Heartbreak Girl

Ronni. The girl with curves and a pretty face that everyone wants. The girl whose best friend even wants her. But he can't let her know that. She thinks he's the only guys who likes her for her. And he does. Calum doesn't just like her for her body, he likes her for everything she is. But what he doesn't know is that she's starting to feel it too.


3. Sexy Math Tutor

And when the phone call finally ends,
You say, "Thanks for being a friend,"
And we're going in circles again and again


I walked into class and sat in my seat; behind Jason, left of Josh, right of Morgan. I ran my fingers over the tattoo I had of Calum's name on my wrist.


"Alright, you guys can turn and talk for the rest of class while I grade the tests." Our teacher, Miss.Donelli, said. Immediately Jason turned around, Calvin and Morgan turned towards me.


"Where were you earlier?" Morgan asked.


"Principals office." I said, putting my phone on my desk and texted one of Calum's friends, Luke. He was also one of the only guys who didn't try to get with me.


"Ditching class again, hottie?" Josh asked.


"Yeah, but that's not why I got in trouble." I said, not looking up from my phone.


"Who'd you ditch with?" Jason asked.


"Why do you assume she was with someone?" Morgan asked.


"From experience." Jason winked at me.


"You two?" Josh asked.


"Oh yeah." Jason nodded, "They caught us putting our cloths back on. We should try that again sometime."


"I'll think about it." I laughed slightly, "And if you must know, I was with Calum. And nothing happened." 


"Then what'd you get in trouble for if it wasn't for ditching and nothing happened?" Josh asked.


"I mean nothing happened like that. We were just making out." I shrugged.


"Been there before." Morgan smirked.


"Can you guys please stop talking about this?" I asked.


"What else is there to talk about?" Morgan asked.


"We could talk about how nice her ass looks in those shorts." Josh winked at me.


"You guys are disgusting." I rolled my eyes, then giggling at a text Luke sent me. 


"What's so funny?" Jason asked, peering down at my phone.


"Nothing." I said, picking it up so he couldn't read it.


"Sending dirty messages?" Josh smirked.


"No." I said, getting annoyed with them.


"You know anything about math, Ronni?" Jason asked.


"Yeah. It's the only thing I'm good at." I said, locking my phone.


"I can think of a few other things." He winked.


"Oh, shut up." I rolled my eyes, "What do you need help with?"


"How do I find what the letters mean?" Jason asked. I got up and walked next to his desk.


"If the problem is multiplying; you divide the other number by the answer. And yea." I shrugged.


"Wanna show me?" He asked.


"Like I haven't heard you say that before." I giggled, sitting in his lap, taking his pencil out of his hand, and doing the first math problem for him.


"Ooh, Jason's getting some action." Josh laughed.


"So like this?" Jason put his arms around me, taking the pencil and doing the next problem.


"Yep." I nodded.


"Hey, Ronni, wanna help me with my math?" Josh asked.


"Your better at math then I am, you don't need my help." I rolled my eyes.


"You could help me with a few other things." He winked. I shook my head and my phone beeped. I grabbed it and it was a text from my mom. Her and my dad were gonna be gone all night. They were going to some couples party.


"What's a couples party?" Jason asked, reading my screen with me.


"A party couples go to." I shrugged.


"Maybe you two should go to one of those." Morgan laughed.


"Wanna be my sexy math tutor?" Jason asked, with a smirk.


"Uh, sure." I giggled.


"I want a sexy math tutor!" Josh complained.


"Go get someone else. I claim this one." Jason said, wrapping his arms around me tighter.




First chapter in the story!


Hope you guys like it.

It's a short chapter but it will have to do

cause I broke some of my fingers playing

football so it EXTREMELY hurts to type.


Lol xD


Love yous!

Muahh :*

~Tonybear~ <3 :) (:

(totally using my sign off on this page too)

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