My love for you is forever

She was an average , He was not
She was bullied , He was famous
She was depressed, He was living his dream
Her name was Ryan malacca, His name was Justin Bieber
So what happens when they meet?


1. Chapter 1

[ Before we start the main character is ryan , she's 16 lives with here abusive mother she cuts , is sucidal and is bullied okay on with story] RYAN GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE NOW" my mother yelled I swear she hates me "I'm coming " I yelled and ran downstairs "YOUR LATE" she yelled "I-I'm sorry" I said "WHAT ARE THESE ON YOUR ARM " she said grabbing me by the wrist making my cuts sting Next thing I knew my face stung she slapped me "WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR" "For being emo" and she pushed me against the wall I fell to the floor i couldn't get up i was in to much pain I tried getting up but she kicked me down if I even flinched she kicked me harder " YOUR A MONSTER " I screamed She picked me up by the arm and threw me outside " I never want to see you again" she said "That makes two of us" I said I ran down the side walk my vision blurry I know today was a school day but I couldn't go. I stopped walking and sat against a brick wall crying a few minutes later I boy with light brown hair sat next to me " I saw that you were crying are you okay" he said " no my mom beat me , kicked me out of the house and I'm suicidal " i said oh Is that why you have those cuts ' he asked. "Yup" I said " by the way whats your name he asked "Ryan" I said what's yours Justin - Justin Bieber" he said " then why are you here " I asked " I'm doing a show here later this week " he said " Justin" I sniffled " yes beautiful " he asked " I can't go home were will I go" I asked " you can stay with me and when it's safe will get your stuff okay?" He said " o-okay "I said and he pulled me in for a hug For once in my life I felt safe ... I felt safe with Justin.
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