Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



I am in Elena's boudoir. A soft lament plays in the background. Elena is prostrate on the bed; her wrists tied widely to the metal head rails of the bed, so her arms form a V. I'm fucking her hard from behind as I kneel between her legs. My left hand kneads her breast whilst my right hand lashes her skin with the flogger - the fronds leaving pink lines on her skin. The marks get redder as her skin gets paler and then in the midst of my passion, I look up to see the dark walls of Elena's boudoir turning red from top to bottom. The colour seeps around the room spreading like blood, colouring everything from black to red. I look down and even the black satin sheets have become red. The room glows in colour as I continue to thrash hard against her and when I look down again, her blonde hair has turned auburn and as she turns to look over her shoulder at me, it's no longer Elena I'm fucking...

...but Valena...

"Harder, Christian!" She shrieks and I drop the flogger and grasp both her hips hard as I plough my way inside her over and over, each thrust driving me deeper.

I let go of her right hip and spank her hard across the ass. She yelps, but I do it again and again, picking up the tempo.

"THAT'S IT! She shrieks. "Yes, Christian!"

She screams as she comes, clenching down hard on me. I continue to thrust deep and large inside her. I'm consumed by her and by my desire - the surrounding red colours reflecting my passion and fire. My body tightens and as I thrust one last glorious time...

I wake suddenly, my body throbbing and drenched in sweat.

"FUCK! Not again!"

I fling my damp covers off and stumble to my bedroom door. I furtively look left and right and hurry into the bathroom, quietly locking the door behind me. I hurry to the toilet, yank my pyjama bottoms down and only just direct my cock in time as I explode violently into the bowl. I bite down hard on my knuckle not to cry out and draw attention to myself. After several long pulsating shudders my orgasm undulates out of me and my body calms. I flush the toilet, close the lid and sit down on the cool surface. I rest my elbows on my thighs and my head in my hands.

These recurrent erotic dreams have been happening intermittently for the past seven months since first meeting Valena Rossi. Flynn reckons it's actually one of my more 'normal' patterns of behaviour - being attracted to another sexy woman. But by dreaming of Val I still feel like I'm cheating on Elena - with her best friend!

All the dreams are pretty much the same - they start off with me dominating Elena in her boudoir, then she becomes Val and the dark room changes completely and becomes red.

My red boudoir.

Could I eventually have my own boudoir when I have my own place? Do Dom's even call them boudoirs? That sounds more feminine. A den maybe? A fuck room? I shake my head. I don't even know whether I'm destined to be a Dominant - but I do know the feelings to dominate are getting stronger and I'm getting more and more turned on by them.

Well I can't sit on the toilet procrastinating all day! Thanks to Valena putting in a good word for me I got an Internship at Henderson Holdings. It's a third generation Holdings company, and I'm assisting Michael Bradley husband of Val's friend.

Michael oversees a number of large companies and having tailed him for three weeks, he has trusted me with overseeing production from three smaller companies on Henderson's books. None of the companies are generating as much business as they should be, so my job is to investigate why, devise possible solutions and report my findings and conclusions back to Michael. I'm finding it all incredibly interesting and something I'd even consider doing in the future...




"These reports are great, Christian. You really have come up with some good ideas. I have a meeting with Tom in a couple of hours and I'll be telling him how well you're doing."

I take a sip of coffee. "Thanks Michael. I'm really enjoying the project."

"It's nice to have such a bright, enthusiastic Intern. We've had some awful ones in the past, I can tell you!"

I grin. "It's a shame I came here just as you got a promotion! When do you start your new job?"

Michael smiles. "Tuesday week. I will be sad to leave Henderson's after four years but this other job was too good to turn down. It's more money, I've got a young will make life easier financially, I hope."

I nod and smile.

"Nothing will change for you, Christian; you'll just report to another manager. I've not met Rosemarie as yet, but I've heard very good things about her. She's transferring over from a similar company in New York. She has a fantastic reputation so hopefully she's the right person to step in and take the company forwards."

And I'll now be working with a woman. Holy crap! Please don't let her be older, sexy and blonde! Or a redhead...


It's a bitterly cold February morning as dad drops me off. I wave him off and hurry inside out of the biting wind. I'm nervous and excited in equal measure. I'm into my second month of my Internship but I'll be meeting my new manager Rosemarie for the first time today. The door to what used to be Michael's office is closed but I can hear voices coming from behind it.

I slip into my cubicle and withdraw the reports from my messenger bag that I've been working on all weekend. The door suddenly opens and Tom Henderson exits followed by Andrea, his PA.

"Morning, Christian," he drawls lazily, without looking in my direction.


"Morning, Sir," I murmur trying to make it sound as close to 'fuck you' as possible. I've only come across him a handful of times and he seems an utter tool. Inherited the company from his grandfather and doesn't seem to give a fuck.

Andrea his young, pretty, but-totally-not-my-type PA approaches my cubicle.

"Christian, Rosemarie would like to see you. She said to bring in the report you've been working on."

I nod and swallow nervously.

Well here goes nothing...

I grab my report and make my way across to her office. I knock apprehensively on the wooden door.


I walk in and her chair is facing the window. I close the door behind me and nervously approach the desk. The plush leather chair spins round and I catch my breath.


...She's older...

...and a redhead!

"Christian!" She jumps up and offers me her hand. "Lovely to meet you. I've been hearing good things about your ideas."

Shit! Really? Well stop staring at her dumbass!

"Pleasure to meet you, Rosemarie." I finally mumble as I grasp her hand.

She grins and shakes it firmly. "Eeugh... Not you too!"


"I'm sorry?" I frown.

"Only my mom calls me Rosemarie. She's a big musicals fan. I think she hoped her little girl would eventually sing and dance and light up the stage." She smirks as I feel myself begin to warm to her. "Unfortunately, she ended up with a ball-breaking lesbian!"

HOLY FUCK! She's a lesbian?

I stare at her dumbfounded, at a total loss at what to say.

She arches an eyebrow. "Do you have a problem with lesbians?"

"I've never met any."

FOR FUCKS SAKE MORON! No I don't have a problem...No I'm cool with that...anything along those lines...

I look at her apprehensively, but her face breaks into a smile and she gives a loud raucous cackle.

"Brilliant! I like to throw the lesbian card in early, see how people react. Most fall over themselves to pretend they're okay with it which is really amusing - but you gave an honest, genuine answer. I like that. I'm going to enjoy working with you, Christian."


She indicates for me to take a seat and I gladly sit. "I think I'm going to enjoy working with you too, Rosemarie." I smile.

She smiles back. "Well, I'll enjoy it even more if you call me Ros."



"Do you see what I see?"

"Well you certainly have a sharp eye and an incredibly astute business head, Christian. I've been in holdings for almost twenty years and what you've come up with is nothing short of astounding."

I feel my head swell with pride. Within a week of reading my conclusions on my side projects, Ros had implemented my ideas into those three companies. Two were showing profit, whilst the third was sadly beyond help so had been broken down and sold off - for what Ros and I felt was a great profit. But as Ros got more involved with the larger companies we worked with, she had found a number of discrepancies - all signed off by Tom Henderson - and the tidy little profit that should have earned myself and Ros a nice bonus, had disappeared. She had immediately given me a secret task of trying to locate the missing millions, whilst also helping her delve deep into the Henderson database.

"Someone is screwing the company over and that useless excuse for a CEO is too uninterested to notice. Things keep going this way, this company will go under within six months." Ros scratches her head. "But how do we flush out who is responsible?"

"I have a friend who might be able to run background checks on the personnel..?" I begin hesitantly.

Ros's eyes widen. "I'm not even gonna ask how you'd know someone like that, but if he can, I'll email him a list of names."

I grin. "Leave it with me."


"That's one hell of an ask, Christian."

I rub my hand over my forehead as I stare out of my bedroom window onto the grassy lawn and beyond to the boathouse.

"I know, Welch I know. But it is for the greater good."

Welch laughs. "Greater good?"

"Hey! Ros and I were going to earn a tidy little bonus on one deal and someone screwed us out of it! I'd been working on that project for weeks - even over the weekends!"

"Okay Christian I get the picture. Get Ros to email me the personnel list and I'll do what I can. I can't promise you anything."

"Thanks Welch." I snap my cell closed.

"Christian! Dinner's ready!"

Ah the dulcet tones of my screaming little sister...



"Son Of A Bitch! A Two point five million bank balance? It has to be him."

Ros flips through all the background checks again.

"Well...the finger certainly points to Phil - judging by the bank balance. Plus he's the longest serving staff member - he came in initially to help Tom take over as CEO when his father died suddenly - according to Andrea. Apparently Tom was only eighteen."

"Well that would explain just why he's so disinterested. He took responsibility when he was too young and probably blames the company for being in the way of all his ambitions ever since."

"So now what do we do? We can't prove anything just by the amount of his bank balance," Ros sighs. "We need to access his actual business accounts and there's no way we can do that. All accounts are encrypted to the particular manager dealing with those accounts. There's no way we can hack into them."

"We can't, no...But I bet one of the computer geeks at Harvard can..."



I've booked a couple of days off and travelled back to Harvard in search of my geek. Having asked around, several students told me that someone called Sully was the best computer geek on campus. I located him living in an apartment in Kirkland Court. I arrive at his door and knock sharply. And again. And Again...

Shit. Maybe he's not here...

"Waahh?" A voice croaks.

"Umm...I'm looking for Sully?"

"Who is it?"

"My names Grey. Christian Grey."

"What do you want?"

Oh for fucks sake!

"Preferably not to discuss my private business behind a fucking door!" I snap as anger takes over.

"Okay man, chill. Come in. Door's open."

I enter and blink rapidly. The room is shrouded in darkness apart from a myriad of blinking monitors and laptops. The air is heavy with the smell of weed.

"Close the door," a voice drawls from somewhere in the midst of the monitors.

I push the door to and make my way towards the sound of the voice. Slumped over a keyboard behind a desk is a guy around my age, but it's hard to tell exactly due to the wedge of dark hair that half covers his face and thick black-rimmed spectacles.

"You Sully?"

"Yeah. You Christian?"

I resist the urge to grab him by the throat.

Is this guy really top of the class in Engineering and Applied Sciences?

"You any good at hacking encrypted accounts?"

Sully suddenly sits upright.

Well that woke the fucker up!

"You serious?"

"Depends how good you are."

"Grab a chair. Welcome to my orifice."

I chuckle. "Fucking looks like an orifice. What's with all the darkness and black-out blinds?" I ask as I sit opposite him.

"Makes it easier to see the screens and for prying eyes not to see the weed."

"How much of that shit do you smoke?"

It STINKS in here...

"Hey we can't all be jocks up to our balls in pussies. Weed and porn helps dull the ache, you know?" He squints at me. "Actually you won't know. With a face like yours I doubt you're short of offers."

I smirk. "It's just a face. I know what it's like to have a glossy mag and your right hand as your best friend, believe me."

"You do? Wow!" He sounds genuinely surprised. "So what do you need?"

"I'm on an Internship at a holdings company in Seattle and my manager and I suspect someone is embezzling company funds. We have a good idea of who it is but we need to access his private account, which is encrypted."

He links his fingers and stretches his arms out in front of him, making his bones crack.

"Well I love a challenge! But what's in it for me?"

"Name your price and if it's agreeable, we'll make a deal."

"Decrypting software doesn't come cheap. And this sounds like it's got some heavy artillery behind it. Say...two thousand?"

He's not as crazy as he looks...

"Ok how about five hundred now and if you get the job done another five hundred?"

Sully scratches his head. "I dunno man. I'm pretty snowed under right now and this'll take up a lot of my time..."

"Decrypt he files and I'll also throw in my old porn mags. I've got quite a collection..."

Sully's hand nearly hits me in the chest. "You got a deal!"

All hail the power of Penthouse...










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