Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.




"Breathe..." She whispers seductively in my ear.


I let out a pained breath as her fingers glide over my paralysed hand and she strokes me firmly from root to tip.

'Control, Christian. You are nothing without it...'

The unexpected, but timely intervention of Elena's voice in my head snaps me back to reality. I remove my hand and grab her tightly around her wrist, halting her movements and making her gasp.

"Don't touch me anywhere else. Is that clear?" I almost snarl.

She looks at me with wide Bambi-brown eyes, then nods.

"Good." I breathe in relief as I let go of her wrist. "Continue."

There is a few moments pause where I fear she might run off, but she starts again, squeezing and stroking with exquisite expertise. I settle back into the seat and focus my attention back to the stage. Bijou's naked body is now covered in pink lines from the flogger and her skin glows in a fine sheen under the spotlight. She looks utterly divine. Ajani moves to stand in front of Bijou, faces her and then with a swift flourish, he removes his black cloak like a matador. The crowd go nuts. He has the kind of lean athletic body Bastille would be proud of. His muscular back alone looks like it has been chiselled by the Gods themselves and a swift pang of jealousy washes over me. He stalks to the back of the cross and kneels behind it. Suddenly the handle of the flogger is thrust from behind between Bijou's legs and he begins to see-saw it against her mound in time to the music. All my skin has now broken out in sweat and I can feel my leather jacket clinging to my saturated shirt.

Why the fuck didn't I take it off?

I can't take it off now as it would mean disturbing Blondie and I'm not doing that when I'm so close to the edge. I grab my tumbler, scoop out a shard of ice and place it into my scorching mouth, welcoming the icy blast as I suck on it.


Back on the stage I can see Bijou trembling. Ajani withdraws the flogger and her mound glistens with arousal. There is a pause...and then Ajani slides on his back through her legs. He leans up, grabs her thighs and buries his head in her pussy. The spotlight goes out and is replaced by the lights strobing and flashing above them.

"Faster..." I growl at Blondie.

The music builds to a crescendo in time to the lights and I let go, gloriously spilling out like hot lava over her fingers. I'm about to close my eyes to savour my orgasm, when Bijou suddenly lifts her head and her dark eyes connect with mine. I gasp as our eyes lock and I feel her orgasm hit her as acutely as I'd felt mine. I might only be a shadowy face in a crowded room, but at that moment in time I'm right there with her as her mouth opens and she cries out her release. Her head lolls backwards into the v of the cross, the music dies and all of the lights go out.

Fuck me. If I'd known it was going to be this good, I'd have come here months ago.

I feel Blondie expertly wipe me clean and I quickly tuck myself back in again. The lights gently come back up and Bijou is off the cross and dressed in Ajani's cloak as he holds her hand. The audience erupts into rapturous applause and they walk to the front of the stage and bow gracefully. I feel Blondie begin to slide away, but I reach across and grab her hand. I lift it to my lips and place a gentle kiss across her knuckles.

"Thank you."

"Sure thing, sir. Happy to help." She grins. "Do you want another Bourbon?"

I shake my head. "No thank you. I'd like a large glass of iced fresh orange juice please."

"Coming right up."

Bijou and Ajani exit through the drapes and the men reappear to remove the stage. I finally peel off my sweaty jacket and wipe my face and neck with a napkin. Using the light of my mobile phone I flash it on my crotch under the table looking for any tell-tail stains. To my relief Blondie seems to have done a great job at keeping it contained. She arrives with a tall glass of juice and I hand her a hundred dollar bill.

"Keep the change."

Her eyes widen and she gasps. "But..."

I shake my head. "I insist. I've never had such excellent service," I finish with a wink.

She smiles shyly, totally disarming me. "Thank you so much, sir. That's incredibly generous. Can I get you anything else?"

I take a large slug of deliciously cold orange juice. "No thank you." She nods and collects the bowls off the table. A thought hits me. "I never caught your name." I say sheepishly.

"It's Sandy." She beams.

I raise my glass to her. "Sandy, it's been a pleasure."


I finish my drink en-route to the booking desk and wait impatiently for my turn. Dance music has begun to pump out through the speakers and a lot of people are now letting go of their inhibitions - mainly down to the drink - but I think a lot has to do with the performance of Bijou and Ajani, getting the juices flowing, as Johnson had said. Finally it's my turn and a pretty redhead looks up.

"I want the next available private room with Le Petit Bijou, please." I rasp.

"Certainly sir." She taps away at her keyboard as she looks at her computer screen. "Next available room with Bijou will be...three weeks on Thursday at eleven twenty PM."

I feel the floor fall away from me.


Not only is that an infernal amount of time to wait, I'm away fishing with Elliot and dad then on a 'boys only break'. I'm sailing us out there in my new yacht. There is no way I'm missing or rescheduling it.

"That's totally inconvenient." I snap. "I want a session with her tomorrow evening."

Her eyes widen in surprise. "Sir...I'm sorry. That's just not possible."

"Then I want to see the manager." I say in a cold tone.

"I...I'll see if they're available."

I nod and fold my arms sullenly.

Red picks up the desk phone and presses a button. She speaks quickly into the handset then puts it down.

"If you would like to step aside sir, someone is on their way down."

"Thank you."

See...I can be reasonable...



A few moments later a burly guy in a black shirt, black suit pants, black vest and red tie makes his way to the desk. Red points and he comes toward me.

"Follow me," he growls as he narrows his eyes at me.

I'm not intimidated in the slightest, but I do as I'm told and walk behind him, along the back wall of the club. He opens a door that says Staff Only and ushers me inside. There is a corridor and a few more black doors studded into the deep red walls, but we head in the opposite direction and come to an elevator. We enter and he keys in a code and then he folds his arms and glowers at me. I glower straight back at him. If he thinks he can intimidate me or take me on, I'm more than ready for him. Despite the confines of the lift and the fact he's twice as heavy, I'm sure I can easily take down this meathead. The ascent is mercifully quick and he leads me down a short corridor - the walls glowing red due to the recessed lights. I try to remain calm despite my accelerated heartbeat.

Where the FUCK are we going?

He stops at the door at the end of the corridor marked Private and raps sharply.

The door is opened by a similar wrestler-type, who nods at us and pulls the door wide. I step inside and try not to gasp aloud.


I have been transported back in time to a dimly lit room back in Harvard, full of monitors and screens. I half expect Barney to pop up from somewhere. The screens show every area of the club - the bar, the lounge, the desk, the several others show live feeds of sex acts from the various showrooms and private rooms. It's dazzling.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. DeNatale?"


I turn my gaze towards the sultry voice and gasp. Dwarfed behind a huge black desk and even huger black leather chair, sits a petite brunette, looking at me over the rim of bright red rectangular spectacles.

"You're the manager?" I can't hide the shock from my voice.

"I'm the owner." She states, offering her hand. "Angelica Potter."

I stumble forwards towards her. "Chr..."


I cough to try and hide my mistake. "Umm...Joseph DeNatale." I mumble as I shake her hand. Her strong grip surprises me for someone so petite.

She indicates to a black leather chair in front of her desk. "Please take a seat and tell me what your issue is."

It takes a couple of moments for my brain to assimilate exactly what's happening in front of me and then I sink into the chair.

She leans forward and rests her elbows on the table and steeples her fingers in front of her mouth. She has flawless olive skin, shown off in a fitted yellow blouse and the most amazing complexion I have ever seen. She wears minimal make-up - just a little mascara to frame pretty brown, almond-shaped eyes - allowing her natural beauty to shine through. She is the most unlikely owner of a sex club I could ever have imagined.


"Umm... Yes." I straighten up and meet her cool gaze. "I want to know what it will take to book a private room with Le Petit Bijou for two hours, tomorrow night."

Her eyebrows rise in surprise. "Mr. DeNatale. I have waiting lists. Some men have to wait months for a private session with certain girls..."

I lean forward. "Ms. Potter..."

"Call me Angy."

"Angy. You're a successful businesswoman. I'm prepared to pay a large sum of money for the privilege. Name your price."

She stares at me for a moment, seemingly mulling over my request. "Twenty-five thousand dollars." She states firmly.

I nod and take out my cell. I press speed dial. "Taylor, transfer fifty thousand dollars into the Angelica's bank account immediately, from the DeNatale account. Details are on the payment transfer page."

I hang up and enjoy the gape on Angy's face.

"Why did you do that?" She finally squeaks.

My phone buzzes with a text from Taylor - All done sir.

I smile. "Because I can. Check your bank."

She taps the keyboard in front of her and her eyes widen, so I know it's there.

"Use some of the money to compensate whoever she was booked with from eleven till one AM tomorrow. I also want the feed killed whilst I am with her. I don't like being watched."

"Mr. DeNatale...this is highly irregular. I don't use the private room feeds for my voyeuristic pleasure, it's to keep my staff safe. The moment anything gets out of hand, I can deploy people to sort it."

That explains the meatheads then...

"How much to kill the feed and to pay for a mea...for a member of staff to guard the door? I don't have a problem with eavesdropping."

She stares at me for a long time, but I hold her gaze, hoping she can't hear my pounding heart. I have negotiated multi-million dollar takeovers easier than this.

"You're serious aren't you?" She finally says.

"Angy, I'm not one for joking around. Especially not with something like this."

"Why Bijou in particular?" She queries.

I shrug. "I've just watched her perform as a Sub. And as someone seriously considering becoming a Dom, I liked what I saw. I take it all your girls are fully and regularly health checked?"

She bristles. "Of course. I run a very tight ship. All staff are checked monthly and I have certificates for each one."

"Excellent. From a club with such high standards I'd expect nothing less. So will another fifty thousand cover everything I've requested? I'd also like Bijou to be paid double what she would normally make." I state opening my cell.

Angy nods, dumbfounded. This time I text Taylor. Same again Taylor and then pick me up outside the bar in ten minutes.

Her computer screen pings. "It's there." She whispers in awe.

My cell vibrates. All done sir, see you in ten.

I pocket my cell and stand. "Nice doing business with you, Angy. Depending on how tomorrow goes, I may come up and see you again."

She shakes my hand and finally smiles. "I look forward to it."








FROM: A. Potter

DATE: 3rd July 2005 13:10pm

SUBJECT: Tonight's arrangements

TO: Joseph DeNatale



Dear Mr DeNatale


I have personally seen to tonight's arrangements as per your requests. This is the itinerary:


Upon your arrival, you will be personally seen to by Tom, one of my security team. He will take you up to your private room, where Bijou will be waiting. Tom will unlock the door and re-lock it after you enter. He will stand guard outside for the duration. The door will be then opened promptly at 1am. Please make sure you are fully dressed and ready to leave.


The room will be set out for Dominant/Submissive role play. I have discussed with Bijou her likes and dislikes and the room will only contain items and implements she is comfortable with. It will also contain a bondage cross, as per your request. Condoms and lube will also be provided in the room.


Bijou's safe words are YELLOW when she is reaching her limits and RED if she wishes you to stop. By entering the room, you automatically agree to accept her safewords and understand that you WILL STOP IMMEDIATELY should she say the word RED.


Failure to do so will result in Bijou calling out for Tom who will immediately enter and remove you - forcibly if necessary.


There will be no gags in the room and you are not permitted to use any implements that will hinder Bijou's ability to call out for help.


If you have anything you wish to add or discuss, please let me know.


Kind regards









Angy's email is folded in the inside pocket of my jacket as I follow Tom up the stairs at the back of the club. I was more than happy with all her arrangements. I appreciate meticulousness and attention to detail. The carpet is a deep, opulent purple against the black wood of the bannister. We arrive at the top floor and he opens a thick black wooden door and leads me into a subtly lit long corridor. The purple theme continues with the velvet damask wallpaper - this time in a rich, royal purple. The black wooden doors are all numbered and various gasps and groans can be heard as we walk past. We stop at a door labelled Room Nine.

"Wait there." He grunts at me.

He gently pushes the door open and pops his head in. "Okay?" He asks into the room, his voice gentle.

"Yes." Comes the soft reply.

He steps back out, leaving the door ajar. "I'll lock it as soon as you go in and unlock it at one AM. SHARP. Make sure you're ready to go. She knows to holler if she needs me. I'll be right outside." He finishes gruffly.

I know all of this shit; I'm paying a small fortune for the privilege!

I want to scream at him, but I know it will ruin my evening and I've waited too damn long for tonight.

I need this as desperately as I need my next breath.

I step into the room and I hear the door close and lock behind me. My heart rate spikes at the sight of the wooden cross as it lies horizontally - fixed to four sturdy wooden legs in the middle of the room. Along the left wall is an array of whips, paddles, floggers, mouth begins to water as desire starts to surge through me and sweat mists my skin under the mask. On the right hand side is a red velvet couch and a double bed swathed in red satin sheets and they're both...empty...

What the fuck? Where is she?

My eyes sweep the room and then I spot her - so close to me I can reach down and touch her. She is kneeling on the plush red carpet floor - sat back on her heels, hands and forearms resting on her fishnet-stockinged thighs and her head bowed.

"What are you doing on the floor?" I whisper softly.

"Awaiting my Master's instructions." She whispers back in a voice laced with a sexy French accent. She does not look up.

MASTER??? Holy Fuck! That's me!

She is wearing pale pink satin underwear with ties to the sides of her hips and back. The colour emphasises her golden skin and shiny brown hair. My loins ache to get going.

Okay. Showtime Grey!

"Stand up."

She immediately responds and I offer her my hand to assist her. She keeps her head bowed as I lead her to the cross. I move her to stand in the 'V' of one end of the cross.

"I'm going to strap you to the cross. Keep still and don't make any move to touch me. Understand?"

"Yes Master."

I smirk. I'm actually beginning to like the way that sounds. I grab her around the waist and lift her so she sits in the middle of the cross. She immediately lies down and wriggles into position - legs and arms spread, waiting to be cuffed.

"Good girl." I'm getting too hot, so I remove my jacket and tie.

"How many cameras are in this room?"

"Just one, Master. In the left hand corner of the room. It rotates."

I look up and spot it. There is no way I'm taking any chances - not when I have paid so much money. I grab a chair and my jacket and stalk towards it. Climbing on the chair I wave cheekily just in case and then hang my jacket over the camera.

Rule number one: Trust no one.

I take off my shoes and socks and I move around the cross; trailing my fingers down her warm, smooth skin as I fasten her ankles and wrists to each corner of the cross. Her head remains bowed, her eyes closed, her breathing getting shallower like mine. I finish strapping her in and step back.

"You look utterly beautiful." I rasp

"Merci, Master."

Holy crap! That accent!

A delicious shiver races up my spine as I turn and face the array of items set up for our pleasure. I rub my chin.

Hmmm...whip, flogger, paddle...

My eyes then spot something hanging off the end of the rack and I am transported back to being a gangly, testosterone-fuelled teenager, trussed up, helpless and totally at my Domme's mercy. Smiling fondly I grab the item, place it on my hand and stroll back over to her.


Starting with her right hand I slowly drag my faux tiger-fur glove along the inside of her forearm. She wriggles slightly as it gets to her ticklish armpit and she pulls against her restraints and groans. The sound resonates within me. I repeat the process on her left arm and get the same response. I skate it slowly down her sides and over belly making her groan loudly and buck towards me. I skim each golden thigh and she's panting - her skin beginning to infuse pink with desire. I grab the top of her stocking and pull hard as I push my fingers through, causing them to shear all the way down. I grin then do the same to the opposite leg until both her legs are bare and her stockings are hanging in tatters. I slide my hand down her right leg and then tease the sole of foot.

"Master..." She moans into her chest and I scent her arousal, moments before a small dark patch appears on the pink satin at the apex of her thighs.

FUCK...That's so...HOT...

I lower my mouth to her toes, sucking on each one in turn, then lightly score my teeth on the last one, making her moan and buck towards me again. I move to her other leg and repeat the process - noticing with delight that the damp patch on her panties grows larger.

"Yes...Master..." She pants as I suck on her third toe, her skin breaking out in a fine sheen of sweat.

My teeth graze her little toe, and I pull at it gently.

"Ahh...Oui...I'm going to come...MASTER!" She wails as her toes curl and I swiftly stand and move into the V between her legs, rubbing hard at the damp spot with the glove as she groans loudly and pulls on all her restraints. Her head lolls backwards into the top V of the cross as she gasps deep breaths of air.

I remove the glove and move out of the bottom V, padding quickly over the soft carpet to the top V where her head remains.

"I want in your mouth." I growl, unzipping myself and pushing my pants and boxers down my thighs as I get to her head. "Open your eyes." I command softly.

Beautiful large brown eyes slide open and hazily find mine. The connection is immediate; the same spark I'd felt as she'd found my eyes in the darkness last night. "I'm going to fuck your mouth now, Bijou. If it gets too much, just squeeze hard with your lips, Okay? But I'm that fired up, it won't take long." I finish with a smile.

"Yes Master." She gives me and upside-down smile, swallows hard then opens her mouth wide.


I grasp myself and lower gently into her warm, wet mouth.

"Yesssssss..." I hiss as her mouth and lips encircle me.

Six months. Six long months since Terri and my last blowjob. I'd almost forgotten how good it felt. I thrust gently cradling and supporting her head - aware of the inverted angle and not pushing myself too deeply. I withdraw and her tongue circles the head making me shudder.

"Okay?" I rasp.

"Yes, Master. Keep going. Please."

"This time I won't stop unless you squeeze, understand?"

"Yes Master. I understand."

"Good girl."

Supporting her head with one hand, I guide myself in again and then support her head firmly as I begin rhythmic shallow thrusts. She stays stock still; the only movement is her tongue as it moves against my cock. It is sensation overload - the perfect setting and a beautiful willing Sub restrained against a cross that I covet so much. My toes curl into the carpet as my orgasm hits.

"Ah...I'm gonna come...Bijou..." I groan desperately.

"Mmm...hmm..." She replies, her mouth full but she doesn't squeeze down on me much to my joy.


I explode gloriously into her willing mouth, my insides churning in blessed relief. Bijou swallows freely, seemingly happy to do so, despite the fact she is upside down and totally immobile. Finally I gently withdraw and my eyes find hers.

"You okay?"

"Oui. Thank you Master."

I run my thumb pad over her swollen lips. "It is I who should be thanking you. I really needed that." I move her head so it is resting against her shoulder. "Just relax now, I'm going to get you off the cross."

"Yes Master."

I push my boxers and pants down and step out of them so I am just in my shirt. I uncuff each limb and slowly massage them as she moans softly. I help her sit up then lift her off the cross and carry her to the couch. I sit her down then reach behind her and undo the ties to her bra and slip it off her shoulders. She has beautiful pert breasts and I give them an appreciative squeeze. I pull the soft bra off her hands and the ties give me an idea.

"Close your eyes and lean forward."

She immediately does so and I wrap the soft satin around her eyes like a blindfold and tie it securely at her nape.

"Okay, Bijou?" I ask softly.

"Yes Master," she giggles, making me smile. "Master?"


I stop immediately. "What is it?"

She swallows. "Could...Master please call me Victoria? Bijou is only my show-name."

I gasp.

"Vic-tor-ia..." I roll the name around my mouth. "I like it. It's elegant and regal - much like you."

"Master is most kind."

Oh no baby. My black heart has no capacity for kindness.

"Anything else?" I snap.

"No Master." She says quickly.

"Good." I take her hands. "Lie back." I help her to lie down and then I take an ankle in each hand and open her legs wide. I remove my shirt and blindfold, welcoming the cool air on my moist skin. "Place your hands behind your head. Link your fingers and keep them there until I say. Okay?"

"Oui Master."

She gets into position and I sink to my knees into the plush red pile. I slide my hands up her thighs and lower my head to her damp panties and inhale deeply. She smells exquisite and I can take no more. I lower my mouth and begin to kiss the inside of her thigh - soft sucking kisses and then scoring the soft skin with my teeth. I do the same to the other thigh, causing her to moan and writhe subtly. I undo the ties to her panties and whip the scrap of satin away. Her mound is covered in a close-shaven dark fur and glistens with arousal. I only glance at it a moment before my tongue descends to explore.

Oh Holy Fuck...

I am in heaven. She tastes as good as she looks and her gentle cries of pleasure only heighten my desire. I slide a finger inside her and she moans loudly. I push another finger in and begin to thrust my fingers rhythmically in and out as I swirl my tongue around her clitoris. I feel her quiver and withdraw my tongue and fingers making her whimper.

"Oh no, sweet Victoria. I have plans for you. Don't move."

Sucking on my damp fingers, I rise to my feet and walk over to the rack again. I take a couple of items from the rack and saunter back to the couch.

"Clasp your hands out in front of you and knit your fingers."

She immediately complies and I love the fact that she does. She is obviously a well-trained Sub as she has no fear or hesitation - despite never meeting me before and the fact that there is no feed out of the room. I tie her wrists with a length of rope using a Klemheist Hitch knot - something I'm familiar with using in sailing.

Who knew my knot tying skills would come in so useful...

Once I'm satisfied I lead her to the four poster bed.

"Lift your arms up above your head."

She does so and I lift her by the waist. "Wrap your legs around me and bring your arms down."

I clamber onto the bed as she clings to me - her bound wrists rubbing against the back of my head. I position her against the pillows in the middle of the bed.

"Lift your arms up over your head and undo your legs."

No sooner does she do that then my mouth descends onto one nipple and my fingers onto the other. I twist and pull relentlessly with my mouth and fingers making her groan loudly. Her nipples lengthen and harden and her breasts swell. I can feel her arousal slick against my cock as it lies between us.


"Do you want to come, Victoria?" I whisper, blowing over her moist nipple.

"Ugghhh...Yes...Please...Master..." She pants through parted ruby lips.

I kneel between her thighs, placing the tip of my cock against her clitoris and begin to rock my hips as I tug on her nipples.

"Oui! Oui! Oh Masterrrrrrrrr..."

She shrieks loudly as she comes, her juices seeping over the head of my cock as I continue to rub against her. Her head is tipped back, chest heaving as she spirals down from her orgasm.

Okay enough...

I grab her wrists with one hand and slip my arm around her waist with the other and twist us so she is lying on top of me.

"Sit up. I want to fuck you whist you are on top."

As she scrambles into position I reach over for a condom on the nightstand and for the second item I took off the rack. I rip the condom packet open and quickly roll it onto me. I grab her wrists with one hand.

"Lean back till I say. I'll hold you."

When she is in the perfect position, I grasp myself and thrust forwards pushing myself hard into her.



I allow myself a brief moment to enjoy the sensation then I open up the first nipple clamp and place it on one of her hardened nipples. She whimpers then moans loudly. I trace my fingers along the chain to the nipple clamp on the other end, open it and carefully place it around one of mine.


Christ...Its been so long since I've used a nipple clamp I'd almost forgotten how good it feels.

"Master...Are you okay?"

I gently tug on the chain making her moan. "I'm attached to you." I grasp her hips. "Move."

With a groan she begins to undulate on top of me, rocking her hips against mine. The nipple clamps tugging deliciously between us.

Oh God this is what I want...what my body so desperately craves...

This is what I was meant to be. A Dominant with a desperate need for control and for a willing Sub to accompany me on my dark journey. A journey I have to keep hidden from those closest to me for fear of exposure and humiliation.

And only a true Sub will fully understand how to embrace the darkness...

I push my hands under her thighs and lift her slightly. "Don't move."

I'm close to the precipice...Holding onto the edge with my toes as I thrust hard and high into her over and over. We're slick with sweat and arousal, both groaning loudly until with a garbled French curse she comes, clenching tightly in sharp bursts around my straining cock. I realise the nipple clamps and she cries out as we both shudder from the sharp, sweet sensation. Victoria has more than met her brief...She's exactly what I've been searching for.

But would she be interested in belonging only to me..?

There is time for negotiations later. Right now there is only one thing on my mind...







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