Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.



March 2004


Elena flicks the switch and the faux silver chandelier lights come on, catching the white walls, chrome fixtures and white leather seating, and bathing everything in a bright, clear light. I look around and beam.

"Wow, Elena, this is fantastic! It looks much better than I anticipated."

Elena beams back, her eyes shining happily. "It's gorgeous isn't it? Elliot and Gia did a great job."

"Yeah, they make a good team when they're not bickering or banging the crap out of each other."

Which is most of the time...

Elena smirks. "Young love, hey?"

I shudder.

Thank fuck I've avoided all that crap.

"So, you and Valena are happy with it?"

Elena rounds on me. "Happy? Darling, we're elated! We can't thank you enough."

I shrug. "I only paid you back your investment."

Elena grabs the lapels of my jacket. "Christian, you paid me three times what my original investment was!"

"I told you at the time I would pay you back with interest and besides, I didn't want you setting up in some back-alley. The location of this place was ideal. I think you'll do good business here."

Elena smiles fondly at me. "Giving you that money was truly the best thing I have ever done. I knew you would be a great success. Grey Enterprise Holdings goes from strength to strength, you've just won Young Seattle Businessman Of The Year and now you're even setting up your own charitable foundation. I'm so proud of you darling, and I'm sure your family are too."

I nod embarrassed. "Thanks, Elena. I owe you so much. I'd have never come this far without your help and support."

"Oh you would have still made it darling, even without my help. Never doubt how talented you truly are. I just helped to give you a kick-start."

"And Linc's none the wiser?"

Elena shakes her head. "As far as he's concerned we bought it with the money he invested and Val's divorce settlement. And he thinks Elliot and Gia only took the bare minimum due to my connection with Grace. He has no idea he doesn't own a share in the business."

"So...if I give you a hundred and twenty grand in a few months - which you can say is from the business turnover plus interest - give him his money back and then leave the fucker. I can afford to look after you now, plus you'll have a share of whatever the salon makes as a wage. I could even set you up somewhere with 24 hour security if necessary."

She reaches up and lovingly strokes my cheek. "My sweet, darling boy. It's a lovely thought and I know you would do that for me. Once the salon makes enough money to recoup his investment..."

"But that could take ages! I'll give you the money then you could leave sooner and..."

Elena pulls my head down and kisses me softly on the lips. "I know you would. But darling, I've been a kept woman all my life. I need to do this my way. It's time I stood on my own two feet and asserted some independence. When I leave him I want to have achieved it via my own hard work. You can understand that can't you?"

I nod unhappily, totally torn. I'd move her into an apartment at the Escala if she'd let me, but she's right. She has to do this for herself, if she wants to truly be free and flourish. "Yes." I sigh resignedly. "When does Val get back?"

"Next Tuesday. Hopefully by then she'll have wrapped up the supplies and the suppliers and we can plough ahead with the grand opening. Linc's back tomorrow, so he's coming to see it and..." She stops mid-sentence.

I feel the automatic bristle that runs through me whenever goddamn Linc is back in town - knowing Elena will have to spend time away from me whilst she plays the dutiful hostess.

I nod. "Its okay, Elena."

It's fucking not! Never has been, never will be.

She brushes her thumb over my lips. "Seeing as I'm going to be busy with Linc over the next few days, Do you think there's a way we can spend the next few hours a bit more...creatively..?" She says huskily and my cock automatically twitches.

I grin down at her. "Oh...I'm sure I can think of something..."




"Hush." I hiss. "I'm not going to see you for a fucking week, so I need you to remember what you're missing."

"Yes...Sir..." She moans.

I thrust deeper. "Do you want to come, Elena?"


Smirking I whack the crop hard against her fine ass, causing another gorgeous pink welt.

"Sir! Please let me come, Sir!"

"Well, seeing as you asked so nicely..."

I place one hand over her handcuffed wrists, my fingers also grasping the metal headboard and my other hand drops the riding crop. I snake my fingers round her front, finding her throbbing hub and I begin to rub quickly as I start to pound hard into her from behind - our glistening thighs slapping together as the headboard knocks against my bedroom wall.

"YES!" She shrieks as she climaxes and pulsates strongly around my cock.

A couple more sharp thrusts and I'm right there with her, falling over the precipice as I gloriously and loudly explode inside her.

Fuck You, Roger Lincoln...




"Yes, Andrea?"

"Sir, Barney Sullivan is in reception for you."

"Thanks Andrea. Give me five minutes then send him in."

"Yes, Sir."

It's coming to the end of a particularly long week. Knowing I would have no form of contact with Elena, I threw myself into working on my charitable foundation with the hope of getting that off the ground sooner rather than later. Ros has been handling most of the day-to-day stuff, leaving me with the last task of the week - choosing between the final two candidates to head my I.T. team. Ros has narrowed it down to the very experienced but dull, Charles McGrath; or Barney - the fresh out of Harvard Graduate, who travelled back from his gap year to apply for the position. Charles certainly ticked all the right boxes during his interview and his resume was exemplary. Who cares if he's a dull as ditch-water, it's not as if I'll be working alongside him every day. But I'll just see what this Barney guy has to offer. Despite being several years younger than Charles and only a basic resume, he did Graduate top of the class and his scores are more than impressive. There's a knock at the door and I take a sip of coffee and straighten up.


A smartly dressed man around my age wanders into my office and closes the door behind him. Looking towards me, he catches my eyes and beams.

"Wow! It really is you! I saw the name, but I thought it had to be a coincidence! How the hell are you, man?"


I stare in ill-disguised confusion and contempt at the overly-familiar young punk, who has just addressed me as if we're old friends. He's now standing directly in front of my desk and I take in the groomed hair, smart suit, boyish smile...

Holy Fuck! It can't be..?

"Sully?" I finally breathe.

"Yeah, man! It's been too long! Got to admit I didn't foresee this happening a couple of years ago - especially when I heard you'd dropped out!"

I jump to my feet and grin, offering him my hand. "It's so great to see you again! I'm sorry I didn't realise this resume was yours. I only ever knew you as Sully. Please - take a seat. You look so...different..."

Barney sits down. "Yeah...I was Sully most of my academic life. It just stuck with me. But I'm back to being Barney again now." He smiles and runs a hand through his hair. "I probably have you to thank for all this." He says gesturing to his appearance.

"Me?" I ask in disbelief.

"Yeah, man... After I finished with those magazines, I sold them online - some of those Penthouses were limited editions! I raked it in! I used the money to get corrective eye surgery, so I no longer needed those awful spectacles. That gave me a confidence that I'd never had before. So I decided to clean up my act - cut my hair started going to the school gym, got off the weed... suddenly I was a new man - even the cheerleaders were taking notice!"

"So you got laid then?" I smirk.

"Oh man, did I get laid!" He chuckles. "Who knew that's all it would take!" He cocks his head to the side and looks at me. "You know you owe all your success to me, right?"

I shift uncomfortably. "Well, I realise the information you got for me was sensitive..."

"I'm not talking about that! Jeez, that was a pleasure to crack. No, I'm talking about how much I owe you. You helped me to get confident, focused...laid...I got the highest GPA and an amazing girlfriend to boot. I go to bed every night with the same mantra 'God bless Christian Grey.' And He has," he beams, spreading his hands to emphasise the point.

Whoa! It's not often I'm lost for words...

I stare back at in wonder. In my short Harvard time, I'd met few more intriguing people than Sully...Umm...Barney...and despite being polar opposites I'd always enjoyed any time I'd spent with him. I could see he had potential and never doubted he could be successful - if he applied himself.

And somehow he thinks he owes his success to me?

" okay man? You wanna start the interview now?"

I snap back into the moment and smile at him.

"When can you start?"

"I'm ready when you are."

"Not the interview - the job."

Barney gapes at me.

"Are...are you serious, man?"

"If you can drop the 'man' and call me Sir like all the rest of my staff, apply the highest level of dedication at all times and promise me you won't touch weed again, then the job is yours."

"Christian, I swear on my life, I've not touched weed in over eighteen months. Besides - when you run your random drug tests on your staff, you'll soon find out if I'm clean. How regularly do you do that?"

Fuck! I'd never given it a thought.

Barney grins. "Do I get a bonus for every idea I have?"

"Start working for me Monday morning and find out."





"Umm...Christian. It's Valena."


Shit! Why am I blushing?"

"Umm...Christian...I hate to ask, but we're having trouble with a supplier. Could you grand...into our account as soon as possible, please?"

Her soft, hesitant voice down the phone makes the hairs on my neck jump to attention.

Something's wrong...

" everything okay? You sound a little...odd."

"No, no everything's fine...I'm...I'm just stressing over this supplier and not having the funds I need, available at the moment." She says hurriedly.

" do know you and Elena only have to ask if you need anything." I take a deep breath. "Has Linc left town yet?"

There is a gasp, followed by a cough. "Umm...I think...Elena said something about him extending his stay."

That fucker! No wonder Elena's not been in touch...

I mentally count to ten as I tap away at my laptop. "Okay...I've transferred fifty grand. Let me know if you need more."


"Starting a business isn't easy. I know all about that. I've said it to Elena and now I'll re-iterate it to you. If I can help in any way, one of you just say the word and I'll do all I can."

Another embarrassed cough. "Th-thank you Christian. That's...very kind of you."

"Not a problem. there anything else either of you need?"

"No...thank you. You've been more than generous. It's appreciated more than you can ever know. We'll be in touch. Bye, Christian."



Four fucking days. Four fucking days ago that was and since then...nothing.

Added to the nine days I had originally not had any contact with Elena and that makes thirteen days. Even when I was at Harvard she managed the odd sneaky call or text. Linc can't possibly have attached himself to her side twenty-four-seven...

SHIT! What if they've reconciled and this is Elena's way of breaking it off?

My blood runs cold.

FUCK. No. No, no, NO! She wouldn't. Not without explaining it to me first...

But this radio silence is killing me! I broke protocol and sent her a text last night - just kept it vague about using the gym, in case Linc was nearby - but even that hadn't elicited a response.

Anger rising within me I grab my cell and ring her number. At this moment in time I couldn't give a fuck if Linc answered. I just need to know what's going on. It rings twice then goes straight to voicemail. Hearing her voice on the line sends a surge direct to my cock.

Even that's getting tired of not coming out to play...

The phone beeps and I begin speaking. "'s Christian. I've been trying to get hold of you. I..."

Shit! I didn't think this through! What do I say in a voicemail? I've never left her one!

"Umm...I've lost my gym key and wondered if I could pick up a spare? Let me know when it's convenient."

I pause, as dread threatens to take hold. "I...umm...hope everything's okay with you. Speak to you soon...hopefully."

Christ. Pathetic and needy much?

I put my cell down on the breakfast bar and wander over to the window. It's times like these I wish I was still at mom and dads and had access to the piano. I always felt calmer after playing it. That's the first thing I'm getting when I get a bigger place - my own grand piano. I've always coveted one and now I can pretty much afford to get my own. I look out over Seattle as it twinkles in the evening darkness.

For fucks sake Elena, just get it touch, Goddammit...



Two more endless days pass by without a word and now everyone thinks I have a problem.

If people would stop asking me if I was okay, then I wouldn't need to snap at them!

I'm beginning to think the worst, but I'm sure mom would have heard through the grapevine by now if there was something wrong or indeed if Elena and Linc were back together. I've gone round to mom and dads to see everyone and have a play on the piano, hoping for a distraction. I'm totally absorbed in Bach's Marcello; my fingers methodically flowing over the keys of their own accord. I know this piece so well; I could probably play it with my eyes closed. A movement by the door makes me look up.

"I could hear you play for hours, darling. Please don't stop on my account."

"How was Tennis Club?" I ask distractedly as I continue playing the piece.

"Oh you know, darling. The usual crowd." She sits down on one of the large couches. "Linc was there, but Elena wasn't. He said she was staying with a friend. He was very short with me - almost to the point of rudeness. He seemed to be drinking heavily."

I have stopped playing and I am now gripping the stool with white knuckled force.

Staying with a friend? Valena's her only friend and she never said Elena was staying with her when she rang. Besides Val lives in Seattle now, why would Elena be staying with her? And Elena would have told me! And then there was the money issue...What the hell is going on?

"Was that all he said? I've not spoken to Elena in weeks." I ask as casually as I can.

"Yes, darling. Like I said he was really abrupt and quite rude. He walked off mid-conversation without even looking back at me. He's never behaved like that towards me. But then I've never seen him drink so much."

I'm up out of my seat before moms finished talking.

FUCK! This is bad. This is really bad.

I quickly go to mom and kiss her cheek. "Sorry mom, I just remembered something I have to see to."

"Really? Oh darling that's a shame."

"I know mom, I'm so sorry. I was so absorbed in the piano I totally forgot. I'll call you later okay."



"Welch, I need to find someone who I've lost contact with for over a fortnight. What can you do?"

"I need as many details as you can give me."

I rub my hand over my face as I drive. "I can give you her name, home and business addresses and that of a friend she may be staying with - who I also need you to find."

"Okay - well that's a start. Fire away."


Two hours. Two more interminable hours.

I pace my apartment like a caged tiger waiting to explode. I can't eat, which is very unlike me, but I'm that wired, I have no appetite.

Copious amounts of caffeine are probably not helping me either.

I stare at my phone willing it to ring.

I was worried she and Linc had reconciled, but it looks like I was way off the mark. Has she left him? She would have told me surely? Is Valena involved and if so why? I can offer her much more protection than Val can, she knows this. Goddammit, I can't take anymore. I'm ringing Welch...

My phone starts to ring as I grab it and I almost drop it in my haste.

"Welch! I've been going nuts here!"

"I'm sorry Christian. Elena Lincoln is proving a tough nut to crack. She's covering her tracks well. CCTV picked up a red-headed women matching your emailed photo of Valena, outside her home address ten days ago, getting into a taxi which looked like it contained another woman. I've had to try and track the cabs movement throughout the city over various CCTV cameras and that's what's taken me so long."

"But have you found them?" I snap and then pinch the bridge of my nose. "Sorry Welch. She's a dear friend and I'm terribly worried about her."

"It's okay Christian, I guessed as much from your phone call. I manage to track the taxi to The Fairmont Olympic on University Street. That's where you need to start your search. Get your IT guy to do some digging in the hotel database."

"Thanks Welch. I really appreciate all your hard work."

"No problem Christian, let me know what happens."

"I will. Oh and Welch, whenever you get chance, I need you to find me as much information as you can on Elena's husband, Roger Lincoln and Lincoln Timber. Whatever you can dig up."




"Barney, it's Christian. A taxi will pick you up in fifteen minutes to bring you to my apartment. Bring your laptop and whatever software you need to access the internal database of the Fairmont Olympic Hotel."

"' forty-five on a Sunday morning!"

"I'm well aware of the hour, Barney, I haven't even set eyes on my bed yet. I told you part of the job may mean I need you out of hours."

"But I wasn't banking on it being at this time!"

"Stop whining and get your shit together. I'm paying you double for this - you can take all the time off you need and I'll throw in an all-expenses paid weekend in Aspen for you and your girlfriend. Now move it!"



I scrutinise the laptop screen. Barney managed to get into the database after a couple of hours and into the booking register. He was practically dozing at the screen, so I sent him to bed. He now snores peacefully behind me on the spare bed in my study, whilst I sit at my desk with his laptop, still not having gone to bed.

There is no shortcut to going through the records of the past month. Just a painfully slow process of going through the names looking for a Lincoln or Rossi.

"Any luck?"

Oh, Princess Aurora has awoken...

"Nothing so far." I sigh without looking away.

"You had any sleep?"

"I don't want to sleep, I just want to find them!" I snarl.


"I'm sorry," I mumble, screwing my eyes closed, then opening them to blink back at the screen.

"It's okay. I'm gonna use the bathroom, make us both some breakfast and strong coffee and then I'm gonna sit beside you and help you search. Okay?"

I don't know whether it's the stress, the tiredness or the caffeine but that small act of kindness almost has me in tears. I choke out my thanks and he smiles sleepily and heads off.


"Well Sir, I can't see a Rossi or a Lincoln either."

We have eaten egg and bacon sandwiches, drank mugs of coffee and gone through the bookings together and still drawn a blank. I run my hand through my hair in agitation.

"This is hopeless! They must have just stopped there for lunch or something."

"Possibly. The only other explanation may be they booked in under a pseudonym. Do you know if they used any other names? Maiden names perhaps?"

I shake my head.

"Valena's is Perralta and Elena's DeAlessio. I thought the same thing and already checked."

Barney frowns. "Maybe get back onto Welch then? Perhaps he's managed to get a clearer image of the registration plate and can trace the taxi driver?"

I sigh dejectedly. "Yeah...maybe." I turn to him. "You can shut it all down, now Barney. Thanks for everything. I'll get a hotel cab to drop you back."

Barney nods. "Thanks, Sir. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to track them for you." He turns back to the screen as I stand and slowly stretch upwards, trying to release the tension in my limbs.

Think I'll grab a shower first before contacting Welch.

Barney chuckles as he begins to close down the pages. "Shame we weren't trying to find a Ms. P. Anderson in room 312, I'd have happily come with you. Man, did she used to give me a sore hand..."


I unceremoniously barge into Barney's shoulder.

"AHH! Christian! What the..?"

"P. Anderson - did she check in on the 21st?" I demand, trying to locate the name on the screen.

Barney points his finger at it then drags it along to the date. "Yes, March 21st at 3:15pm. Booked an executive twin suite. Looks like she's not alone."

It was a long shot, but it had to be one hell of a coincidence surely?

Barney looks at me. "Why do you think this is them?" He asks, confused.

"It was just an old joke between us. I can't be sure until I get there, but at this moment I've got nothing else."

I straighten up.

"Ring down for a hotel cab to collect us in fifteen. It can drop you off first, then take me to the Fairmont. I'll just go and put a fresh set of clothes on."

"Yes, Sir."

I dash out of the room then stop in the doorway and turn round. "Thanks Barney, for everything. I couldn't have done this without you."

Barney grins. "Aspen - I take it it's going to be five-star luxury..?"

"If this is them, I'll make sure you're both waited on hand and foot. Now get that cab organised!"



My heart is threatening to explode out of my chest as I reach room 312 at the Fairmont Olympic. I take a deep breath and rap sharply at the door.

"Who is it?"

That's Valena!


FUCK! They may not open the door if they know it's me...

"Umm...Room Service."

"Room Service?" I hear Val repeat in a confused voice. Twenty seconds later I hear the key turning and the door begins to open.

"We've not ordered..."

I push the door hard making Valena stagger back with a yelp and I barge into the room.

"JESUS! Christian! How the hell..."

I scan the room but she's not in it.

"Where the FUCK is Elena, Val? And don't lie to me or so help me I will tear this hotel apart..."

"In here, Christian." A voice croaks from the bedroom.

SHIT! She sounds awful.

"Just show him in, Val. He isn't going to take no for an answer."

Val looks up at me with huge slate-blue eyes, her ample chest rising and falling rapidly.

Fuck...I'd almost forgotten how attractive she was...

"Just...just go easy on her, okay. She's..." She closes her eyes and shakes her head. Pushing the door to, she then leads me to the bedroom door, opens it and stands aside.

I walk into a darkened room despite it being nearly eleven in the morning. The heavy drapes are fully shut, allowing only a dim light into the room. I make out Elena lying in one of the beds.

"ELENA! Are you sick? Why haven't you been in touch? I've been going out of my mind..."

I'm now standing by her bed. She hasn't moved or turned towards me. The comforter is up to her nose and I grasp it and pull it back.






Elena lies staring at me. Her face is bruised and swollen, her left arm in a cast and sling.

"WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?" I spin around to face Val who is still standing by the door looking upset. She says nothing so I turn back to Elena. "Have you been in an accident?"

Elena's eyes well with tears. "No," she whispers hoarsely. She closes her eyes as a tear slips down her cheek. "It was Linc. He's found out about us."


Oh. Fuck.



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