Just The Help ( Louis Tomlinson )

Have you ever loved someone? Wait, let me rephrase that! Have you ever loved someone but can't be with them? I do. And do you get that gut wrenching feeling whenever you remind yourself you can never have them? I do, when ever I look at her. Whenever I see her hazel eyes, her light black waves that cascade to the middle of her back, the way she moves, the way she speaks. Her name is Sienna, Princess Sienna to be exact! And the reason I can't be with her? Well I'm Louis Tomlinson and I'm her guard.I'm just the help. One whom she could never love....
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Chapter Song Part 1: Story of My Life by One Direction (Have you guys heard it? I love it so so much!)

Chapter Song Part 2: Never Been Hurt by Demi Lovato (This works it's way in at the end)

Louis' POV

I ignored what I thought I heard and walked out of the room and took my post. Did I hear her correctly? Did she say my name in her sleep? No, she didn't, it's what I wanted to hear. My name always did sound amazing coming from her sweet lips.

"Louis?" someone said snapping fingers in front of my face. I blink and see Iris standing with some of Sienna's clothes. "Are you okay?" she asks. I nod and say, 'Why wouldn't I be? Do you need help?" "Just open the door so I can finally put these down." She jokes about the heavy dresses. I open the door and she steps inside.

Iris' POV

The door shuts behind me and I see Sienna on her bed, knees pulled to her chest.

"Louis?" she asks. Her head lifts up from its previous position in her lap. Her eyes sadden when they are met with mine.

I put the dresses on her trunk at the foot of her bed. I get a few tissues, seeing the drops rolling down her fair cheeks and sit beside her on the bed.

"You have to find out a way to forget about him." I say softly. She scoffs and looks toward her window that has a perfect few of the sparkling ocean which I am so envious of.

"How do you suppose I do that? I've felt like this ever since he caught me the first day we met. He's the one I love!" she says.

I place my hand on her back and rub up and down trying to comfort her. She continues to stare out the window and a smile comes across her face."I had a dream. We ran away together. Somewhere it was bright and warm with a slight breeze so he could keep me warm."

She looks back at me. "It's so easy for you. You get to like who want without regulations, without any kind of consequence."

I sigh and say, "You know that above all is not true. The help isn't a loud to date royal or co-workers." She stares right at me and says, "I have everything I never wanted and can never have the thing I want. Does that make sense?" She asks.

"That's how I feel everyday dear. Dealing with chores and cooking and cleaning. When all I wish to do is lay in satin sheets with the man I adore."

I smile at the thought of the curly haired boy. He really was something unreal. The way he would just roll out of bed looking the way he did and still have a girl such as me swooning over him.

"Did you tell him yet?" she asks me trying to get her mind off the marriage. "No. I doubt I will. He........he's just so sweet. He helps me out, egging me on to just tell him the truth. I know of his feelings for me. I have never stopped cleaning let alone have any love interest."

She lets out a small smile and says "I guess we all have our problems. Some bigger than others but just as equally important." I chuckle at her seriousness and she joins me.

"I know you don't want to talk about it but the party to 'celebrate' your engagement is tonight and we need to get you into one of those dresses." I say ponying to the clothes a brought in before. She sighs and nods.

I bring over three dresses. A blue one, a red one, and a green one.

She looks at them and says, "Where's my lavender dress?"

I point to her closet. "But that's a casual dress not a party dress, Princess." she cringes at my use in the word but proceeds to the closet.

"I will never be dressing for this Prince. Besides," she pulls out the silky material. "I know for a fact that Louis loves this dress on me." She stares at the cloth once it lays on the soft sheets. Her fingers brush over every fold.

"As you wish."

Louis' POV
I hear a light knock cone from inside Sienna's room before I see Iris' head poke through.

"She wants to have a third opinion." she waves me into the room as she quickly steps out, leaving me and Sienna alone.

I look at her through the mirror. The mid-day sun hitting her features just right as she wore her lavender colored dress.She always looked good in this color, so beautiful.

She brushed her hair with long strides as she lifted her head to meet my gaze. She let out a giggle before continuing to brush and, this time, blush.

I caught my reflection and realized my mouth was hanging open. I close it quickly.

"Do you like what you see, Louis?" she says spinning around and dropping the brush to the ground.

How do I response? OF COARSE! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL! RIGHT NOW ALL I WISH TO DO IS KISS YOU!! I can't just say that! How do I say that without being desperate.

"Y-you look n-nice." I say with a smile. Nice Louis? Really? Just nice!

I look down and clear my throat. "I-I mean uhhhh......it's just that-" I stumble with my words as I look up at her smiling face.

She glides toward me as her smile turns into a smirk. "It's just what?" she says in an innocent voice.

Every time I've ever seen her, she's always been beautiful, sweet blissful Sienna. Now she was oozing with sex appeal, the kind that gets that warm feeling up and going. She stood in front of me, meeting my eyes in an innocent look while still giving me that smirk.

This is wrong, I just want to take her in my arms and claim her as mine. But she's to be wed to another. Her hands fall on my chest and I am almost positive that she can feel my heart beat.

No, I have to end this. "You n-need to get go-going to your p-piano lessons s-soon." I stutter as I take her hands off my chest.

She sighs in anger before she storms into her closet enraged in fury and somewhat sadness.

I walked out of her room, weirdly aroused and stood by the doorway. "Louis?" I hear a thick Irish accent say. I turn around to see Niall in his usual attire of armor but without head-gear. Oh Shit

"What were you doing the Princess' room? We have specific orders to not go into the royals chambers. Explain yourself!" he booms as he approaches me.

"She needed an opinion on her dress. Is that so bad?" I ask. His eyes narrow as he looks me up and down."I'd like to hear her say that."

"Sir Louis, I'm ready for my piano lessons." Sienna appears behind me.

"Also thank you for your input on my dress for tonight." She says giving me a wink, letting me know she heard the conversation.

She proceeds to walk in front of me and Niall nods me off. I trail behind Sienna, knowing he is still standing at her door.

Niall's POV
He's such an off fellow, but he keeps the Princess safe so I can't complain.

I watch them until they disappear around the corner, but not without Louis looking after me. There is definitely up with those two.

No time for that though, I have a new recruit I must train. I walk down to the armory to find the bloke there already prepped and ready to go but I couldn't see his face.

"Ah! You're here. Let's get started then." He picks up the sword and gets in a stance. I chuckle at him and take my sword pointing to the courtyard. "Out there mate."

He slowly walks to the courtyard without question. I follow him out and ask, "What's your name? Never came up during the try-outs."

Without warning he turns around and strikes me. He does all these tricks that I have never even seen before.....except for one.

He twirls around and smacks my sword out of my hand catching it swiftly and holding me against a wall. There's only one person that I know that is able to do that without stumbling.

I stare at the figure in front of me as it stands before me stil in its stance. "Take off your head-gear." I say softly. It drops the sword to the ground but not making an attempt to obey me.

"Take off your head-gear!" I shout as I become more confident stepping closer to the body. "That's an order!" I spit.

I wait a second until my hand lifts up to touch the metal. Before I could lay a finger on the coldness, it darts away stripping off the armor revealing a petite figure.

The head piece has yet to be disguarded but I am almost sure it is her. "ANNALISE!" I stop and shout out.

She stops and looks back before she continues running.
"Okay love, it might be hard at first but you'll get the hang of it." I say to her angelic features, her red hair blazing in the wind as she nods her head, sword in hand.

Before I could get ready she twirls around just the way I taught her and the sword comes out of my hand and into hers.

She pins me to the tree behind me and says, "Like that?" I nod and push the swords down.

I take her face and kiss her sweet lips.

"Perfect Annalise."


Did you guys like Niall and Iris' POV? Just letting you know I'm thinking of making this a regular thing. Ya know there will be Louis' story which will involve Liam obviously, then Harry's, then Niall's, and dont worry Zayn's part in the story is still to come! I really hope you guys like this chapter! It took me the whole weekend plus today during my Writing class to finish. But I finally did!!

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