Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.




"She had it coming, believe me."

"But to humiliate her publicly like that! What if someone had questioned your knowledge on bondage and punishment?"

"They didn't."

Thank fuck.

"So tell me again - why you put yourself at so much risk of exposure?"

I sigh inwardly as a large part of me still doesn't fully understand it. I'd got straight onto Flynn in the morning and he had a couple of theories: my only sexual experience is BDSM so when presented with a sexual encounter, I automatically reacted the only way I knew how. That kinda made sense - I didn't get aroused until Davina was fully trussed up and at my mercy. Flynn's other suggestion was that I was developing more of a dominant pattern of behaviour now I was away from Elena. But I still feel unsettled. There's something I just can't quite put my finger on...


"Yeah...sorry, Elena."

I take a deep breath and relax my fingers on my cell. "According to May, It all started way before they even came to Harvard. She and Davina are from the same little Bible-Belt town. They were never friends - May's family aren't well off, whereas Davina's have had generations of wealth from various businesses. Davina's bright, but a lazy fucker whereas May is really gifted - you should see what she designs. Anyway, apparently Davina offered to pay May to do her coursework. May refused as she saw it as ill-gotten gains and went against everything she believed in. So Davina put plan B into action. May was seeing a young lad from her church and Davina guessed the guy was never gonna get past third base. So she seduced the dumbass until he was literally gagging for it, behind May's back. She promised she would have sex with him, but first he had to prove himself. He had to spike May's drink, wait until she was too stupefied to realise what he was doing and then strip her and take photos of them in various compromising positions, with Davina's camera."

"And that's what he did?"

"Absolutely, the asshole. In the end as soon as Davina had the shots she wanted, she didn't even have sex with him, so he went back to poor oblivious May. It was only when Davina threatened to blackmail May if she didn't do what she asked, that the whole sorry story came to light. Poor May had no idea what he'd done to her."

"Oh no! That's terrible! So you found the photo's totally by chance?"

"Yes! All the time I've been acquainted with Davina, May has been shadowing her and I wondered why. They are like chalk and cheese. Davina's loud, brash and arrogant, whereas May is quiet, shy and studious. It just seemed an odd match. She looked terrified the whole time she was leading me to their room. When I saw the photos of her practically out cold whilst that asshole..." I take in a deep breath to control my anger. "I realised that bitch must be blackmailing her. I didn't know all the details until May filled me in. She's been blackmailing her since High School and she's continued to hold it over her in college too, so poor May would carry on doing her coursework. She never even wanted to come to college here, but that bitch had a set of prints done and threatened to send them to May's family if she didn't choose Harvard."

"Unbelievable. So she's staying with you?"

"She stayed for one night. I bunked down in a friend's room that'd gone to visit his family, to give her some space. But I emailed Davina one of the naked photos I'd taken of her and promised to send them viral if she didn't leave May the fuck alone. Not only has she leave her alone, she was that terrified and humiliated by everyone laughing at her, she's transferred to another college! I don't know where. She had disappeared within forty-eight hours, so May got her room back all to herself. Elliot's hoping Davina will turn up at Cornell!"

"That boy is a walking erection!" Elena laughs.

"I know! I don't know how he does it. I have to keep pretending I'm doing the same just to get him off my back!"

I hear Elena sigh at the other end of the phone. "Darling...there is no need to live like monk whilst you are at college. I want you to go and enjoy yourself. It's college - that's what you do! You do know I trust you, don't you?"

"Yes of course. But he comes down for the weekend next week and he's expecting me to line up Harvard's finest pussies! How the hell I'm gonna manage to do that is anyone's guess!"

"Oh you're a very clever boy. I'm sure you'll think of something creative!" She says huskily, making every fibre in my being jump to attention.

I hang my head and close my eyes as various images of her fly round my brain. "I miss you so much," I whisper.

"Oh my dear, sweet boy. I miss you too. This past month has been hell not being with you - plus having to keep up appearances and making small talk with Linc for so long has been utterly draining. I was in such a foul mood one night; Linc even asked me if I'd started the Menopause!"

"Miserable bastard," I growl through gritted teeth.

"Oh rest assured I paid him back for that comment! Let's just say his toothbrush got a good workout!"

"Oh yes...The famous toothbrush!" I laugh.

"Yes!" She laughs in response. "It served two purposes - helped relieve my mood and I also got my own back without him knowing. Such a handy device!"

"Wish I'd been there to watch you," I say raspily.

"Oh Christian...I got myself off just by thinking of you. Your hands and legs bound as I worked you over with a riding crop..."

"Oh fuck...Elena..." I groan. I'm instantaneously as hard as stone, my erection pressing against the seam of my jeans.

"Are you touching yourself, Peachy?"

"I'm wearing jeans," I groan.

"Lock the door, draw the curtains and get naked on your bed. I have an idea. NOW, PEACHY."


I scramble around my room - locking doors, closing curtains and yanking clothes off. I dive onto my bed and grab my cell. There is a faint buzzing noise, so I shake it and bring it back to my ear.


"I'm here Peachy." She clears her throat. "Say hello to my little friend..."

The buzzing becomes louder and I know she's grabbed Lincs toothbrush.

"Please don't make me laugh or this will be over really quickly," I pant.

"Sorry darling. You ready?"


"Good. Now you'll have to just go with it as I've never done this before and I don't even know if it will work."


Please hurry, Elena...

"Let go of your cock."

WHAT? How the hell does she know..?

"I want you to place the phone under your chin and pinch your nipples."


I do as I'm told and let out a hiss as my fingers connect to the hardened dark tips.

"Mmm...Feel good?"


"Now let go with your right hand and wet your thumb."

"Okay..." I suck on my thumb.

"Then when you are ready, let go of your nipple whilst running your thumb over it."


"Now imagine it's my tongue..."



"Now do the same to the other side."

I massage my aching nipple, then suck on my left thumb and repeat the process as instructed.


"I know Peachy, I know," she pants. I'm doing the same thing. Mmmm..."

I lie there, stroking my thumbs over my aching nipples as they elongate and harden further.

"Now...take your hands and caress your chest. I know this is hard for you my darling, but focus on my voice. Imagine they are my hands. Use your nails...imagine me clawing your skin..."

"Ahh...Fuck..." I writhe on the bed as my nails leave pink trails over my chest and abdomen.

This is so freaking hottttt...

"Mmmm...Now grab yourself." She hisses. "Your turn, Peachy. Tell me what I'm doing to you."


Crap! Think Grey!

"I'm running my hands slowly up and down your cock..."

"Yes! Yes...your hands are moving...SQUEEEEZING...and...Ahh ...pulling backkkk..."

I writhe on the bed, eyes closed, cell gripped so hard, my jaw is aching.

"Mmm...Yes my wet your thumb again," she pants. "Rub it across the head..."


"Imagine my tongue doing that..."

FUCK! I'm blowing my own mind here!

"Oh...Elena..." I moan.

"I know, darling...hang in there."

I hear the buzzing get louder and I know she's put the toothbrush into top gear.

"Ohhhh...that feels so good...But I wish it was your tongue, Peachy."

"Oh God yes...My tongue as it twirls around and around...Your delicious taste in my mouuuuthhhh." I swirl my thumb around my exposed head, then suck it - tasting my own arousal.

"N-nearly there, Elena..." I gasp.

"Ohhh...Me toooooooo...CHRISTIAN!"




"Why the FUCK have you brought me to a Goddamn wine bar?"

"You wanted to get balls deep into some Harvard brainiac - this is where civilised college society hang-out."

My brother looks at me like I've grown another head. Really it should be ME who is staring at HIM. He stands out of the smart crowd like a sore thumb.

"What's with the hair?" I ask taking a sip of cool Sancerre - another reason why I frequent this particular wine bar, with the fake I.D. I paid one of the many nerds to create for me.

Elliot shakes his head dramatically causing his unruly blonde mane to shimmy from side to side.

"You like? The Cornell girl's recon it gives me a 'latent wild look'."

"It gives you a latent dumbass look! You look like some kind of goofball surfer!"

"Yeah? Well you look like an uptight college pri..."

"Hi, Christian."

We are so distracted by our bickering we barely notice we have company.

"Oh! Oh hi May! How nice to see you!" I smile warmly at the curvaceous blonde, who looks really pretty now years of stress and worry have left her. "How's things?"

"Good. Really good."

It's then I notice she's not alone. "This is my cousin, he's visiting from Washington."

I extend a hand to the man standing smiling next to May. He's tall and broad-shouldered in his late twenties or early thirties. He shakes my hand warmly. "Pleasure to meet you, Christian."

"You too. This," I gesture towards my brother. "Is my brother Elliot. He's over from Cornell this weekend."

"Wow! Harvard and Cornell boys in the same family! That's some gene pool!" Elliot and I exchange quick glances as he shakes his hand and seemingly decide to roll with it.

"Yeah, we're an exceptional family!" Elliot laughs. He extends a broad hand to May. "Elliot Grey,"

WHAT THE FUCK! I know that tone!

I look across to May and she is staring in open mouth wonder at my dear brother. I half expect her tongue to fall out and hit the floor like in the Tom and Jerry cartoons.

"M-M-May," she eventually stammers.

He takes her hand and not taking his eyes off her face, he kisses her softly across the knuckles. "Encantado de conocerte."

"You speak Spanish?" May squeaks, going pink.

Enough to get him laid...Holy shit! I need to get him to back off. After what happened to her, she can't just be another of his damn conquests!

Elliot smiles. "Un poco."

"Un-believable," I mutter.

"Our grandpa was Spanish!" May beams. "We were heading to a club. Why don't you two join us?" May is all breathy, twirling the ends of her shiny blonde hair and still staring at Elliot.

"Yes!" Elliot knocks back his bourbon and leaps to his feet. "Drink up bro!"

I take a swig of Sancerre and stand slowly. "I need to pay the tab. Elliot do you have change?"

Elliot fishes out his wallet and I grab his elbow. "Bar. NOW!" I hiss in his ear. "Won't be a sec!" I call over my shoulder as I push him towards the bar.

"What the FUCK are you doing? You're acting weird even for you!"

"Just come to the motherfucking bar and I'll explain everything."

"You've banged her? Is that it?"

"NO! Jesus Elliot," I drop my voice as we arrive at the bar. "I don't have time to tell you the full story, but suffice to say she has been physically and emotionally damaged by a previous boyfriend. She's been through a major trauma Ell and she's only just coming out the other side."


"Yeah, 'Oh'. She's obviously got the hots for you for some insane reason, so treat her with respect. I mean it Elliot - she's a lovely person who has been very badly mistreated. If she wants to have sex with you - you take her to the freaking moon and back again. She deserves to be happy and treated like a Princess. Just be gentle with her."

"Hey! I can be gentle! I'm not some kind of sexual predator, ya know."

I arch an eyebrow at him as I take my receipt off the barman.

Elliot grins. "Well...not all the time..."

We walk back to May and her cousin and Elliot offers May the crook of his arm in a chivalrous gesture.

"Shall we, preciosa?"

Giggling like a schoolgirl, May slips her arm through his and holds onto his large bicep. I roll my eyes and smile.

"After you," I gesture to May's cousin as we follow the pair out of the door. "I'm sorry - I don't think I caught your name during the introductions."

He takes a deep breath as he walks alongside me. "It's Wallace Enrique Leandro Chamberlain Hernandez, the third."

Fuck me! I thought Trevalyan-Grey was too long!

"That's quite a mouthful."

"You're telling me! I detest all of them."

"So...what do u like to be called?"

"Well having rebelled at my families insistence of calling me 'little Wally', I played about with various combinations until eventually inspiration struck. I took the first letter of all my names and reinvented myself.", wait...

"Welch, Christian. You can call me Welch."














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