Fifty Shades Of Grey: My Years With Elena *Warning - Explicit Content*


'Picture this, an adolescent boy looking to earn some extra money so he can continue his secret drinking habit. So, I was in the backyard at the Lincolns', clearing some rubble and trash from the extension Mr. Lincoln had just added to their place. Elena - Mrs. Lincoln appeared out of nowhere and brought me some lemonade. I made some smart-ass remark...and she slapped me. She slapped me so hard. She then seduced me and I became her submissive for six years.'

And this is my account of what happened.




I feel the blood drain from my face and my mouth goes dry. I want to speak; to apologise and beg forgiveness, but her expression is like nothing I have ever witnessed before. It's like she also grabbed a stone mask from the unit and put it on. Her face is set so hard, it's like granite.

"You've not only annoyed me this time, Christian, you've hurt my feelings." She hisses in an angry tone.

Oh no...

I swallow nervously. "I'm sorry Elena, I really..."

She flicks the cane against my calf and I feel its sharp bite explode through my lower leg.


Goddammit! That hurt!

"QUIET!" She barks. "After everything we've been through...everything I've done for you...The last thing I ever expected was for you to judge me."

"And I feel like the world's biggest asshole, Elena. Please...I'll never do it again."

"Damn right you won't," She snarls. "Which is why I have to punish you so you never forget it."

I nod warily.

Fuck! I just have to man up and take one for the team, as manwhore Elliot would say...

"There'll be no music to distract you, no blindfold for you to hide behind and I won't be touching your bare skin or getting you off. This is purely for my satisfaction. Understand?" She growls.

I nod again.

If she's gonna keep hitting me I doubt I'll be getting turned on anyway...

And so it begins. She starts to quickly flick the cane up my right leg, from my ankle to my thigh. I squeeze my eyes shut and inhale deeply, desperately searching for the dark place in my soul where I've run to hide since I was three years old.

Holy fuck that hurts.

My right leg feels like it's on fire and as my brain is trying to deal with that, she starts on my left leg.

I writhe and pull against the metal bar with the inside of my elbows. I could easily lash out with my feet, but I'd hurt her. The irony isn't lost on me. Despite the pain she is putting me through, the thought of hurting her repulses me and the fact that I have upset her with a stupid brain to mouth malfunction, sickens me.

Hopefully, if I take this punishment, she'll forgive me and we can put it behind us and go back to how we were...

Both my legs are stinging so much, I don't even register she has stopped hitting me, until I suddenly feel her weight on my legs. My eyes slide open and I find she has straddled me.

"How was that?" She enquires, sarcastically.

"It hurt like hell, if you really wanna know."

She smiles. "Good." Then her expression softens slightly. "You could have safeworded. You can always safeword, Christian."

"I know."

"So why didn't you?" She asks softly, as she begins to gently rock against my groin.

"I upset you. I deserved what I got."

She nods. "I appreciate you taking the punishment and not bailing when you had the chance. It shows me you are genuinely sorry."

"Oh I am. I truly am." I begin earnestly. "It was just a stupid remark. I was just thinking out loud. I honestly wasn't judging you."

She nods and continues to rock against me, and despite the pain in my legs and arms, I begin to respond - a slave to my body's over-fuelled testosterone hormones.

"Do you like that, Peachy?" She murmurs sexily, ice-blue eyes glimmering as I continue to harden under her hips.

I nod, my throat tight with emotion. She has never rubbed herself against me like this - she's always used her hands or an implement. I can feel the heat from between her legs through the material of my sweat pants. It feels incredible.

"Good," she breathes. "Then you'll like THIS even more."

She reaches down and grabs the hem of her black exercise vest and hauls it upwards. The vest has a built in support panel, making it needless for a bra...




She flings her top away and her amazing breasts are finally laid out in all their glory in front of my eyes. Full, round, pink-tipped and just aching to be touched...

She runs her hands over them and then catches her nipples in the V between her index and middle fingers and tugs, closing her eyes in bliss and tipping her head back with a moan.

I let out a strangled moan in response and involuntarily pull hard on the bar, causing almost an electric shock to shoot up my arms and across my shoulders.

"Ahh! Fuck...Elena..."

"Control Christian! I'm going to ride you now. HARD."

She leans forwards and grabs the seat either side of my ribs as she begins to rock hard and fast against me.

"Don't you dare come. You know what'll happen if you do." She pants.

How can I not come? I'm always fighting to control my orgasm, but I've never been in so much pain, so much mental torment, so turned on...and so close to her amazing naked breasts...

With a sudden gasp, she rides me faster, then she shrieks loudly and I feel her orgasm pulsate against my own throbbing groin. She continues to rub against me, riding out the crest of her orgasm, till finally spent, she collapses backwards against my legs.


I can smell her...Every drop of her pheromone filled arousal...

I slowly open my eyes. Elena is still lying down on my legs, her own legs dangling either side of the bench. Her panting breaths are getting deeper and slower as I watch entranced. Her gorgeous breasts rise and fall softly, her skin covered in fine beads of sweat and a dark patch is visible between her legs on her exercise pants, where she rubbed against me.


I frantically look down and release a huge sigh of relief. I have some dark patches on my grey sweat pants, but thankfully they are either sweat or Elena's arousal. I am still rock hard and erect and I know I haven't come. My t-shirt is stuck to me with my own sweat. Slowly, Elena stretches her arms upwards and gradually pulls herself into a sitting position.

"Well..." She drawls with a smirk. "That was one way to warm down!"

I nod.

Christ...My arms...

"Please Elena..." I beseech her. "Can you uncuff me now? My arms are cramping up with pins and needles."

"Aww, my poor, brave boy," she smiles. "I'll get the key."

Thank fuck.

She retrieves the key from under the bench and undoes my wrists.


I let out an embarrassing cry as I go to move my arms.

SHIT! That hurts more than the fucking cane did!

"Shh, gorgeous boy," Elena begins smoothly. "I'll make it better."

She comes and stands to the side of me. She is still gloriously topless and I desperately want to touch her breasts...

...if only I could move my arms properly.

"Swing your legs round and face me."

I lower my feet gingerly to the floor and push against it to pull myself up from the bench, trying to ignore the aftershocks shooting up my legs from the caning. My sweat-soaked back makes a slurping noise as it's released from the leather seat at last. I swing my right leg over and sit facing her, looking longingly at her breasts, my arms hanging pained and useless by my sides.

She reaches across and takes hold of my hands.

"My poor darling," she murmurs as she raises my hands in the air and I wince. I screw my eyes against the pain - the severe ache in my limbs exacerbated by what feels like a million biting ants.

Suddenly, something warm and soft is being pressed into my palms as she holds them in place. My eyes shoot open.




All my Christmases and birthdays have come at once.

She's holding my hands against her tits!

I let out a startled gasp as I stare in shock at what's in front of my eyes. I cannot believe I finally have my hands on her amazing tits.

"Feel better?" She purrs.

"They feel incredible." I blurt out.

Way to go dipshit! Another brain to mouth malfunction!

I look up fearfully, but she laughs.

"I'll take that as a compliment."

I watch utterly mesmerised as she gently strokes down my arms and I give her breasts a squeeze, finally having retrieved some feeling in my hands as the cramp begins to dissipate.

Oh Lord, I've died and gone to heaven...

"What are you thinking?" She asks softly.

"How much I want to have sex you."

Elena takes in a sharp breath.

FUCK! Did I actually say that out loud? What the FUCK is wrong with me today?

I am frozen in shock. Elena's hands stop their magical caress. I want to drop my head but it won't move. It just seems to be jammed as I stare mortified at her face.

"You're not ready yet." She suddenly whispers.


"N-Not ready?" I stammer, seemingly finding my voice again. "Jesus, Elena look at me!" In a moment of mad bravery, I thrust my straining groin forwards. "I don't think I could BE more ready!"

She takes my hands and to my dismay, gently moves them off her breasts. She takes a step backwards and folds her arms.

"You are still learning the basics of submission Christian," she begins slowly. "It's still very early days. You may be sixteen, but you are still emotionally immature. That's not your fault. You have a lot of demons you are still fighting with."

"But I'm sure I can manage to have sex with you, Elena...if you just give me a chance."

She steps forwards so she is standing between my knees and grabs my face, placing a soft kiss on my lips. "Oh my sweet, darling boy. I will give you a chance - I will give you several chances...but not just yet. I want to know you are ready to give yourself to me one hundred percent - that you can obliterate all the skeletons of your past and that you are fully ready and committed to me."

"I AM READY!" I cry indignantly.

For fucks sake, why won't she believe me?

Her expression suddenly changes. The mask of stone is back on. She transforms back into my Domme in a heartbeat. This time I lower my head.

"You really think you're ready, Peachy?"

"Yes," I persist.

"Then take your t-shirt off."


My head automatically jerks up as my mouth goes dry.

No...No...Not yet...

Her hands tighten round my jaw. "That's why you're not ready Christian. You may think you're a man now, but you're still just a scared little boy."

I have gone cold to my core. My sweat-damp clothes now cling chillingly to me, the coldness spreading through my libido like a frozen lake. I feel the walls begin to close in.

I have to get out of here...

I jump up on shaky legs, breaking her hold on me and making her stagger back. I cannot look at her. She's right, I'm not ready. How can I be ready if I can't even be totally naked with her? My breath comes in shallow desperate pants as I head for the door.

"Christian! CHRISTIAN! STOP! You don't have to go!"

Oh I do. I really, really do.

She catches my long purposeful strides as I get to the door. She slides breathlessly against the door, blocking my exit.

"Christian...darling please. I didn't mean to upset you. I just wanted to show you that you weren't quite there yet. Please...just let's talk about this."

She is standing inches away from me. Skin glistening, her musk still strong in the air and her glorious naked breasts within my reach.

"Please Elena, I have to go. I can't do this. You're right."

"But you're upset and agitated." She cups my face. "Please my darling, just stay till you calm down. Go have a shower, a cold drink...whatever."

I screw my eyes closed momentarily, trying to block her out, trying to fight through the blanket of fog from my past. Ninety-five percent of me wants to stay, but that damn five percent that sits twisting in my gut, means I have to leave. Tears burn my eyes and as I open them, they slide unchecked down my cheeks.

"Nooo..." She hisses. She goes to kiss me, but I grab her wrists and pull them away from my face.

"Step away from the door, Elena, or so help me I will push you myself."


She looks at me, startled, then drops her shoulders and slides silently to the side.

Thank fuck.

I turn the key and yank open the door. The setting evening sun, blinds me for a moment. I take a deep lungful of air as I step outside.

"You will come back...Won't you?" Her voice is small and sounds almost fragile. It takes all of my resolve not to turn back.

"At this moment in time, I really don't know." I reply hoarsely.

I can't look back. I know I will crumble if I do. I grab my mountain bike out of the bushes and race off into the Seattle sunset.



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