Just The Help ( Louis Tomlinson )

Have you ever loved someone? Wait, let me rephrase that! Have you ever loved someone but can't be with them? I do. And do you get that gut wrenching feeling whenever you remind yourself you can never have them? I do, when ever I look at her. Whenever I see her hazel eyes, her light black waves that cascade to the middle of her back, the way she moves, the way she speaks. Her name is Sienna, Princess Sienna to be exact! And the reason I can't be with her? Well I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm her guard.I'm just the help. One whom she could never love....
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Chapter Song: Half A Heart by One Direction (I'm sorry! Im that person! How can I not listen to it?)

Louis POV

I pulled away from Sienna and wiped my lips to rid any excess lipstick that may be on my lips. Sienna fixed her hair and flattened out her dress before going over to the dresses over on the bed. "Come in!" she said. The king's head pokes through the door and I feel like he knows what I did. Oh god, I'm going to the gallows. "Louis? Why are you in here?" the king asks questionably. My mouth opens wide, unable to come up with an excuse. "Oh, I just needed another opinion on my dress for tonight." Sienna steps in. We look over at her, picking up the red dress. She holds it up and says, "We've agreed on this one. What do you think father?" She goes up to her father as he examines the dress. "Are you sure you want red? I mean, you know how red will look, Sienna. Especially on a princess. Are you positive?" He asks. She nods, seeming absolutely sure. "Well, I just came to see how you are about the engagement. You looked uncertain in the hall." The engagement, I forgot. Even if the prince doesn't want this either, it's already done. I look at her. She's acting rather emotionless, almost annoyed. She takes a deep breath and nods saying, "I-I'm fine. Really, I am." He gives her a big smile before he says "Excellent!" He kisses her head and waves me off. As soon as he leaves the room, I turn to Sienna who is already staring at me. She steps closer, coming up to brush my arms with a smile on her face. I love seeing her smile, I love seeing her happy, but this wrong. "Sienna, what happened before.....it-it can't happen again." I say looking down at our feet. "Oh. You don't feel the same." She says removing her hands. I place my hands on her shoulders and say, "No! Not by a long shot. And if that kiss happened about a week ago, I would happily keep it a secret or run away with you. Whichever you'd like better." "Then why? Why is it so wrong to touch you here," she placed her hand on my chest moving it up my neck, ", and here," she skimmed her fingertips along my lips as my eyes closed shut. ", and to kiss these....why is all of that so wrong?" she asks. I open my eyes to see hers staring into mine. "It's not wrong to feel them. It's just wrong for you and I to feel that way. You're betrothed to a Prince, who you are probably going to marry. I'm just going to be the guard, the one whom you'll have feelings for that will soon fade. And I, I will secretly love the most stunning queen." I say brushing her cheek. "I don't want all of that Louis, don't you get it! I don't want a kingdom, I don't want riches, I do not want a prince. I want to have a nice little cottage with a widespread field and a little garden in the back and a piano in the sitting room. And I want all of that with a 'guard'. I just want you! That's all I'll ever need." She said in anger. Every word she said both repaired and broke my heart. I want all of that too, but I can never have it. "Sien-""But do you know what I want right now more than anything?" When I didn't answer she grabbed the back of my neck and pulled my face to hers. This kiss was not like the previous one. This one held passion and heat. I couldn't pull away, my conscience screamed 'no' but it was a mere whisper in comparison to my body and heart that screeched 'YES'. She fell back on her bed, me following on top of her. A low growl left my lips as I tear my stupid costume off my body. A knock on the door caused us to stop. I let out a groan and roll off of Sienna. She giggles and gives me one last peck before getting up to look through the door. She opens it and says, "Yes, what do you need?" "Did you decide on a dress? Let me see!" I hear Iris' voice say. "No!" Sienna shrieks jumping a bit. "I-I st-still haven't. I'm d-deciding. Just give m-me some time. I'll come t-to you when I'm done." "Ok-"she shuts the door, cutting Iris off. At this point I'm sitting on the edge of her bed thinking about what was going through my head. I look over to her standing by the door facing me. My eyes travels up her slightly expose leg up her torso. The way the lavender dress fits her every curve and defines every crevice. She's simply irresistible. I'd be a complete idiot to pass her up. "Louis? Are you okay?" she asks. She walks over to the bed and sits down next to be. She rubs my back and places her chin on my exposed shoulder. I scan her face. How her partially swollen lips rest upon her milky complexion. Her hazel eyes sparkle when the mid-day light hits them. I cup her face with my hand and lightly caress her cheek with my thumb. I stare deeply into her eyes., "I'v waited for this moment for two years, love. I just wish it didn't happen the way it did." She furrows her brow and asks, "What way?" "You betrothed to another. Even if there is no feelings between you two, I feel like a bloody prick." She laughs as I say this and lays me down. "You don't have to worry about that, alright. I've got everything under control." Her words worry me in some way. What is she up to? "Let's just enjoy our time together alright?" I nod and quickly flip her over so I am hovering over her. "Now where were we?" I say in a deep voice. She laughs and leans in for a rough kiss.

Harry's POV

I stand lazily outside the king and queens chamber by myself. The queen hasn't been out of her room since this morning at the hall. Paul left with the king, I guess he had business with the wedding and everything. I feel awful for Louis. He was torn this morning, I know how much he loves the Princess. I can't worry about that right now. I hear something drop at the other end of the hall way. I whip my head to see where the noise came from. I see Iris on the floor, angrily picking up the dressed. If you haven't noticed I do have a bit of a crush on her. She is a bit stressed at times but it also gives me an excuse to help her, and she always seems happy when I do. I walk up to help her and clear my throat. "Do you need some help?" She looks up with those beautiful blue eyes and a smile creeps on her face. I take that as a yes and help her pick up the clothes. "So are these for tonight?" I ask. "Yes. I was supposed to help the Princess with hers but she was busy I guess. Now I'm off to see the queen." She says. I help her with the rest and we walk up to the queen's bedroom door. "Oh God!" we hear from inside. I turn to Iris and she heard it as well. Without thinking clearly, I drop the few dresses that were in my hands and gripped the doorknob. I gulp and look at Iris once more. She nods and I open the door to see the queen naked in her bed with someone under the covers. She shrieks and goes to cover herself. Iris I hides her eys while I wait for the person underneath to show themselves. They were about to come up when the queen quickly pushed them back down. "HOW DARE YOU! GET OUT! GET OUT! RIGHT NOW!" she screams. I quickly close the door and look at Iris. "I guess that was a private moment with the king." She tries to laugh off. I shake my head and say, "The king left with Paul about 30 minutes ago." I don't think the king will be happy about this.


Again this was written on my phone. This chapter has actually been done for a few days now but I've been so busy with school and then I have to check it for spelling mistakes (which there's probably plenty of. Sorry!) anyways hope you like it!!!! Love ya lovelys! MWAH!


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