What You Do To Me

This girl Aubrey does not like One Direction but the thing is that her friends do. One
day they go to their concert. YOU WILL HAVE TO READ FROM HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And please no hate this is my first story!


1. Well that was not mean at all!!!


                  Aubrey's POV: I had just gotten to school and I found Emily I said,"Hey, are you still going to the One Direction concert instead of spending the night."Emily said,"UHH, YEA WHO WOULDN'T YOU KNOW BESIDES YOU."I said," OH, I DON'T KNOW A NORMAL PERSON!"Chelsea said,"Well someone doesn't like One Direction." I said,"Yep, I don't." I walked away and smiled and hurried to class.OH GREAT MATH CLASS I AM SO STOKED CAN'T YOU TELL, NOT! In math there was this new kid everybody was smiling at him I think the teacher said his name is Niall Horan. I think i have heard that name before….OH yea he is from One Direction. What why is he here and not in England……. Oh yea the concert is here i didn't know he was in our grade.

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