Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



JUNE 2002

It's almost my nineteenth birthday! Time is flying by since starting Harvard. I've already completed my freshman exams and now I'm home on a little break, looking into Internships for my next academic year. Luckily, I managed to get it all to coincide with my birthday.

Dad left earlier in the morning to take Elliot and Mia to the Mall. Elliot needs stuff for his new trail bike and Mia just needs stuff! That girl would live at the Mall if it was possible. Dad's gonna have to put a spending limit on her credit card when she gets one!

I have a sailing slot booked today and moms not on call, so she is coming with me to watch and then we're going off for lunch. It seems a little weird having mom all to myself, but I'm secretly delighted. It hardly ever happens now I'm not a kid anymore and I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss her emotional support when I'm at Harvard.

Puget Sound comes into view from the coast road as does the marina and the myriad of sail boats. My heart does a little dance of joy.

God, I love it here...

Mom pulls up in her Chevy and I excitedly exit. Offering Mom the crook of my arm we stroll happily towards the waterfront.

"Christian, do you mind if we grab a quick soda first? I'm quite thirsty from the air-con during the drive."

I ignore the quick pang of disappointment from the delayed start to my sailing.

"Sure, Mom."

Like I am ever able to say no to her or any of the other important women in my life.

We walk up to SP's - a large seafront bar I frequent with Mac, my sailing instructor - whenever I'm at the marina. It has a cool tranquillity and peaceful white and blue decor. I hold open the door for mom and beaming at me, she walks in.

It takes a couple of moments for my eyes to adjust from the bright June sunshine to the dimness of the bar.

What the fu...

Sitting at a large table in the middle of the bar is Dad, Elliot, and Mac. Mia bounces on her seat for a couple of seconds and then bolts towards us.

"Happy 19th birthday, my darling son," mom whispers as she kisses me softly under my ear.

I barely have time to react before I am head-butted in the chest by the dark-haired thunderbolt that is Mia Grey.

"SURPRISE!" She shrieks as she wraps her arms around my waist and hugs me tight. I snake one arm around mom and kiss her temple and another around Mia and kiss the top of her head.

"You guys..." Is all I can manage over the lump in my throat.

"Hurry up bro, we're wasting beer-time here!" Elliot calls getting to his feet and jiggling a cold bottle of Adnams Explorer at me. Mom pulls away gently, but there is no surprise when Mia doesn't let go.

"Happy birthday son!" Dad rises and claps me on the back as we arrive at the table. "Mia - let go of him! He's not going anywhere till at least after we've eaten!"

" sailing..." I begin pathetically, taking my beer off Elliot and clinking bottles with him.

"...Has been moved to a late afternoon slot," Mac grins as he also rises and clinks bottles with me. "When your family told me what they had planned, I was only too happy to help."

I grin at the rugged Irishman who has become more like a friend than an instructor since first teaching me to sail. We've recently progressed to Laser Dinghy's and I love the speed and freedom they bring, whilst keeping you completely on your toes to control them.

"I'm glad you're here to help me celebrate too, Mac," I say warmly. "But you do all realise that today is actually Saturday and my birthday isn't until Tuesday, right?"

"Really?" Elliot begins and taps into his cell before putting it to his ear. "Yeah hi, I need to re-schedule a stripper I've organised..."

"ELLIOT!" My mom exclaims in horror whilst Mia gasps, her beautiful eyes wide and on stalks. Elliot, Mac and I stifle giggles whilst dad shakes his head and tries to look disapproving with a twinkle in his eye.


After a wonderfully loud and raucous lunch - mainly thanks to Elliot - we all finally head off down to the marina. I've never sailed in front of such a large audience before.

"Don't you ever wish you kept up your sailing lessons?"

Elliot chuckles. "There are only so many times a guy can puke up bro, before he realises it's a bad idea!" He shakes his head. "I'm much happier on two wheels, thanks!"

"May sent me a birthday card," I begin tentatively.

Elliot nods. "Yeah...she said she would," he says softly.

"You must miss her."

Elliot shrugs. "I'm dealing with it. I'll admit the shock of her suddenly having to immigrate back to Spain to help look after her mom was a biggie. I thought..." He looks wistfully over the dancing ripples of the water. "Well... It just wasn't meant to be."

I sigh feeling sorry for them both. They were so happy and we were all hoping they had a future together, only for May's mother to develop cancer, meaning May had to transfer to a college in Southern Spain, so she could finish her degree and help look after her mom. Her mother had only just moved back to Spain in January, having relocated there.

A car horn blares loudly as we pass the car park, startling me and I look towards the noise.

The car doors open and two familiar heads pop out.


I stare in shock as my maternal grandparents make their way over to us. Mia immediately barrels over and launches herself at them.

"I can't believe nanna and pops have come too," I finally breathe.

"Yeah...guess we all know who the favourite gran-kid is now, huh?"

I look worriedly over to Elliot who frowns for a moment then grins and punches me playfully in the arm.

"Relax bro! Let's go say hi."


Five minutes later we catch up with Mac who is waiting patiently at the dock. I stare in bewilderment at the dingy next to Mac. It is a 16 class Laser dinghy like I've been practicing on with Mac, but this looks newer and shinier with a gorgeous pale blue hull.

Where did Mac find such a beauty?

I can barely contain my excitement to get going, when I notice a blue ribbon stretching over the mast and boom, culminating in a blue bow.

Dad clears his throat and we all quieten down. "Mac's been telling me how well you were doing and how you'll soon be ready to skipper a Laser dinghy, but the practice one isn't always available when you want it. So your mom, grandparents, me and even Elliot and Mia all chipped in and bought you your own one." He takes a deep breath as I gasp. "To have got to where you are today, to have achieved so much after your start in life..." He swallows as I feel tears prick my eyes. He takes a deep composing breath and then brandishes a small pair of scissors from his pocket and holds them out to me. "Happy birthday son. We're all incredibly proud of you."

JESUS CHRIST! Is he fucking serious right now?

I stare dumbfounded at him at a total loss for what to say. I cannot believe they have all chipped in to get this for me and that they are all proud of me. It's beyond my wildest dreams. A soft hand squeezes mine gently.

"She really is all yours, darling. Now cut the ribbon."

I look down into the warm loving face of my mom then at the boat, then back to dad. I shakily reach across and take the scissors. With trembling fingers I carefully cut through the ribbon to a loud cheer

Mac claps me on the shoulder. "She really is a beauty, Christian. Brand new state of the art design. I had to call in a lot of favours to secure her for you."

"I-I don't know what to say." I finally mumble. "Thank you doesn't seem enough."

"No thanks necessary. You are a natural at this and you ideally needed a regular sail. You just need to name her now."

"ME! ME!" Mia shrieks flinging herself at me. "Pleeeaaasssseee Christian. Name her after me." She beseeches with full puppy-dog eyes.

Like I have a choice...

I finally smile at all the loving, familiar faces around me and lastly down to the sweetest one of all.

"Fine. The Mia it is."

Mia gives a loud squeal of delight and hugs me with surprising strength for a thirteen year old. I happily kiss the top of her head.

I swear - if a guy so much as breathes near her, it'll be the last fucking breath he takes...

"Can I come for a sail with you?" She asks eagerly.

"NO!" We all exclaim in unison, startling her and making her pout unhappily.

Oh I can't bear it!

I grasp her face and lower my head to hers. "Sweetheart, she's not really a sailing boat. She's designed for racing. I won't even be going out without Mac for a while until I get used to the way she handles." I sigh. "If anything were to happen to you..." I shut my eyes briefly, the thought too much to bear. Suddenly her little hands cover mine.

"It's okay Christian, really. It was just a thought. I'd love to be able to go, but I realise it's too dangerous."

I kiss the tip of her nose. "I'll get Mac to organise a little yacht we can hire and I promise I'll take you out in the summer when I'm back from college. Make a day of it sailing around Bainbridge Island. Much safer."

That at least makes her beam happily.

"Well go on bro - it'll be dark soon!"

Trust my dear brother to spoil the moment!

I give Mia a final squeeze and release her to dad as I eagerly climb aboard my new dinghy, followed by Mac.



The next morning I head off for what my family think is a gym session at Elena's. I cannot wait to tell her all about The Mia and how well she handled out on the Sound. I was having such a blast that Mac had to eventually point out the sun was starting to set and my family may be getting a little tired and hungry back on the dock. I grab Elliot's old trail bike that he gave me when he upgraded to a newer model, and head off into the sunshine.


I ring the doorbell a couple of times to no avail, so I wander round the back of the house to see if she is in the garden or the gym. I hadn't text her to say I was coming over as I wanted to surprise her. There is no one in the garden, so I try the gym door. I pull it open and walk in - body slamming straight into her.

WHOA! This isn't Elena!

Pale toned hands grasp my t-shirt tightly as a mane of bright auburn hair cascades forwards, softly brushing my chin. Large round breasts squish into my chest as I grab handfuls of firm ass to steady us.

What the fuck..?

Startled sapphire blue eyes find mine through the sea of beautiful shiny waves, that frame a perfect heart-shaped face and full red lips.


"I see you've met Christian, then!" Elena's voice cuts through my shock and I drag my eyes away to find her smirking at us. Her eyes drop down and she arches a perfect eyebrow at me.

SHIT! I still have hold of her butt!

I hurriedly let go as my assailant takes a step back and adjusts herself.

"Christian Grey." I offer my hand by way of introduction as I cannot think of anything else to do right at this moment.

Her eyes look up at me again as her small hand grasps mine. "Valena Rossi. It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Christian." She smiles. THIS is the famous friend Elena's been telling me about...

"The pleasure's all mine," I smile back. I quite enjoyed having her crash into me. "I didn't know you were visiting?"

Elena cackles. "No one knew. She just turned up out of the blue on my doorstep!"

"It was a surprise, bitch!"

I gasp in horror, but the two women dissolve into the kind of girlish laughter that only old friends can.

"Elena was just showing me the gym. I never had her down as a fitness freak, but I met Claude yesterday and now you...I can really start to see its appeal..."

"VALENA ROSSI!" Elena says in horror and they dissolve into laughter again.

I shake my head and clear my throat. "I had planned to have an exercise session...but if you've got company I'll get out of your hair..."

"Nonsense!" Scarlett exclaims, slipping her slender arm through mine. "I was just going to make a batch of my world-famous margaritas. Forget your gym session and come join us. I won't take no for an answer!"


"So how long are you staying in Seattle, Valena?" I ask taking a sip of tangy margarita.

Holy FUCK that's strong!

"Val, please. Not sure at the moment. I'm down here on a bit of a reconnaissance mission." She grabs her glass and takes a seat next to me on the outdoor decking. "Since my divorce, I have nothing to keep me in Boston and no family left. Elena and I had such a blast when she came up in February and we also discussed a few business ideas."

"Val wants to open her own salon when her divorce settlement comes through. It won't be enough to buy a property, but I thought for the time being we could convert one of the rooms here. It's not as if I don't have the space. Also, with a bit of training I'm sure I could pick up the beauty basics again, so I can help."

"Of course you could Lainy!" Val beams as her auburn hair dances and shimmers in the sunlight. It really is quite the most beautiful colour. Elena smiles warmly and raises her glass to her friend. I contemplate their idea for a moment and the sun on Val's hair inspires me.

"Why don't you convert the sunroom? You hardly ever use it, it's large, bright and airy and the plumbing should be attached easily enough from the adjoining kitchen. You could open up the gym and offer fitness as well as beauty - and as they are opposite each other, maybe you could create some kind of linking walkway..."

I stop mid-sentence as I realise both ladies are gaping at me, cocktail glasses suspended in mid-air.

"What?" I ask with a frown.

Shit! Well done dumbass - why don't you just take over?

"Wow," Valena breathes. "Elena told me you were bright! No wonder you got in at Harvard!"

I feel myself blush, which only deepens when I catch the smouldering look Elena is giving me over her margarita.

"Oh - that's just the tip of the iceberg." She says huskily.



We spend the next couple of hours poring over blueprints of Elena's house and making notes. Val's margarita jug went into the fridge and she rustled up a batch of ice-tea instead so we could all keep a clear head. We moved furniture around the sunroom trying out different ideas, then Elena took some photos and went off into Linc's study. She was going to upload them onto his laptop, so she could attach them in an email for his professional opinion.

I pour Valena a glass of ice tea as she flops onto the wicker sofa.

"I didn't realise I'd be working quite so hard when I turned up here!" She laughs as she takes the glass and pats the sofa next to her. I grab my glass and sit down. Her pale skin is now flushed and glowing from moving furniture, but she is still one stunning woman.

I think I'm actually quite attracted to her...

I don't know what it is about her - whether it's because she's older, witty, intelligent, sexy...and has an even better rack than Elena's...

Holy fuck...she's asked me a question and I'm just blatantly staring at her amazing tits!

"Sorry?" I mumble, embarrassed.

"What are your plans for when college finishes?" She smiles seemingly unaware or unperturbed by my mindless gawking.

"Umm...well I'm back here on a short break looking into Internships at local companies. It would be nice to stay in Seattle rather than anywhere else. Besides - it took me moving out to realise how much I love it here!"

She beams. "It is a special place. I loved Boston when I moved there with my husband, but I lived in Seattle whilst I went to Beauty School. I've always felt at home here." She sits up straight suddenly and grabs her phone out of her handbag. "Actually, my friends husband Michael works at a holdings company not far from here. I can send her a text and see if they can organise an interview for you." She starts to text, her elegant purple-painted fingernails making easy work of it. "Once I tell her you're in Harvard and how clever you are, I'm sure Gemma will put in a good word to Michael for you. There, done!" She beams prettily.

"Umm...thanks, Val. Thank you so much."

"Well, I can't promise you anything will come of it, but you never know!" She takes a deep breath and gently traces a vein on the top of my hand. "So..." she begins softly. "Is there a brilliant student girlfriend waiting for you back at Harvard?"


I swallow nervously. Elena obviously hasn't mentioned we are anything more than friends, so I can't betray her confidence.

Do I lie and pretend there is? But that could lead to more awkward questions that I don't have answers for!

"Umm...No..." I breathe, trying to remain calm.



"NO!" I almost snarl yanking my hand away from her.

How can she think that? And how has the conversation gone from Internships to relationships in a heartbeat?

"I've had sexual relations, but I don't currently have a girlfriend." I snap in annoyance.

Rather than being intimidated, Valena beams at me again.

"Well that's a relief!"



"Because Elena's always so cagey when I ask about you. Sure...I can't get her to shut up about how brilliant you are academically and what a great family you have. But when I ask about your personal life it's like the shutters come down. She's obviously very protective of you, so I just wondered...if you were gay."

I take a deep calming breath. Part of me wishes I had said I WAS gay then maybe I would get her and damned questioning to stop.

"I'm...I'm...I'm just a very private person, Val. I don't discuss my personal life with anyone. Elena's known me since I was a kid and knows what I've been through..."

Shit! Shut up dumbass or she'll bombard you with more fucking questions!

"...Anyway, suffice to say, I'm not gay and I'm just between girlfriends. Okay?" I'm getting irritated. I hate anyone asking me about my personal life.

Valena drops her head but looks up at me through long lashes that are accentuated with black mascara and make her eyes take on an even deeper shade of sapphire.

"I'm sorry Christian," she begins meekly. "I really didn't mean to offend you. Curiosity just got the better of me. I really am sorry." She almost whispers.

The change in her demeanour totally takes me off-guard. Gone is the strong, assertive persona, replaced by something quieter, softer and...



The thought sends what feels like volts of electricity through me. Various images of her in submissive poses as I flog and fuck her, fly through my brain at warp speed and I am instantly as hard as stone.


I shudder suddenly, startling her and she frowns at me as her eyes sweep across...and settle on my crotch. Her eyes widen and she gapes a little at the obvious bulge. I immediately jump to my feet.

"Umm... If you'll excuse me, I just need to use the bathroom," I practically squeak as I hurry off, my face burning from embarrassment.

CRAP! It's so hard to hurry with an erection!!

Elena is descending the stairs as I rush towards the downstairs bathroom.

" everything okay? You look...flustered..?"


"Fine...just need the bathroom..." I pant as I hurtle into the room and lock the door behind me.


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