Let Me Love You ( A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction)

This story is about Zayn Malik and Lexii Sanchez. They randomly meet up at the X-Factor auditions and got each others number and automatically fell in love. They start to go out and then there relationship starts to fall apart. Is all this fame going into their head to much? At the finals, Zayn's and Lexii's group are competing against each other. Who will win? Will the winning band forget about their friends back at the X-Factor? Read to find out


1. Before The Audition

       ZAYNS P.O.V.



               I was sleeping. I was really tired, I was worrying all night about this day. I was talking about this to my mum just about 2 weeks ago. Well, she basically dragged me into doing this, complaining that i had a wonderful voice and i was finally 16 and could apply for the X-Factor. I actually wanted to do this and I'm REALLY shy so I couldn't believe I was actually gonna do it. Last thought, I'm not gonna do it! I can't! What if i mess up? Ill make a fool of myself! No, I have to. I told mum I would do it for her so I'm gonna do it no matter what. NOPE! It was 7:30 a.m. Perfect! The auditions were at 3:30 p.m. Just as I was gonna pull the covers over my head and go to sleep so I can ditch the auditions, my mum came skipping into my room to get me up.

"C'mon love get up! You don't wanna be late now do you?" My mum argued.

"uhhhhh its too early mum. The auditions don't start till' more that 6 hours!"

" I don't care honey. We have to get you perfect for the auditions! don't you wanna impress Simon!? You've known how much of an ass he is on TV !".

"Yes mum I know but c'mon!! I kinda made last minute changes, I'm not gonna do it ...."

"Ohhhh yes you are! I don't care . You are going wether you like it or not!" My mum joked.

"Just one more minute! PLEASEEE?"

"Ummmmm.... No. Now get up!" She pulled off my covers and took my clothes to me to change. I undressed then took a shower and changed into my new clothes. I was wearing a brownish t-shirt, black jacket, and some dark jeans. I went to the bathroom and made my hair in into a small mohawk. Brushed my teeth and left to the kitchen. 10:00. Wow time go by fast. My mom had made me a big plate for breakfast. Yummy....I ate all my breakfast and it was 10:30 by then.

"So mum, what do we do now?..." I asked my mum.

"Umm now that you are ready we should go see your uncles,aunts, and cousins. They've been dying to see you and wish you good luck!!!" She responds.

"Uhh okay then."

We got into the car and drive. It's about 25 minutes away. I am so nervous I could just jump out the window right now. I keep calm and my breathing starts to quicken and my mum notices and tries to calm me down.

"Honey, Zain, calm down. You'll be fine." She pleaded.

I calm down a bit after that. We finally arrived and I was greeted with lots of hugs and cheek smooches. Ewwww :p. My whole family was here! Man I didn't know I was that important. My sisters are acually getting a bit jealous. I love messing with them. We have another feast their for lunch and we chat for a while and I totally forgot about time. It takes and hour and a half to get to the auditions and it's 2:30! Shit! I show my mum the time and she panics. My mum,sisters, and I run to the car after thanking my family. Now I'm more nervous. What if in to late! I'll be the laughing stock of the family. For a moment I got scared and my mum could tell and she speeding the limit. I was acually scared but relived since it's because we wanna get their in time. The one and a half hour seems like forever but we are finally here. 3:05. Wow we did make it fast enough. Kinda. We all run to the check in tent and my mom starts filling out the last bit of forms and the lady in DARK red lipstick hands my a paper with a whole bunch of numbers. The numbers are 1656. She gave me something to stick it on my shirt


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