Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



September 2003


I stare out of the window. Seattle sprawls out ahead of me in all its metropolitan glory.

It's been one hell of a six months...

Things moved pretty rapidly after I bought a huge stake in Henderson's holdings. Tom Henderson ran off to the Cayman Islands with whatever funds he had left, causing shares to plummet and shareholders to jump ship. My parents couldn't believe I had found a silent partner willing to take a chance on me when they weren't - which spurred them into action and they, pops and nanna and even Elliot, came forward to buy shares. Mia pouted that she didn't get to buy any, so I bought some in her name. She hasn't stopped telling me how much they are now worth. She checks the Dow Jones website on an almost hourly basis!

My sister, the Stockbroker...


Then there's Elena. My friend, my lover, my silent partner, my ex-Domme...

...My Submissive.

I thought I had enjoyed the sex with her when I had been her Submissive, but since becoming her Dom, the sex has been...


Which is quite an appropriate term, as that's the sound I tend to make when I explode inside her. Smiling, I lean back in my leather chair and close my eyes, as last night's events play out behind my eyelids...


"Wow! The apartment has really come on since I was last here!" Elena beams as she looks around the modest two bedroom apartment I'm currently renting at The Escala Hotel, in downtown Seattle.

I needed somewhere local - near to the office, mom and dads, and Elena's and this seemed the ideal location. I also hoped being based there will give me priority when I want to upgrade to a bigger suite in the hopefully not too distant future.

"Yeah...Elliot's hooked up with some interior designer he met at College. She drew up some plans and colour schemes and I picked out what I liked."

"Did she look at changing the spare room into...what did you call it again?"

"My playroom. Where I go to play." I grin. "And no. I can't trust her discretion when Elliot's banging her. Besides, my plans sort of changed." I push the door open and usher her in.

"Ohh..." She says walking in. "You turned it into a study."

"Unfortunately needs must. I was getting backache from constantly being hunched over my laptop on the breakfast table."

"And a bed..?" She arches an eyebrow at me.

"Mia wants to be able to stay over when she wants." I roll my eyes and smile. "She hated me being away at College and she doesn't want long separations again. Besides," I reach for her hand. "I want you to be able to stay over too." I pull her into my arms. "Starting now." I growl as I take her mouth in a hard, demanding kiss. I feel her yield immediately and this fires my blood.

I pull my lips off hers and without a word grab her hand again and stalk into my bedroom, pulling her in behind me.

"For now, this will have to serve as my bedroom and playroom. Stand there." I demand letting go of her hand.

"Yes Sir." She's stands with her hands clasped in front of her and her head bowed.

I take off my cufflinks, watch, shoes and socks and put them on the nightstand. I undo the top buttons of my shirt and jeans and sit on the bed.

"Look at me." I say huskily.

Elena raises her head and looks directly at me.

"Don't lower your gaze. Strip for me. Slowly. Now."

"Yes Sir." She whispers.

She is wearing a simple sleeveless black dress which she has accessorised with bold jewellery and black lacy gloves. I like black lace on Elena. It suits her hair and skin tone. She slowly begins to pop the buttons on the front of her dress and gradually she is revealed to me; dressed in a black basque with thin straps and a zip at the front. She shimmies out of her dress and it pools around her black patent Louboutins. She moves to take off her jewellery but I hold my hand up.

"Leave on the jewellery, gloves and the shoes. I want to fuck you whilst you're wearing them. Kneel."

I quickly take off my shirt, open my bedside drawer and pull out a length of black lace about three inches wide. I then grab a tie off the rack and tuck it in my pocket. I walk behind her and place the lace gently over her eyes, like a blindfold, and tie it securely in a bow at her nape.

"You look so beautiful in black lace, Elena." I growl by her ear and she whimpers. "Hush now."

I take the tie out of my pocket, take an end in each hand and drape it round her neck, moving my hands in a slight see-saw action so she can feel the woven pattern against her skin.


"Recognise this tie?" I whisper.

She nods as a smile tugs at her lips. I continue to trail it over her neck and collar bones.

"Well seeing as you used it on me; I think it only fair I repay the compliment. Hands behind your back." I suddenly snap.

She twitches in surprise, but complies immediately. I move behind her and swiftly tie her wrists together, using the middle of the tie and leaving the ends long. I wrap part of the ends around my hand and straighten up.


She gets to her feet and I pull her against my bare chest and nuzzle her neck. Her hair is tied up in a lose bun and she tilts her head to the side giving me better access. I kiss her soft skin, then bare my teeth and lightly graze her skin.

"Ohhh...Sir..." She moans.

Still holding her firmly against me with the tie, I snake my other hand around her chin and tilt it towards me. I ravage her mouth with mine, pushing my tongue in her mouth, insistent and demanding. My blood heats up and begins to rush through me, firing up everything in its path. My erection presses against my zipper and into her hip. I pull off her lips and tug on the tie.

"Walk backwards...slowly."

I help her move her backwards until she is standing against the post of my footboard then tie the ends of the tie around it and secure her to it. I remove my jeans and underwear and then walk around to her front and drop to my knees. Her basque stops at and clings to her hips and just under the hem, are the straps to her black lace thong. I finger the lace and then slide my thumbs under the triangular whisper of fabric that covers her mound and into the slickness underneath. She stifles a moan as I rhythmically stroke over her clit with alternate thumbs - her slickness coating me. She groans out loud.

"Hush." I growl against my thumbs and I pull them and the lace material towards me, grab it with my teeth and yank my head back, ripping the lace away from her and snapping the straps. She lets out a startled cry followed by a garbled moan as my thumbs are replaced by my tongue and I slide a finger inside her and stroke her from within.

God, I love this.

Since the night of the butt plug six months ago, I have not looked back. I expected a degree of readjustment or awkwardness as the balance of power shifted sides, but we took to our new roles seamlessly, like it was something we had always meant to do.

I'm brought back into the now by the feel of her internal muscles pulsing against my fingers and she throws her head back and lets out a raspy hiss of pleasure as she comes. I press down hard; feeling her orgasm throb against my tongue. I slowly lean back and gently remove my saturated finger and place it in my mouth. Reaching under my bed with my other hand I pull out my latest purchase. Long, sleek and shiny, it has four leather cuffs attached with small link chains to the bar and a spring pin in the middle with holes either side, which makes me able to adjust the length. Its technical term is a spreader bar with wrist and ankle restraints and as soon as I'd seen one being used online, I knew I had to have one.

"Spread your legs shoulder-width apart." I command.

Elena does so and I quickly attach the ankle cuffs. I press the push pin.

"Widen your stance until I tell you to stop."

"Yes Sir." She murmurs softly.

"How's that?" I breathe looking up at her flushed face. I have stopped roundabout the three feet mark and Elena's legs are gloriously spread. One day, I'm getting a proper wooden bondage cross.

Oh the fun I would have with that!

"Fine, Sir," Elena whispers breathlessly from above.

"Good." I quickly stand. "Brace yourself."

I grab her hips and with one deep thrust I'm buried into the hilt. Elena gasps and I hold my position as I feel her adjust around me.

"Okay?" I breathe against her ear.

"Yes," she groans.

I grin and slap her soundly across the ass.

"SIR! Yes, Sir!" She hurriedly pants.

I kiss her gently on the lips to take the sting away. "Don't move." I growl.

Still holding her firmly by the hips, I withdraw almost fully and sharply push forwards again.

Okay, time to play...

With a groan I begin to thrust against her, whilst she remains spread-eagled and rigid, unable to move or counter-thrust. The only part of her body that moves is her chest as she pants. I reach up mid thrust and yank down the zip, splitting her basque open and freeing her perfect breasts. I lean back slightly and alter the angle, letting go of her hips and grabbing a breast in each hand - squeezing, kneading, pulling hard on her nipples and making her groan as she trembles around me.

"Ohhhh...Sirrr..." She cries loudly as comes and comes, clenching around me, the spreader-bar prolonging her orgasm.

I pick up the pace and grasp her hips hard, my nails digging into the top of her ass cheeks as I rapidly pound into her.



There is a sudden knock at the door and I am startled out of my reverie. I adjust the front of my trousers and quickly clear my throat.

"Yes?" I try to sound as business-like as possible.

The workman's head pokes tentatively round the door.

"Umm, all the new signs are now up Mr. Grey."

"So all the Henderson Holdings signs have now been replaced with Grey Enterprise Holdings?"

"Yes Sir. And all the new GEH logos are now distributed throughout the building, as per your requisite."

"Excellent, Toby. I'll come and have a look. I see you have also organised my door." I smile.

"Yes Sir. Just the final sign to go up and you're good to go."

I nod, barely able to contain my excitement. I reach into my draw and carefully bring out the final piece of the puzzle. Peeling back the protective film, I then carry it as carefully across the carpet as if I was carrying the Crown Jewels. Toby holds the door firmly for me as my slightly trembling fingers slide it into place.

"It looks great, sir." Toby smiles.

I step back with a grin that I'm sure reaches both my ears and I re-read the sign for the umpteenth time.








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