u..." He said "Okay." "Well I'm leaving to audition for X factor " My heart dropped "W-what?" "Serena please understand this is what I want" He pulled me into a hug "Okay I love u harry" "I love u too" * a while later* Me and harry had finished dinner and right now we were having an intense make out session. He moved his hand down my thigh and tried to put it up my dress. But I slapped it away "No harry" He moved his hand up my sides. Then up to my Breast. I slapped it away again. "Harry stop..." He moved it away. Then he tried to touch that one place and he crossed the line. I pushed him off "HARRY!" I shouted at him "what was that about. U know I'm not ready" "But it's like u never want to u never tell me if u want to we've never talked about it! Do u even ever want to!?!" He yelled at me "HARRY WHY ARE YOU YELLING AT ME I JUST WAS SAYING NOT YET! GOD!" I yelled back "THERE ARE ALOT OF GIRLS IN THE SCHOOL THAT WOULD LOVE TO FUCK ME AND I CHOOSE YOU SK WHY DONT U JUST SEE THAT!" He yelled back "WELL MAYBE U SHOULD GO AND FUCK THEM!!!!" With that I grabbed my skateboard and left my house for a skate. Not caring if I left harry alone in my house. I skated for about an hour letting the wind blow I'm my hair. Doing a few tricks here and there. Then I heard my phone go off. There was a text from my best friend Ally 'Ummmm.... I think u should go over to Harry's house..... Bad news.... I'm only helping babe...... I love you' is what it said. I skated to Harry's house which was not about 2 blocks from mine. I picked up the spare key behind the bush and unlocked the door. I went up to Harry's room. I walked in "Harry Ally to-" I saw him and Lauren my supposably "friend" having an intense make out session him with shirt and pants on her only in her bra and underwear. "H-harry?" "Serena it can't explain!" "Then go!" "Then explain!" "" "Save the lies harry! First u tell me your leaving and then u tell me u love me and now you about to have sex with my friend!!! On our anniversary!?!?" I yelled tears running down my face. I went up to him and slapped him. "It's over harry" He grabbed my wrist but before he could say anything I kicked him In the nuts. He fell to the floor in pain. I took the opportunity to leave. But before I did I said... "I FUCKING HATE U HARRY STYLES I HOPE U GO TO HELL AND I NEVER EVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN" I closed the door FLASHBACK ENDS "That was the last time I saw harry... Til today." They all looked at me with jaws dropped "I never thought harry would be like that..." CALUM said "Wow this is a side I've never seen" Luke said "Damn. I'm sorry" Michael said "Oh my god Serena I .... Wow I'm sorry" ASHTON said pulling me into a hug. I started to cry which turned into a sob. "Shhhh Rena (her new nickname) it's going to be okay. Your here with us now. And I won't let harry do that to u" ASHTON said rubbing my back and I still cried into his chest. "Do u wanna go down stairs now?" He asked me. I just nodded my head. "Okay" he said We walked out his room and down the stairs. Harry looked up at me and ran to me and hugged me again. "HARRY GET OFF ME!" I pushed him off. And instead of slapping him I balled my hand into a fist and punched him. ASHTON and Luke came to my side and pulled me back as I yelled at harry "HARRY I TOLD U I LOVED U THAT DAY ARE U FUCKING SERIOUS WHY INTHE WORLD WOULD U EVER DO THAT WHY!!! HARRY THAT SHIT HURT!!!!" Luke let go of me and ashton grabbed me by the waist picking me up. I tried to escape his grip. But he didn't let me go "LET GO OF ME!! IWANNA HURT HIM!!" "Shhh calm down Rena" ASHTON said in a soothing voice. I stopped moving around and he slowly put me down on the floor. Everyone had their mouths hanging. I cried some more grabbed my skateboard and ran out the house. I ran down a path that I didn't know where it lead to. All u know is that I walked down and ended up by a little creek. I sat down next to a rock and sobbed. Then I heard twigs brake from behind. T head spun around fast and saw the blonde boy from earlier. "Oh I found you" he sat next to me. "I'm Niall by the way" he said shaking my hand. "What happened that u are like this towards harry." "He didn't tell u?" "Well he did but I want to hear your side." "Well...." I explained to him. "Wow that's nothing like harry told us..... He said u cheated on him.... So we were all confused why u were mad and not him." "Your fucking kidding right?" "No" I got up and walked back to the house "Whoa whoa whoa Serena.... Calm down it's okay" "No Niall it's not! He needs to know that it's not okay to lie!" I walked through the door into a living room which was HUGE!!!! And saw Eleanor and her boyfriend (who I found out his name is Louis) "Where's harry!" I said a bit aggressive "Why?" Louis said jumping up. "I need to talk to him" "Didn't u already do enough getting mad at him when YOU cheated on him. He's my best mate and I'm not letting u find him" he said crossing his arms "Hah did u ever think that your 'best mate' lied to you! Did u see him crying? Do u really think I would get this pissed off and upset about me cheating onhim? Aha maybe it's time for a new best mate cause that one just lied to you!" With that I walked to the kitchen where I found harry. I walked up to him and pinned him to the wall. Everyone stood by the doorway. "Harry u think this is a fucking game?" Still pinning him "What are u talking about!" "Your fucking lying to your best friends!" "No I'm not your lying!!!" I pushed him to the wall letting him go "YOUR FUCKING PATHETIC HARRY STYLES! I FUCKING HATE YOU!" With that I ran up to Ashton's room and locked myself in there. I laid on his bed when I heard the door open and in came Eleanor. "How'd u get in?" "I have a master key shhhh don't tell anyone" she said. I just nodded and laid down again. Then she sighed. "How bout we get you your own room since you'll be staying for a while." I nodded and got up. And followed her to a room which was HUGE! Bigger than Ashton's which was giant! "Wow" was all I could say. "It's your now." She said "Thanks el" I hugged her. "No problem." She said "so can u tell me what happened now. Cause I know if u would have cheated on Harry he would have been the one to get mad." "My point exactly. But call in the rest of one direction cause I still don't know two of their names ad I don't want to repeat my answer anymore." She nodded and left. Few minutes later she came back with the boys. "Hi Serena in Liam" a boys with short little hair and brown eyes said to me. He was hot but not as hot as Niall. "I'm zayn" another one said. I like his accent. They are all hot but none compare to Niall he's just wow. Speaking of him. He came over to me and gave me a hug. I swear I felt butterflies but I could just be feeling weird. "I'm sorry" he said "U didn't do anything" I said "I know but still" he said blushing. I laughed a bit "Hah it's okay Niall" I said kissing his cheek. He blushed more which made me blush "Okay so can u tell us what happened and stop flirting with my Irish husband!" Louis said hugging Niall. I laughed but then my face dropped when I was explaining. "Well...." A/N Yay update!!! Pretty long too!

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